You either stand with Vic Toews or…


Stockwell Day, one of Mr. Toews’ predecessors at Public Safety, explains his position on C-30.

“People have been saying, did I say something different than other ministers have said? I did say that I don’t think police should be given any more powers, that anything they do should have to accompany a judicial warrant,” Day said, referring to comments he made in 2007. “I think what we need to do is reserve judgment on [bill C-30] … because the government’s made a very clear statement they’re open to revision on it.”


You either stand with Vic Toews or…

  1. The problem is that if everyone had reserved judgement on it, it would’ve gone through as it was initially written. It’s only because people got so incensed by it (and Toews’ ridiculous comments) that The Harper Government backtracked and decided to open it up to revision.

  2. You reserve judgement on something when you don’t know how it’s going to come out.
    We can heartily and rightly condemn C-30 as it stands, while reserving judgement on what the final form will be, now that it’s going to be reviewed.

  3. You know you’re being egregiously unreasonable when Stockwell Day comes across and balanced and reasonable.

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