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Why I’m voting for Donald Trump

Ordinary Americans explain why they plan to vote for Donald Trump on Nov. 8

From left to right, Susan Bates, Royce Barnes, Sabrina Kim, Maya Brudnay, and Arthur Robertson, are all supporters of Donald Turmp. (Photographs by Michelle Frankfurter, Ricky Rhodes, and Josh Ritchie)

Donald Trump supporters, from left to right: Susan Bates, Royce Barnes, Sabrina Kim, Maya Brudnay, and Arthur Robertson. (Photographs by Michelle Frankfurter, Ricky Rhodes, and Josh Ritchie)

These are Donald Trump’s “deplorables,” as Hillary Clinton calls them—11 unashamed Trump-train riders from across the United States, writing in their own words.

To Clinton, they—or at least “half of them,” as the Democratic nominee chuckled last weekend in a stunning display of contempt before hurriedly apologizing­—can be lumped together as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic­­—you name it.”

Our contributors would disagree. The Trump supporters who volunteered to write for Maclean’s this week are collegians and golden agers, whites and non-whites, retirees and working people. One studies bioterrorism; one teaches Grade 7. They hail from locales as variegated as Boynton Beach, Mayfield Heights, Wichita Falls, and Punxsutawney. (One of them is this writer’s first cousin.)

Two weeks ago, Trump said, “Becoming the nominee of the party of Abraham Lincoln . . . has been the greatest honour of my life. It is on his legacy that I hope to build the future of the party, but more important, the future of the country.” It is likely that, when they harken to Trump on the stump, only a minority of American citizens spy the second coming of Honest Abe. Even within his own party, Trump’s disapproval rating is unprecedented for a major-party nominee. But even if he is routed by Clinton on Nov. 8, at least 40 million Americans will vote Trump. Here’s why.

Sabrina Kim, a Donald Trump supporter, stands for a portrait. (Photograph by Michelle Frankfurter)

Sabrina Kim, a Donald Trump supporter. (Photograph by Michelle Frankfurter)

Sabrina Kim, Charlottesville, Va.

I’m a second-year student at the University of Virginia. I’m majoring in biology and foreign affairs, although I hope to be admitted into a major in global security with a focus on bioterrorism and biodefense.

I grew up in a Republican household, which is where I believe the tenets of free market speech and conservative attitudes were instilled in me and led me to join the Students for Trump team as the UVA ambassador.

The reason why I support Donald Trump really boils down to three things. First, Trump’s policy on immigration strikes a chord with his focus on the citizens of America and his refusal to compromise our core values. I’m the daughter of an immigrant—my father moved to this country from South Korea when he was 13. His family landed on the shores of California with nothing but a little bit of money and the prospect of a better life, but used the opportunities in this country to achieve what South Korea could never give them. Now my father and his brothers are successful physicians, lawyers and businessmen.

This is why I support Donald Trump—he is pro legal immigration. He wants to stop the massive influx of illegal immigrants coming across our southern border to steal jobs and resources from those who are where my father was not too long ago. It’s simple to me: if there are too many people in this country, we can’t provide for all of them.

Secondly, I support Mr. Trump’s stance on increased military spending and reform of the [Department of Veterans Affairs]. Again this is family-related: my grandfather fought in the Navy as a pilot during the Korean War, and my uncles and cousins have served in the Marines, Army and the Navy as well. Their service is a sacrifice that many will never have to make, and for that our veterans deserve a government that works for them and not against them. Donald Trump has repeatedly said that he wants a “military big enough that we won’t ever have to use it,” and this return to the crux of Ronald Reagan diplomacy is what will catapult America back to our role as a reliable ally and a fearful enemy.

Finally, my contempt for Hillary Clinton rounds out my support and ultimate vote for Donald Trump. This woman is riddled with controversy. She has no respect for our military or our soldiers, made clear when she abandoned the four Americans who lost their lives in Benghazi, Libya. I cannot trust somebody who is willing to disclose matters of national security on a private server, and then refuse to turn over 30,000 of, potentially, the most secretive ones. If these emails are in the hands of foreign intelligence hackers, the fate of the United States could be drastically altered. But the Clintons are no stranger to foreign governments—the controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation runs antithetical to the virtues of a president.

