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Who is Justin Trudeau angering now?


Last week, the Liberal leadership candidate was criticized for his decision to speak to an Islamic conference in Toronto.

This week, Mr. Trudeau is being criticized for his plans to speak to a Catholic school in Sudbury. A Sudbury school board trustee has retracted her complaint, but Campaign Life Catholics is apparently planning protests.

‘Cancel Justin Trudeau talk at Sudbury Catholic School’, ratepayers demand as protests planned

Sudbury, Ont. Dec. 18, 2012 –  A campaign stop at a Sudbury Catholic high school by Liberal leadership hopeful, Justin Trudeau, has stoked outrage amongst local Catholic ratepayers as well as Catholics across the country who are calling it a “grave scandal”.  They are calling on trustees to c ancel Justin’s talk at St. Charles College which is scheduled for Friday December 21.

“Trudeau’s virulent opposition to key Catholic moral teachings on abortion and homosexual ‘marriage’, while deceptively calling himself a faithful Catholic, make it grossly inappropriate for the school to give him a platform,” said Suresh Dominic, President of Campaign Life Catholics, a division of Campaign Life Coalition, who is helping organize a protest at the school board to pressure trustees to cancel the event. “The Board may be inviting spiritual harm to children who, seeing Justin’s anti-Christian witness, may come to believe that it is acceptable for a Catholic to support the grave sins of abortion and homosexual ‘marriage’.”

“It’s disappointing to think that he would be invited be cause we all know that as far as the Roman Catholic Church is concerned, it is definitely against abortion, and we know that he is not,” said Nora Ryan, a local Catholic ratepayer and Campaign Life Sudbury leader who will be attending the school board protests.

“All Sudbury Catholics who are concerned about the moral confusion that this supporter of abortion-on-demand will cause in the minds of youth, should join the protest and lobby the trustees,”  said Dominic.

Protests will be held Wednesday Dec 19 and Thursday Dec 20 from 7:15am – 9:30am  and from 2:45pm – 4:30pm at the Sudbury Catholic School Board office, 165A D’Youville St, Sudbury, ON, P3C 5E7. If the talk does not get cancelled, a protest the day of Justin’s talk will take place at St. Charles College High School, 1940 Haw thorne, Sudbury, ON, P3A 1M8.

Mr. Trudeau was criticized a year ago by Dean Del Mastro after Mr. Trudeau was asked to speak to Catholic high school students in Peterborough.


Who is Justin Trudeau angering now?

  1. Way past time to tax the church.

    Chretien and Martin held the same position as Justin…..personally against, but pro-choice on the job. The church threatened them with excommunication. That is outrageous.

    Canada is not run from Rome….and if churches insist on inserting themselves into Canadian politics….tax them.

    Even Italy is doing so.

  2. Justin Trudeau.

    I bet that dirty, amoral SOB eats meat on Fridays too.

  3. Maybe Justin could just have his talk after school hours. My guess is that it would be a packed talk. I would go just to pissoff the religious nutbars.

  4. Maybe these folks might like to consider their values also, free speech still being the law of this land?
    What is it they don’t get about the separation of church and state? His father had to deal with this attitude when as justice minister he made his [in]famous – “No place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation” statement, and subsequent modernizing of the law. To this day there are evidently still Catholics out there who don’t understand why distinctions have to made in a pluralistic democracy between the immoral and the criminal.

  5. That Angelic Stephen Harper supporting military terrorists in Syria and supporting the bombing of kids in Palestine, you just couldn’t hold a candle up to Justine. Terrible, just terrible. Duh…..AS A CATHOLIC, I SUPPORT YOU MAKING THE SPEECH JUSTINE AND SHOW TRUE DEMOCRACY AGAINST HARPER’S DEMONCRACY. Bring Canada back to a Peaceful Nation as your father did.

  6. I’d really like to know what percentage of RC parents are indeed “outraged” about this. I was raised as RC, and most of the RCs I knew were quite happy to take much of church doctrine more as a guideline than anything else – e.g. premarital sex, contraception.

    So, is this a vocal minority, or is it the real deal?

    • Undoubtedly, the vocal minority. He was invited, after all.

  7. Time for taxpayers to stop funding these schools that preach hate against gays.

    • the school doesn’t preach against gays….

    • Are you really so utterly ignorant about Catholic teachings concerning homosexuality?

      • Jambe-if you are speaking to me-I am fully aware to Catholic teachings on homosexuality. I come from a long line of Catholics many who are both truly decent human beings and who are also intolerant of homosexuals. One can be both but it is, IMO, still wrong.

        • You can’t possibly know the Catholic approach to homosexuality if you are able to state that Catholic schools “preach hate against gays”. Educate yourself by reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraphs 2357 on.

  8. he can own this. Make a strong pro-choice statement and ask MPs in suburban Calgary to stand with him on the issue.

  9. I was brought up Catholic – I don’t follow any concept of a God anymore. BUT really why can’t he speak wherever they BOOKED him to speak. OH sorry the ole sod (lawyers and corps) are afraid the youth (now in our 40’s) might actually take over! Go Justin!

  10. Why do Canadians who are practicing Roman Catholics let the Campaign for Life decide who and who isn’t an “anti-Christian witness?” Hopefully Sudbury Catholic Schools will remind Campaign for Life about its policy on bullying which says:

    “A positive school climate is a crucial component of prevention; it may
    be defined as the sum total of all of the personal relationships within a
    Catholic school. The very ministry of the Catholic school is rooted
    and flows from the relationships between home, school and parish. When
    these relationships are founded in mutual acceptance and inclusion, and
    modeled by all, a culture of respect becomes the norm. A positive
    climate exists when all members of the Catholic school community feel
    safe, comfortable, and accepted.”

  11. Remember folks: No matter what you see or hear, Stephen Harper will insist that the abortion debate has not been re-opened*.

    * “Re-opening the debate” is defined as the Government introducing legislation to ban abortion. Any other abortion debate, backbencher bills, etc. doesn’t count as debate.

  12. Of course he can be pro-choice, pro-gay marriage and still be a Roman Catholic, because he’s also a Liberal. The key to being a successful Liberal is saying one thing and doing another. It’s nothing new.

  13. I saw Justin do work on the Sabbath

  14. Yet the Catholic schools will gladly accept public money for funding? It’s time to cut them off. Ontario needs one public school system. Keep the church out of government please.

  15. To most of the posters here,
    Thank you for fully revealing yourselves as anti-Catholic bigots and ignoramuses.