Write-in campaign


Romeo Saganash considers rural policy (at the Huffington Post).

The Conservatives and Liberals have always shared one concern: that of large multi-national corporations. The beneficiary of the softwood lumber agreement was not the Canadian forestry worker: it was our international competition. The largest beneficiary of the ending of the wheat board is not the family farmer: it is agribusiness giants like Viterra and Cargill. The largest beneficiary of pipeline projects like Keystone KL that ship raw bitumen out of Canada is not the average worker in Canada’s oil patch: it is international oil companies who would reap the benefits while leaving us with the environmental bill to pay.

Paul Dewar explains his economic policy (at the Mark). Brian Topp considers Keystone and selling oil to China (at the Globe). And Niki Ashton pitches new politics (at MichaelMoore.com).


Write-in campaign

  1. The NDP’s policy is that building Keystone would benefit the US at Canada’s expense.  Why are the Harper and Redford governments complaining about the NDP MPs going to Washington to tell the US this?

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