Stephen Garner, Wichita Falls, Texas

American politics needs Donald Trump’s unorthodox approach to the atmosphere of entitlement and political correctness that has taken over common sense in this country. He connects with those of us that get up every day, go to work, raise families, pay taxes, give to and support our local churches and non-profits.

Mr. Trump embodies our distaste for and disgust with an out-of-control government. I cheer his unwillingness to conform to the expectations of a growing group of politicians, media and lobbyists who have enjoyed controlling their narrative at the expense of Americans’ best interests.

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Donald Trump is speaking to our desire to send “one of us”—an outsider—to attack the culture of favouritism and longevity that has forgotten who we are and whom [politicians] serve! In addition to actively working for the local Trump campaign, I will be volunteering with the “Texas Strikeforce” in October as we campaign in New Mexico to support conservative candidates as well as Mr. Trump. My prayers will be that conscientious conservatives wake up, get active and take our country back!!!

I am a married, a middle-class Chinese-American. I am a faculty member in a university. I believe Mr. Trump is the candidate for law and order, which is important for me as a legal immigrant and citizen of the U.S.A. Also, Mr. Trump is a very successful businessman, so he knows how to boost the economy and create good jobs for Americans.

I committed to him in September 2015, after I watched Mr. Trump’s debate at the Reagan Library in California. That debate, as well as his book Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America, are what convinced me. I believe that as president he can achieve better security, rule of law and an improved economy, [and can] create opportunities for all Americans. Many of my friends share the same view.

Royce Barnes, a Donald Trump supporter, stands for a portrait. (Photograph by Josh Ritchie)

Royce Barnes, a Donald Trump supporter. (Photograph by Josh Ritchie)

Royce Barnes, Delray Beach, Fla.

I am a 68-year-old American voter. I am a white American. I am a combat veteran of the U.S. Army; I served for 18½ years, received an honourable medical discharge, and was declared 100 per cent Service Connected Disabled. I have been married to the same wonderful woman for over 33 years, have four children with her.

I grew up on a farm in the state of Maryland, which in the ’50s and ’60s, made my parents automatically Democrat. In 1966, I graduated from high school and joined the Army (U.S. one year, Korea one year, Vietnam one year). I never registered to vote until Jimmy Carter and I registered Democrat. He was the most destructive president in history until the current administration. I immediately changed to Republican after Carter.

Since then, I have followed and participated in the political process with a steadfast conviction, hoping to see either party honour the Constitution of the United States of America. What I have observed is that both parties have separated themselves from the Constitution because of political correctness, which was strongly introduced in the Bill Clinton administration. Now I live in a country where I am considered a terrorist, because I am a Christian, a veteran, a white conservative, law-abiding, born-in-America citizen.

What do I make of Mr Trump’s statements? I almost support all of his statements, because they are not polictically correct, they are mostly the honest truth. Finally, I believe that he is America’s last hope . . . if Clinton wins, America will never come back.

Most people have been dummy-downed by the lies and deception of their leaders, and are not even aware that their God-given liberty and rights have been almost completely stolen from them. American leadership has declined since JFK’s assassination to the point of treason and total corruption. The political system must be totally remodelled and redeemed.

I believe that God anointed Trump to be the agent of change necessary to defeat the so-called wise politically correct crowd that presently stands in the position of power and authority.

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Bishop Craig Jackson, Philadelphia

My name is Bishop Craig Jackson. I am proud to say that I am a man of colour who supports and has endorsed Donald J. Trump. Many people are surprised that I am a Republican and even more surprised that I support Trump for president. When asked why I support Mr. Trump, I generally tell people that Mr. Trump is the man who will make America great again. I also tell them that his opponent represents nearly everything that is wrong with America.

Many ask me how I came to the decision to support Mr. Trump and how I became so invested in politics at such a young age [16]. I was, up until last year, an outspoken hardcore Democrat. I was listening to my family and what they believed. In the black community, most view Republicans to be racist individuals who only care for the rich white people of the nation. They also believe that the Democrats are for the people, and, more important, black people. I carried these beliefs with me.

