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Who might be in, who’s definitely out


Joe Comartin won’t seek the NDP leadership. Robert Chisholm is thinking about it.

Chisholm, who was elected to the House of Commons for the first time in May after serving as an MPP and opposition leader in Nova Scotia for many years, said he was “seriously thinking” about running.

“There’s important work to be done and I think that how the leadership of the party and of the caucus moves forward is very important, so yeah, I am thinking about it seriously,” he said in a telephone interview. “These are early days. I’m giving it some thought and will see how things develop.”


Who might be in, who’s definitely out

  1. Here is what the NDP say they are looking for in a new leader.  Should be entertaining at least as various possibles throw their hat in the ring.

    “The first is Quebec and the ability to communicate comfortably with Quebeckers. Carrying on the Layton legacy in Quebec, he said, is the most important goal.

    Second is that the candidate is seen as inclusive of all sides. Mr. Layton operated as an inclusive politician, ready and willing to consider all points in a debate.

    Third is the ability to communicate to a wide audience and not just champion the NDP base. To be successful, the ex-adviser said, a leadership candidate must be seeking to grow support outside of the traditional NDP core.”


  2. Do any of you outside of the West know of Dick Proctor?  He was my MP for a few years, and lost to Dave Batters by less than 100 votes a few elections ago — I think he was Broadbent’s Chief of Staff for awhile, or some kind of advisor, before running in Regina.

    He has moved to the west coast, but you know, he would be a dandy candidate.   A nice warm guy, smart as all get out, and on very close to Layton and Broadbent. 

    • Wasn’t he the tall guy with a beard who reported on a conversation he heard by a Chrétien Cabinet minister in an airplane?

      • You DO remember him — yes, famous for eavesdropping and reporting on Andy Scott, it was — I will never forget Andy’s slippery denial to the reporters, played over and over by CODCO or 22 Minutes, whichever was on a the time.  Proctor was both a farmer and a journalist.

        Anyway, he’s a decent guy.  Even if he does eavesdrop…

        • He’s 70

          • Whoa, he’s looking pretty good for 70!  Good for him.  So too old, hey?

          • Well, he’ll be 74 by the next election….and then 4-5 years in office ….either as opposition or govt….so not likely to get votes.

  3. I`m sorry Joe Comartin won`t be running. 

    • Me too actually.  Honourable, straight forward man.

    • He would make a very good Justice Minister…