Thomas Mulcair meets the press

The leader of the opposition and the press gallery take part in a vigorous back-and-forth


Here is video of Thomas Mulcair’s 30-minute scrum with reporters this morning after the weekly meeting of the NDP caucus.

The New Democrats are currently being scrutinized over a decision to put staff paid via parliamentary budgets in Montreal within an office paid for by the party. In March, the Conservatives passed a motion ordering Mr. Mulcair to appear before a parliamentary committee to explain what the NDP was doing and Mr. Mulcair is due to testify for two hours tomorrow morning.

Thus was the stage set for this morning’s exchanging of pleasantries.

Liberals and Conservatives seem keen to make this further evidence of their Angry Tom meme, but you can judge for yourself how angry the leader of the official opposition seems. Personally, I was simply entertained (although maybe if I was the reporter who Mr. Mulcair took particular interest in rebutting, I would have been less entertained). Or maybe I just prefer this to the alternative of a politician not submitting oneself to this sort of thing.


Thomas Mulcair meets the press

  1. Well. As long as one of those Montreal munchkins isn’t
    a sleeper named Saulie Zajdel ..

  2. The left wing media who love Tom seem to think he is all milk and honey and no vinegar, but they know the difference. Mulcair skirted the law, so that makes him no different than the conservatives when it comes to mishandling taxpayers money. Leaving the anger out of it, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, than it must be a duck.