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One summer I decided to invest myself in the upcoming election cycle. I began to ponder deeper and deeper and after much consideration, I began identifying as a Republican. I began supporting Sen. Rand Paul then moved to Sen. Ted Cruz. After much consideration and investigation, I decided to support Mr. Donald J. Trump. I support him because of his stance on the issues. He was the first candidate I noticed that was pointing out the serious problems that were occurring at the border and with illegal immigration. He also began calling out President Barack Obama on his failed Obamacare policy —that was one of the President’s many moves that are crippling our nation. Through the debates he stood tall and defended himself against the other candidates and the media.

I am proud to support Mr. Trump for president of the United States and I am proud to be heading the Blacks for Trump Movement that is so ever growing.

Dr. L. Roger Abel, Boynton Beach, Fla.

I am an American, and have voted in every presidential election since my 21st birthday, sometimes Democrat and sometimes Republican! I graduated from dental school in 1961, and immediately entered the U.S. Army as a 1st Lt. After 30 years in the Army reserve, I retired as a colonel. Now I am 80 years old and the political welfare of this country is more than ever important to me.

In 2017, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States. Clinton and Trump have completely opposing points of view on every issue of importance: the Supreme Court, immigration, economics, taxation, the military.

If elected president, Trump will appoint a conservative judge who will make decisions based upon the Constitution of the United States as it was originally written. Clinton, on the other hand, will appoint a justice who is a liberal and who will make his/her decisions as if the Constitution were written today, and would also mimic the socialistic view of present-day Europe. Another left-leaning Supreme Court member will change the character of the United States for many years to come, and hence increase the already declining moral structure of America.

Regarding Trump, he is a businessman/entertainer—not a politician at all. He, therefore, makes remarks that could be considered offensive to some. Comparing the character of Hillary to that of Trump shows her to have far more disturbing faults than occasional insults.

Although in times past I have voted for presidents who were Democrats, in the upcoming election I will vote a straight Republican ticket from president to dog-catcher. Therefore, I must vote for Donald Trump, and together, we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Kristen Ingvertsen, Canton, Conn.

I am 38 years old, born and raised in Connecticut in a somewhat affluent town but with parents and family who stressed hard work and responsibility. I currently live in Canton, and am a teacher at a regional school in Litchfield County.

Why would I, a middle school teacher from Connecticut (a solidly blue state) cast my vote for Donald Trump? I’m a woman, a strong woman at that; it would seem that voting for a woman (Hillary) would be the way to go. To add fuel to the fire, I have an intense aversion toward obnoxious and arrogant men. Both terms, I would say, could be used to describe Mr. Trump, and yet I will vote for him.

In Donald Trump, and his blatant outbursts of truth and honesty, I see a refreshing change from the “talk the talk” politically correct banter; a change from the lies and illegalities that are rampant and commonplace. I can appreciate honesty, even when I don’t particularly love the way in which the honest ideas are delivered.

In Trump, I see someone who will not sit back and let terrorists allow us to live in terror.

In his lack of political background, I see someone who has not spent their life so wrapped up in politics that they have been numbed over and forget the people. I see someone who will make decisions based on what is best for our country, deferring to solid values and beliefs, and not on a multitude of political manoeuvres perfected over many years.

As a person who knows that our economy is in trouble, I can appreciate that in Trump’s riches and “arrogance” he clearly knows how to make money, build foundations and grow economies. In Donald Trump, I feel there is hope; hope that America can be great, even greater than ever, perhaps. It is hope that allows forward direction; the ability to look to the future with a true mission. And with a mission, we have purpose.

Susan Bates, a Donald Trump supporter, stands for a portrait. (Photograph by Michelle Frankfurter)

Susan Bates, a Donald Trump supporter. (Photograph by Michelle Frankfurter)

Susan Bates, Culpeper, Va.

I am 66 and retired from the business world. I have an M.B.A. from Tulane. President Kennedy was one of my heroes and ran when I was 10. My parents were both from Mississippi but taught me that all are created equal. They were poor children from the Depression but went to college and did well for themselves. I was hopeful for a successful President Obama because we would have conquered discrimination. Instead, race relations are worse.

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I believe that the federal government is broken and corrupt. I believe that members of the Washington establishment, with few exceptions, are working for their own benefit. I believe that our country became great because of the freedoms defined by our founders in the Constitution. We have drifted so far away that I believe the election of Hillary Clinton would seal the fate of our country of moving in the direction of Europe. I believe we need someone from outside the system and someone who cannot be bought by special interests.

That being said, why have I supported Donald Trump from the beginning?

1) Donald Trump has had a consistent view of our international trade agreements for 30 years. He predicted the economic mess in which we find ourselves.

2) Donald Trump has built a business and made a payroll. The construction industry is rough and tough. It requires constant decision-making because there are always surprises in construction projects.

3) Donald Trump has raised three successful, productive adult children. This does not happen by accident.

4) I have read that he always had confidence. He had a big vision from a young age. Why is this important? Because you take risks early and make so many more mistakes than most people. Therefore, you give yourself the opportunity to succeed in a bigger way.

5) I think that the nation must return to being a nation of laws that are followed. The immigration problem must be solved both for our security and our economy.

I believe that Donald Trump often could have said what he needed to say in a better way. However, I have noticed for quite some time that politicians say a lot of pretty words and really say nothing. I don’t like calling people names and being unkind. However, I believe in redemption and he has surrounded himself with some incredibly smart and well-spoken people.

This should probably be near the top [of the list]: Donald Trump has posted the list of people he would recommend for the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is not a legislative body. If Hillary becomes the president and picks three or four justices, our country will be gone.

Maya Brudnoy, a Donald Trump supporter, stands for a portrait. (Photograph by Ricky Rhodes)

Maya Brudnoy, a Donald Trump supporter. (Photograph by Ricky Rhodes)

Maya Brudnoy, Cleveland

Will I, Maya Brudnoy, vote for Trump in the November elections? Yes, I will. Since I became an American citizen in 1996 (my family came to the United States from the U.S.S.R. 25 years ago), I voted for Democrats in the beginning. But then 9/11 came and my views started to change. I realized that with my love of my new country, freedom to express yourself is not associated with Democrats anymore.

So here I am: Jewish, conservative and a former Russian giving my vote to Trump.

He was not my first choice, but he loves America, he loves people and will stand up against corruption. Hillary just loves power. She is the same socialist as Obama is and dislikes Israel as much as he does.

I know how bad socialism is. I had it for 40 years of my life. I hope Trump wins.

Arthur Robertson, a Donald Trump supporter, stands for a portrait. (Photograph by Ricky Rhodes)

Arthur Robertson, a Donald Trump supporter. (Photograph by Ricky Rhodes)

Arthur Robertson, Cleveland

I support Donald Trump for many reasons.

He says the truth without worrying about the feelings of our enemies.

He has the interest of America first. America isn’t respected or feared around the world anymore. Trump will bring that back.

He is tough and smart and gets things done. I also believe he will clean up Washington.

I am a homeowner and work in the field of electronics. I have always been a Republican but after this I will probably go independent. I’m sick of both sides.

I grew up in the mountains in West Virginia where we tell it like it is. With Trump as president no one will mess with us and he will bring jobs back to America including the coal mining jobs that my area desperately needs.

Aaron Hendricks, Punxsutawney, Penn.

I truly believe that Americans want to work. However, a system has been created where it is simpler to take, take and take from the government rather than go to work. I would like to see the days of small business come back. I feel government is the biggest business there is, and we now need a real CEO, a CEO that has used bankruptcy laws to make deals better.

I did a book report on The Art of the Deal in ninth grade. I loved and admired Mr. Trump back then. He was a role model for me (barring his hair). I will never forget a photograph of Donald Trump sitting on his father’s lap, at age six, running a dozer. I was a Democrat, so was Mr. Trump. In fact, oddly, we both had about 18 years committed to that party.

Now, on the issues. NAFTA, from my family’s experience [in coal mining], was one of the worst trade deals in history. Trump wants the mining back. Mr. Trump wants to build a military. We are going to need coal mined, we are going to need steel mills to process the coal into steel, to build those ships, tanks and make a military so powerful that nobody will mess with us. We need to use our natural resources to our advantage.

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Now, let me touch upon education. The Common Core [State Standards Initiative] is a disaster. We spend the most per pupil and rank 30th in the world. Education needs to be turned back over to the parents, the students, the teachers locally. Teachers are buried in so much paperwork, it’s pathetic. I blame the [George W.] Bush administration for this debacle.

As a gay American, [I feel that] Donald Trump will keep the members of the GLBT communities safe. We need to enforce the laws that are on our books already, not create bigger government and new laws.

Now, let’s talk about that wall Mr. Trump wants to build. When I go to bed at night, I lock my doors. Don’t you? So, essentially, you are securing your little piece of border. Do you want someone coming in illegally? I think not. So, we just want to lock our doors and invite our friends in legally.

We need to get off the words African-American, Hispanic-American, as we are all Americans. My physicians mostly come from Damascus, Syria. Awesome, I love them.They are legal immigrants.


Why I’m voting for Donald Trump

  1. Well, THESE people aren’t deplorable… just very ill-informed and willfully blind to the shortcomings of their candidate and the dangers posed in electing such an unqualified person to the highest office.
    That is just as scary as the “deplorables”.

    • I agree they so not seem to be deplorable. But then again would you expect them to showcase any of these features if they have agreed to this piece? Ill informed and willfully blind seems more like it. Or perhaps selfish or petulant in some circumstances. But I will add that most Americans are ill informed about their place in the world and do not realize the risk of a Trump presidency both to the world and to themselves. There will be no do-overs. The economic risk to the US alone is enormous but this is rarely mentioned by the experts. And just as experts were shouted down in the Brexit debate, everyone is conspicuously quiet for fear of attack for showing a bias. As one brave journalist has said, media seem to present the election as a choice between “apples and oranges” when in reality it is a choice between “apples and rotten meat”. Media are doing no one a service here.

      • How is Trump such an economic mess and Hillary not?

        Just from Hillary’s commercial – her economic policy claims it is important to tax our corporations more. So lets make it harder for a company to do business and if they try to leave punish them with an exit tax. That seems like a way to expand business? A recent economic study showed that the fastest way to pay equity and rising incomes is to lower the corporate rate. We should slash ours to be the lowest in the western world not increase the already highest.

        Hillary’s plan will hurt businesses, or given her history, hurt businesses that don’t pay homage to her and Bill.

      • So you think a community organizer like Obama and a lying lawyer like Hillary are better at managing economy than a successful businessman who’s managing billions of business and who knows what business needs to be successful ? You’re deplorable.

        • Absolutely. A sociopathic megalomaniac and pathological liar who does not care who he hurts and abuses as long as he winds up on top – and who regularly breaks contractual agreements; fails to pay suppliers… the list goes on and on … cares not one whit for the average American. His own political statements and promises run completely counter to his own business practices. That anyone would consider voting for this man defies logic.

          • I thought for sure you were talking about Hillary until you said “he”.

    • Exactly, Trump has only run a multibillion dollar real estate empire for 35 years, employing thousands of people all over the world.

      Obama was a Harvard lecturer and US Senator. Its questionable if he even had a job flipping burgers, he was so well qualified for the highest office. Lol!

      • Trump was born wealthy, and yet has gone bankrupt 3 times

        • There is obviously an error in the U.S. bankruptcy rules.

          • Agreed; why they allow someone like Trump to continue in business after three bankruptcies is rather baffling.

        • It is actually 4 of his hundreds of businesses have gone bankrupt. He has never had a personal bankruptcy. He has a pretty good track record with successful businesses and getting out before the floor drops out.

        • What’s wrong with being bankrupt in business ? As long as no fraud is involved, it’s acceptable. Doing business is risky, and that’s the reason business owner must be rewarded for taking risk. Thanks to people who are willing to take risk, jobs are created. The problem with Democrats is they want to confiscate the rewards from people who are making this country successful.

        • Mitt Romney filed bankruptcy 17 times yet people look at him as a financial genius. And let’s not forget the Whitewater debacle that the Clintons were part of. Do you remember the Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan debacle? That’s also the Clintons were involved with.

          No extra charge for the trip down memory lane.

          • All that conservatives with no valid points have is the tu quoque, and Bob Connors graciously provides us with an illustration. “Never mind that Trump, is a racist, narcissistic sociopath. Look over there! Clinton!”

        • I am no fan of Trump but tenaciousness is the epitome of a good business person. Sam Walton of Walmart fame went bankrupt multiple times on different ventures. His children each have a worth of 16 billion dollars. Do you know how many times Stephen King was initially turned down by publishers? He was told, he would never make as an author and we all know how that turned out. Given during 1982 under Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada mortgage rates were 22 percent, it isn’t fair to be discussing the qualifications of business acumen and politics. Trudeau Sr. Was responsible for more home foreclosure so than any time before or since and he was by all claims a brilliant man. His son has the Canadian economy in the worst straights since the Great Depression and that is besides what is happening in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

    • “…ill-informed and willfully blind…”

      How condescending can you get?

      One of the things that inspires so much disgust for you of the Left is your foolish, self-righteous, arrogance.

      • Michael,
        Liberals like to call Trump a racist and extrapolate things far beyond anything he’s said. He’s actually said that he wants immigrants in the US to come in legally and to be properly screened to minimize importing terrorists. If that’s your definition of racism you need a new dictionary.

        • Google “Trump racist quotes” and educate yourself.

  2. It’s a Threshold test……both IQ and cultural…before the next Level.

  3. I consider trump to be the King of The Pigs. And if he were just running against a dem, I would NEVER vote for El Porko. BUT. He is is running against a liberal court which would once again take us back to the good old days of the 1960-70’s when the judges who enjoyed their tax payer provide bubble of protection while creating open season on us smucks.

    Watch a Dirty Harry movie and realize the carnage a liberal court imposed on us.

  4. And here’s MY story: Ph.D. from Stanford, well paid high tech worker, 66 year old baby boomer, “lifelong” liberal. I support Trump for two main reasons. First, he identified 4 things desperately wrong in the U.S. right now, 4 things I’d already come to all on my own just observing and reading. They are: 1) Loss of jobs for U.S.-born people. Young American men are wandering in the wilderness – discouraged from entering the engineering professions because all of those jobs go to Asian/ Indian citizens, discouraged from entering the Trades because those jobs go to recent immigrants (legal and illegal). 2) Trade imbalance. Every day container-loads of cheap sh*t from China lands in Oakland and ends up in our hands, usually breaking after one or two uses. I’m old enough to remember when a hammer or rake lasted for decades, not months. 3) Off-shoring of big companies. Trump’s tax plan will bring them back. 4) The debacle in the Middle East engineered by Obama & Hillary. Second, Trump speaks the truths that many of us already know are there. When Trump insults a woman, I don’t see him as any different from the high tech industry Executives, VPs, and Directors who routinely pass women over for bonuses and promotions. It’s pretty clear they do not value the contributions of women, and are probably thinking covertly the same things that Trump is saying overtly. As a woman who suffers from misogyny in the corporate world, I’d rather just hear what they’re thinking than have to guess what it is. The transparency of a Trump is refreshing, actually.

    • Has Trump specifically taken aim at the H-1B non-immigrant visa used by high tech US companies to bring in foreign workers? And, if so, how would he deal with his Republican Congressional colleagues who are in favour of the H-1B as a means of reducing the cost of labour? Additionally, I don’t recall seeing Trump taking aim at the offshoring of high tech jobs that occurs when US companies use foreign-domiciled workers via body shops such as Tata and EPAM – did I miss that?

      • True, he waffled on that. I’m not saying he’s 100% certain to be successful at changing it, or even will try to change it (though he will hear from me and lots of others if he doesn’t at least try). BUT (big but) to date he’s the only person running for office who has even *identified* it as a problem. That counts for something.

        His theme is “America First” and anyone with a brain (and yes I believe he has one) can see that H1-Bs, Bangalore & Beijing violate that. As do Cork & Sofia, of course (not to single out just two locales though they are by far the biggest).

        This gets me onto one more thing. How come the human rights activists of the political left think it’s ok for 13-year-old Chinese girls earning pennies a day to be assembling the stuff we buy?

        • He didn’t waffle on it. He said back in August, 2015 that we should make allowances for the best and brightest people who come to study at our universities and want to stay here and work. The reason I know the date is because I’ve had to argue the point before and I googled it.

          • Retaining students who studied at US universities is a different issue from H-1B visa workers and offshoring US high tech jobs to foreign body shops.

            If he has explicit policy on H-1B visas and high tech job offshoring, then a citation would be welcome.

    • Trump has NEVER identified anything and has zero specificity about anything. There are few plans and what there are are absurd -25 million new jobs, please. But go ahead and vote for him- see how much money you have at the end of his term.

      • I recently read a listing of what a media person published re Trump’s policies because she thought they were pretty clear and was frustrated that the lefties kept saying he had no substance. When I read her list I was pleasantly surprised at all he was planning to do and how he was planning to do it.
        So the answer is that Americans will have a lot more with Trump than Clinton. I’ve heard nothing from her-just rebuttals about what she most recently lied about. She has more baggage than Air Canada!!

    • Okay, H Cunningham, so you’re a racist piece of excrement. Anything else you’d like to share?

  5. Canadians shouldn’t be too harsh judging these people. We literally voted a guy in just because he takes good selfies.

    • I didn’t vote for the present prime minister’s party and would have preferred one of the other leaders, but feel that your dig at Justin Trudeau is mostly wrong. He didn’t coast to victory, as you imply, as a pretty face. A year ago today, he was fighting daily to counter the “just not ready” image that had been successfully thrust on him, for a time, by his opponents. People warmed to him when he showed gravitas in the debates. It’s true that he acquired a glow towards the end of the campaign, when he began to look as though he might actually win, and at that point appeared to draw a lot of wavering voters (especially in Quebec) who mainly liked his sunny persona. But mostly he’s a credible politician; the Donald “just” isn’t.

      • I’ve yet to see any indications that Trudeau II is of above average intellect, or possesses any exceptional insights into any subject.
        He is a gambler, I’ll give him that. At a relatively young age, and having actually accomplished nothing (as opposed to having at least accomplished something, but nothing of note), he chose to gamble his entire future on the possibility that he could be propelled to the PMO by a Liberal Party and a national media machine heavily populated by sycophants of his despicable father.
        Sure, it paid off, but Trudeau is nothing more than an empty head with a leftist pre-disposition.

        • You are absolutely right. As well, his unprepared deliveries demonstrate an inability to communicate and his prepared ones sound like he’s on stage at The Shaw Festival.

      • That “just not ready” campaign was fully accurate. So far all he has demonstrated is that he is an absolute narcissist. His socialist father dug us into a financial hole that resulted in 18% mortgage rates. The man child is heading the same way.

  6. No tax return, no vote. It is essential that we know to whom and how much Trump is indebted.

    • Good luck with that. Most people are wise to the games played by the media and by the political parties. Nobody cares.

  7. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we the voting public have been played like a fiddle election after election. The root of the problem are many but they include, big money donors, former legislators (now working for lobbying firms), the need to get back to what they were doing before they were bothered with this stupid election. Based on some of her previous comments shows a real loathing of the average American, and based on the results of her past government dealings, it becomes pretty obvious. Are Trumps supporters deplorable? No their just frustrated voters tired of getting no results for all their hard earned tax dollars and being shoved to the back of the legislative bus. Trump broke thru the ice jam that was Washington politics and opened the eyes of people looking for an alternative. I guess you can call me deplorable, but I pay my own way, take care of my family, act responsibly and believe in the constitution of the United states and upholding the laws.

    • Does Trump have any policy on how to neutralize big money donors and lobbyists? I agree that big money is likely a root cause of a major problem, but I don’t think Trump has has said much of anything on campaign finance reform or lobbyists, other than he’s immune to big money because he’s so rich. Without actual changes on those fronts, voting Trump will not do anything in the long run w.r.t. those issues. So, even if a president Trump is immune, without real changes, big money will still run the show w.r.t. Congressmen and the following president – i.e., nothing will change.

      • Good point. He’s also “immune to big money” because even his Republican allies have balked at giving it to him.

    • “Played like a fiddle, election after election,” causing the general Canadian public to summarize it succinctly in “Same shit, different pile.” Finally the Donald has arrived to give hope, which we here have none of, whatsoever.

  8. This was a great article, Please add this comment to your list;

    It was amazing to watch the Trump Medal of honor VA/Birther denial conference and the hysteria of the CNN/MSNBC & even Fox newscasters seeing with the tremendous drops in poll preference for HRC since her Basket of Deplorable comments and fainting from dehydration, oops Pneumonia moment. I heard the military leaders and vets taking a stand to say what all vets know Obama and HRC have ruined the USA from their leading from behind idiocy. The best synopsis is from Dennis Miller, Go to:
    Miller Time: Medical records
    Sep. 14, 2016 – 4:20 – Comedian’s health and Hillary Clinton faints at 9/11 ceremony; Dennis Miller sounds off on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’

    And see the best reply and explanation of why Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow. Chris Mathews, Bakari Sellers, Anderson Cooper and all their peers have their panties in a bunch. Nobody believes Trump’s statement on Obama’s birther status isn’t hurting, because we see how rich all the pols, Bill and HRC and Harry Reid and the spokesmen and women are rich and why we deplorables suck. Lock her up and vote Trump. Fallon just showed the millennials another reason to vote Trump and not the guy who ridicules generals and their advice and thinks swearing an oath to the constitution is worse than bringing in 110,000 Muslims and no Christians is a great idea. Obama is doing nothing to stop Ford from going to Mexico . What would Trump do? Michigan, Wisconsin, PA. IA, Kentucky NY, and VA coal workers and auto union workers know. Negotiate favorable terms for Ford to stay here. Like Brando said year’s ago. “Give them an offer they can’t refuse.”

    • You have to remember why he’s playing them. This has been a dead issue for a long time, he admitted long ago that he doesn’t believe the birther stuff anymore. The media resurrected this to help Hillary since she is sinking in the polls. That’s why he screwed with them today and it was well deserved.

      • Are you able to provide a citation for Trump admitting Obama was born in the US? I can’t recall seeing anything like that.

        • It was within the last 6 months that he said it. I remember him saying that he was now satisfied Obama was born in the US.

          You have to be Savvy as to how the media works these days. The media is basically a PR organ for both parties. The news is orchestrated. This is yet another example.

          • Everything I’ve read says the only time Trump has stated he believes that Obama was born in the US was today (Sept 16).

            And, although I do believe that the various news organizations have their own biases that may colour the news they put out, I don’t believe that something like Trump admitting Obama was born in the US could be covered up – hence the request for a citation.

  9. You have to read between the lines to see this, but Donald Trump received a very important endorsement from the Ford Motor Company this week. Ford announced it was moving all small car production to Mexico.

    Now before you think I am just being sarcastic, consider that Ford has the best PR and advertising people in the world. Ford very easily could have waited to make this announcement after the election, there was no pressing need to do it now. There is only one reason why they would do it now and not wait until November and that is to help Trump.

    • Plenty of alternate reasons – including the ongoing negotiations with auto unions in Canada right at the moment. Moving work to low-cost jurisdictions is certainly a veiled threat to negotiators trying for increased wages / benefits here.

    • Good for Ford-they also know that he’ll lower the corporate taxation rate to get them and others to come back.

  10. I see you guys all want to lie to yourselves, and wallow in your self-pity….so I shall leave you to it.

  11. You might want to rethink your vote for Trump after today’s Birther fiasco. Trump is a liar, a conman and a fraud. He’s not even qualified to be elected dog catcher, let alone Commander in Chief.

    • Clinton’s campaign manager from 2008 came out today and confirmed that they had raised the Birther issue first. So there’s another recent blow to The Wicked Witch. I’m sure that’s why Trump timed it so well.

  12. Voting for Trump shows low character and politically correct nonsense. