David Frum on why Donald Trump cannot win

The senior editor of The Atlantic magazine decodes Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric and why Trump is doomed to fail

Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg/Getty

Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg/Getty

The contrast could not be greater. As Justin Trudeau announces that the first Syrian refugees will arrive in Canada on Thursday and Saturday, Donald Trump has doubled down on his promise to shut the door to all Muslims coming to the U.S.

Trump’s remarks have been condemned around the world as bigoted, racist and inflammatory—and yet he remains the frontrunner to be the Republican presidential nominee.

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Will Trump’s inflammatory remarks lead to a political flameout, or will they radicalize the Republican race and ignite a dangerous Trump-led culture war?

We asked David Frum, senior editor of The Atlantic magazine and former speechwriter for George W. Bush to decode the new, controversial Trump strategy, and explain why he thinks Trump is a political magician who’s about to run out of tricks.

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David Frum on why Donald Trump cannot win

  1. Od. Frum himself last month tweeted the following sarcastic, almost Trump-esque Islamophobic, Syrian refugee-phobic tweet: QUOTE: “We must accept these peace-loving refugees from ISIS or else they will get very angry and try to kill us.” -David Frum

  2. I wish guys like Frum and Solomon would write an article about how the Jews feel about all this. Trumps son in law is a connected rich New York Jew, as is his converted daughter as are many of his friends and his adviser the billionaire big shot Carl Icahn and many others. They clearly are not your typical garden variety fascists. Why call Trump one then. Also international Zionism has pushed relentlessly for massive immigration since the days of the Russian revolution; they guilt tripped the Western world from A to Z from day one over not opening their borders before and during and after WW2. International Zionism has been the driving force for open immigration ( of course this is for every country except Israel) for the whole western world. Now with this Muslim stuff, Zionists are backtracking a little bit and acting like the wizard of oz behind the curtain. It has always been yes, but now a little no….but not too much out front. My question is: why doesn’t Israel let any in….that really is the independent variable in the whole show isn’t it….if you listen to all of these Muslim fanatics….but that is too long a story for here… Too bad that guys like Frum never have the guts to address the real elephants in the room….Noam Chomsky must hold you in contempt David.

  3. Americans have been so traumatized by the overload of entertainment in there lives, that they no longer know how to distinguish between what’s real and what’s entertainment anymore.

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