‘You cannot trust these wolves’


After deigning to tolerate a day of discussion yesterday on its pooled pension legislation, the government side voted this morning to put a limit on debate. They did not though move quite fast enough to deny Bob Rae the opportunity to do as he does.


‘You cannot trust these wolves’

  1. Wolves in fuzzy wool sweaters during elections….the teeth show up now.

    • Gracias a Dios!

  2. I can’t help but wonder if things would be different now if Rae had taken the leadership over Ignatieff. 

     I think Rae would have exposed chinks in the Conservative armour and would not have been the punching bag Ignatieff was.

     The Liberals brought this upon themselves, no question, but I sure wish we had a more viable opposition to the government. The Conservatives are pretty much getting a “bye” on things which merit debate and unless you trust them wholeheartedly (which I don’t), Canada is poorer for the lack of dialogue


    • No kidding, he really knows how to take it to Glorious Leader. 

  3. Just shut down Parliament. What’s the point, really?

  4. I can’t believe Harper opposed the Liberal’s measures to make CPP sustainable and has now added it to his brag list.  Shameless.

    •  The right proposed measures, just different measures.  The Liberals chose to double payroll taxes; the right-wing parties preferred matching entitlements to the existing level of taxes.

      • Well, Harper just raised payroll taxes. The Liberals thought he should wait until the economy recovers more.

  5. Pooled plans are pooled scams. I put less in my RRSP than I did in employee/employer parts of CCP yet at 56 the dividends alone, exclusing gains pay almost 3 times what CPP would pay. CPP has a pathetic ROI but no one examines it.

    Ask NorTel and some GM and others about pooled plan write downs, collecting more buy paying less in a pile of actuarial BS. I even quit two jobs as to roll over pooled plans into the LIRA, also has better monthly returns…now in a LIF….and I did not have to waith until 65/67.

    I was financially ready to retire at 51. Why wait? Work more for government taxes without the benefits? BS. Not everyones body is going to last to 67. So if you have a sustainable retirement in you name/account/control why wait? When Nortel went under, no derating my LIRA — in my name/account/control and away from actuarial fraud.

    And if I die, my souse gets 100% of the value.

    If politicians gave a rats dead ass about the commoners pension, your CPP (employee/employers parts), EI and pensions would all go to a LIRA…in your name/account/control the day its earned. So companies and politicians can’t screw you later. And most who work steady could retire much earlier and not be slaves to a pension idiot deciding you need to wait until 65/67 while civil servants get so much more at 55.

    Yep, you can’t trust these wolves. They are out to screw the commoner to cover up 4 decades of CPP mismanagement and fraud returns below inflation for govmint loans.

    I didn’t trust them and I got retirement 54. I counted on myself….its a heavy price people pay for “blind faith” in govmints.

    But do wish I had TFSA in my 20s, sure beats the RRSP tax trap I am in.

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