Your Team Iggy starting line-up


Posted without comment for the moment. Some attempt at analysis to follow after some consideration now offered below.

Intergovernmental Affairs Michael Ignatieff
House Leader Ralph Goodale
Deputy House Leader Marlene Jennings
Whip Rodger Cuzner
Deputy Whip Marcel Proulx 
Finance John McCallum
Foreign Affairs Bob Rae
Defence Denis Coderre
Environment & Energy David McGuinty
Health Carolyn Bennett
Industry, Science & Technology Marc Garneau
Public Safety & National Security Mark Holland
Natural Resources Geoff Regan
Justice and Attorney-General Dominic LeBlanc
International Trade Scott Brison
Public Works and Government Services Martha Hall Findlay
Indian Affairs Todd Russell
Arctic Issues & Northern Development Larry Bagnell
Transport Joe Volpe
Infrastructure, Communities and Cities Gerard Kennedy
Citizenship & Immigration Maurizio Bevilacqua     
Veterans Affairs, Seniors & Pensions Judy Sgro   
National Revenue Yasmin Ratansi     
Fisheries & Oceans Gerry Byrne    
Atlantic Gateway and Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Jean-Claude D’Amours
Canadian Heritage & Official Languages Pablo Rodriguez
Labour Maria Minna 
Treasury Board, Consumer Affairs and Consular Affairs Dan McTeague
Human Resources & Skills Development Mike Savage  
Status of Women Anita Neville
Agriculture, Agri-food and Canadian Wheat Board Wayne Easter 
Asia-Pacific Gateway & Western Economic Development  Sukh Dhaliwal   
Youth & Multiculturalism Ruby Dhalla            
Amateur Sport, Health Promotion and the Vancouver Olympics Keith Martin    
Economic Development Agency for Regions of Quebec Alexandra Mendes         
International Cooperation Glen Pearson         
La Francophonie Raymonde Folco

Various thoughts of varying relevance.

1. Denis Coderre is a suitable rejoinder to Peter MacKay and perhaps he has some political value as a Quebec lieutenant, but would Prime Minister Michael Ignatieff entrust his military to him?

2. Bob Rae v. Maxime Bernier might’ve been one of the more glaring mismatches in modern Parliamentary history, but how confident is the Prime Minister feeling about Lawrence Cannon’s chances right now?

3. Most of their strongest performers are here, but a lot of who you might consider the usual suspects. I count only three rookies (Kennedy, Garneau, Mendes). And I can think of a few new and newish Liberals who might’ve made interesting additions (Rob Oliphant, Siobhan Coady, Scott Simms) in the place of some suspects.

4. The science file now pits an astronaut against a chiropractor

5. On international trade, Scott Brison and Stockwell Day could have some entertaining debates.

6. Nice to see Mark Holland and Peter Van Loan get to renew hostilities

7. Same for Wayne Easter and Gerry Ritz, the latter having once wished hilarious death upon the former.

8. No Irwin Cotler?


Your Team Iggy starting line-up

  1. Wow – do they have any MPs left???

    • No, they’re trying to win the election this time.

  2. No role for any of the Liberal MPs from Vancouver I see. I can undersand leaving the egregious Hedy Fry off the list – but no job for Joyce Murray or Ujjal Dosanjh? Is Sukh Dhaliwal now the voice of the federal Liberal party in BC? Really?

    • Nobody thinks Ujjal Dosanjh is going to be re-elected, after his 23-vote margin of victory last time.

      • Perhaps he’s indicated his intention not to run again because of that near-death experience. I note, however, that Keith Martin, who came almost as close to defeat, does have a job with Mr. Ignatieff”s team.

        Hedy Fry has problems of her own making, despite her electoral success and I can understand Mr. Ignatieff not wanting to increase her profile. Still, that leaves Joyce Murray, it seems, without a role to play. She’s not a natural politician, but she was a cabinet minister in BC and represents a riding that traditionally thinks it should have influence. What message does he send to Vancouver Quadra by ignoring her? (She was Dion’s campaign chair here – is this a sign not everything is rosy between those camps?)

        Anyway, shutting out Vancouver in the opposition critic line-up and giving the jobs to the suburbs and the Island is an odd message to send for a party whose only strength in BC, weak as it was, was in the city of Vancouver.

        • They’re saving a place for Emerson.

          • Zing!

  3. Clandestine it’s-not-a-coalition coalition negotiations with the Bloc Marlene Jennings

    • Ms. Jennings remains as Deputy House Leader.

  4. The most interesting omission is JT. Is it a question of lack of seaoning? Or is it something else altogether. Seems a bit odd, that’s all.

  5. YAY! Glen Pearson! :)

    • I’m with you! Que viva Pearson!

    • Me too!

  6. Why isn’t Dion there. Does this mean he’s quiting politics?

    And why no outrage liberals/progressives commentators expressing outrage at the lack of women in important posts? Or is that only an issue when it comes to Cons?

    • I thought the same thing. Then I assembled a team of mathematicians to crunch the numbers. Here is what they came up with.

