Video: Margaret Trudeau on 1973 trip to China

Behind the scenes of the China mission — 40 years ago


In 1973, Margaret Trudeau was 25 years old and seven months pregnant when she joined husband Pierre on a landmark trip to China–the first official visit by a Canadian prime minister. The journey brought fresh eyes to the country–and worldwide interest in Canada’s first couple. Margaret can hardly forget it, 40 years later.


Video: Margaret Trudeau on 1973 trip to China

  1. when I was a kid in the very early 70s, companies wouldn’t hire anyone men with long hair. it was PM Pierre Trudeau who said(not the exact words, but something similar to my recollection)Canadians shouldn’t discriminate against anyone, even with long hair. then all of a sudden, about a year later, Pierre Trudeau started to sport long hair. it made me feel inclusive in society. I wasnt being discriminated against anymore. Trudeau may have not been liked by a lot of people(he was loved by more), but he had class and he was also genuine. Pierre Trudeau was a bit of a hippy PM in his day as well(very trendy guy).

  2. Wow – she has not aged well. Guess all that time away from her husband at Studio 54 finally caught up with her.

    • What a lovely catty remark to someone who is 67 with bi-polar disease.

      Were you never taught any manners?

      • Soooo MacLean’s is not just Content Slobbering over Zoolander their going to include Mrs Kemper……….

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