You stay classy, Jeff Watson


Transcript of a point of order raised after yesterday afternoon’s votes.

Mr. Michel Guimond (Montmorency—Charlevoix—Haute-Côte-Nord, BQ):  Madam Speaker, I would like to inform the House that, during the first vote, the one on the Bloc Québécois’ opposition motion concerning the gun registry, the Conservative member for Essex made an inappropriate gesture, and I would like to ask you to take action. When the member for Essex stood to vote against the Bloc Québécois motion—as is his right—he made an inappropriate gesture: he imitated a handgun, a revolver, using his thumb and index finger. Many Bloc Québécois members saw him quite clearly. Consequently, I would ask the member for Essex to apologize for making that inappropriate gesture. Given that the vote was on the subject of whether to maintain the firearms registry, it was totally unacceptable.

The Acting Speaker (Ms. Denise Savoie): The Chair did not observe the gesture. I will give the member for Essex an opportunity to comment, or we can wait and review the video recording for this session.

Mr. Jeff Watson (Essex, CPC): Madam Speaker, for the benefit of the House, I was horsing around a bit with a colleague. It was certainly not intended at any member across the House or anyone else. There was no disrespect intended. It was not intended at hon. members across the House. In that sense, this is my explanation on that.

Mr. Michel Guimond:  Madam Speaker, when you look at the recording, you will see that he was pointing right at the leader of the Bloc Québécois, the member for Laurier—Sainte-Marie. It was perfectly clear to those of us on this side of the House. We eagerly await your decision.

The Acting Speaker (Ms. Denise Savoie): I would like to inform the hon. member that I will take his comments under advisement and, this afternoon, I will comment on what can be heard and seen on the tape.


You stay classy, Jeff Watson

  1. I eagerly await his comedic stylings on Bill C-215 – An Act to change the name of the electoral district of Sackville.

  2. Mooooom! Jeffy Watson pointed at me! And Jim Moore was looking at dirty pictures! And Stevie Harper is just so meannnn!

    Grow up.

    • I hope you’re directing your advice to the Con party – the most immature idiots we’ve ever had in parliament.

      • I think it’s pretty clear I wasn’t.

        That’s okay, dear. Keep working on that reading comprehension; you’ll get it some day.

        • Maybe we should kick her out of the country….

        • Keep working on that irony comprehension, dear; you’ll get it someday.

          • i actually doubt avr will.

    • It’s the house of commons. “Grow up?” Let’s try to be realistic.

  3. The kindergarten teacher — no, sorry, that’s Speaker — reviewed the tapes and didn’t see anything, but still reminded all MPs that they must properly behave at all times, including during recorded divisions.

    • right because the action that is turning this place into a ‘kindergarten’ is def the noting of behaviour, not the behavior itself. I mean I know i want some representing my interests that thinks it is fun to make gun shapes with his hands while on the job.

      • I think you misread that, or perhaps I hit the wrong note. I’m not in any way besmirching the Speaker, I was lamenting the fact that he actually has to act like a kindergarten teacher.

  4. Jeff Watson, classy??
    Never ever.

  5. You stay classy, Aaron Wherry.

      • Oh there is an 11 with this phrase.
        It involves San Diego.

        • Ah, serves me right for not being a diligent student of Will Ferrell.

          • But I wasn’t implying that is what sf meant, more that the next discrete jump I know of in that series involves something hilariously inappropriate, and you calling for more would necessitate creativity to make an insult that would fall somewhere in between.

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