      Female Liberal Opposition Critics: 8/33 = 24%

      Female Conservative Cabinet Ministers: 11/38 = 29%

      I, for one, am appalled.

      • I am also appalled. Next thing you know, Michael Ignatieff is going to overturn Dion’s decision to nominate female candidates to run in ridings the Liberals can’t possibly win. Doesn’t Ignatieff understand that symbolism is just as important as reality?

  7. This is the vaunted team that Dion was touting during the campaign?

    Dion not appointed to a critic position, I think that does indicate that it’s exit time. Not much of a surprise, I wish him well in his new endeavours.

    • Dion probably did not want a position. It will give him more freedom in working behind the scenes. He is brilliant & I’m sure if he had wanted a critic portfolio he would have been given one.

  8. 2. Bob Rae v. Maxime Bernier might’ve been one of the more glaring mismatches in modern Parliamentary history, but how confident is the Prime Minister feeling about Lawrence Cannon’s chances right now?

    4. Most of their strongest performers are here…

    What, pray tell, could number 3 have been? I categorically refuse to believe that this was a numerical oversight. There was something there Aaron, you and I both know it! Fess up.

    I must say though that your astronaut v. chiropractor observation was funny.

    • Not sure what happened there. Rest assured No. 3 was brilliant and insightful and quite unlike most everything else posted under this byline.

      • “most”?

    • #3: Iggy will keep Josee Verner busy, but does Ms Verner know that she is the Minister for Intergov Affairs?

  9. Isn’t Justin Trudeau supposed to be some kind political dynamo? Maybe Iggy’s assessment of Justin is a little more realistic? Trudeau’s 37 years old but blurts out nonsense like he’s not a day over 20. Kudos to Iggy on that judgment call.

    Also I see Kenny Dryden’s also not on the list. Maybe there’s another Liberal heading for the exit door.

  10. what did Ken Dryden do to Iggy?

    • He didn’t make the critic list, but was apparently given this job title: “National Outreach Advisor, Working Families & Poverty Special Liason, National Fundraising.”

      That Ken Dryden was given the wordiest and most unwieldy of titles is a joke that writes itself.

      • Yr a cruel, cruel man Aaron!

      • National Outreach Advisor, Working Families & Poverty Special Liason, National Fundraising

        Jesus what a title.

        Parsing it a little more closely, does this mean that the Liberals have appointed him the national fundraiser, whose job is to reach out to working families to help address their poverty situation?

        • If the Liberals were in power they’d just make him Senator of long speeches and be done with it.

          • Ken’s heart is in the right place. His mouth… he’ll come in handy in a filibuster though.

      • National Fundraising? The Liberals need that? You mean they might do more than cash a quarterly cheque from Elections Canada? About time!

  11. That twit Coderre was already dumped from defence once because he was…well, acting like Denis Coderre. What the hell is he thinking?

    • Blackmail can be a powerful incentive…

      • Sorry, smiley intended to indicate joke was chopped, was supposed to read:

        Blackmail can be a powerful incentive… :)

  12. So will Gerry Byrne have to, you know, show up in Ottawa as a critic? Because he’s not so good at that… Good thing Iggy dumped the talented female fisheries critic though.

  13. Can someone explain to me how Iggy could decide to make Dion a backbencher? Am I missing something?

    • It’s closest to the exit.

    • Don’t assume it was Iggy’s decision. Dion likely didn’t want a role. Just like Martin (remember that guy? He’s still a Liberal MP!)

      • Keith Martin?

  14. Same old washed up out of touch completely useless Liberals! The most laughable MP of all is Mark Holland, this guy makes a fool of him self more often in QP than anyone!

    • Tell ya what, let’s swap? On 2nd thoughts, you were saying…?

    • Please, if he made a fool of himself more often in QP than anyone he would have been named a cabinet minister (or PS to the PM) by now

  15. The Toronto media ignore the Coalition, but an article in La Presse describes the Coalition Cabinet.

    Irwin Cotler is out, and presumably does not intend to run again. Raymonde Folco, omitted from the first edition, is in. Amazingly, newly elected Alexandra Mendès is in too. Marlene Jennings remains Deputy House Leader. Denis Coderre is still in, and is Quebec lieutenant. Marcel Proulx is still Deputy Whip. Pablo Rodriguez is still in. Marc Garneau is still in. Six of those seven are the six Quebec Liberal ministers if the Coalition takes power with 28 ministers. Dion is still out. Justin Trudeau, who had been only an associate critic, is out.

    Ken Dryden is out, kicked upstairs as “National Outreach Advisor, Working Families & Poverty, and Special Liaison, National Fundraising.” That makes room for David McGuinty (along with Rae, McCallum, Kennedy, Martha Hall Findlay, and Carolyn Bennett.)

    In BC, Keith Martin is back in, having been left out of Ignatieff’s first edition. Sukh Dhaliwal is in. That makes BC’s two Liberal ministers (along with two NDP ministers). Dosanjh is out, presumably not running again. Joyce Murray is out, for no obvious reason; did she refuse to serve in a Coalition cabinet? Hedy Fry is still out.