Your parliamentarians of the year -

Your parliamentarians of the year


Last night at the Chateau Laurier, Maclean’s and our gracious sponsors handed out the annual awards for the best in Parliament. This year’s parliamentarian of the year is Bob Rae and you can read my appraisal of him here. Previous winners include Bill Blaikie, Ralph Goodale, Jason Kenney and John Baird.

We introduced a new prize this year for a former parliamentarian who contributed significantly to the House of Commons. The inaugural winner is Jack Layton.


Your parliamentarians of the year


  2. Why does Maclean’s have these awards at all? Can journos really have any objectivity or integrity if they give awards to MPs? 

    Msm is partly to blame for our inept Parliament because they don’t hold our MPs to account any more – social criticism has mostly disappeared. All our political msm does is stenography and give awards to pols in admiration for their talents at kabuki theatre. 

    • I have to side with Tony on this one. The whole Press Gallery dinner creeps me out too. With the uselessness of MPs and Question Period one big joke, we need a strong, independent media not beholden to any interests. For all intents and purposes the media is the only effective opposition we have.

      And in other strong opinions, of COURSE Verlander deserved the MVP award. 

  3. You must love this award night Wherry, you get to kiss so much Liberal ass it must make you giddy.

    • Ha! That’s funny cuz Wherry is a liberal and Bob Rae is also a liberal and so Wherry would be sucking up to Bob Rae cuz they’re both liberals and they’d be liberals together doing their liberal stuff, um, at the same time. Cuz they’re both liberals. Yeah.

    • Just ignoring the other ‘winners’ – I’m always amazed at this technique. 

      • Or ignoring the fact the it is the MPs that vote for Macleans Parliamentarian of the Year and not the magazines staff.

        • Even after being corrected numbers of times…

          • Note. Turd is troll. He’s admitted it. Responding to him means he wins.

            In his favor, he’s pretty good at it. Usually only needs a line or two to get a whole sh’load of responses. He’d fit in well at Kuro5hin.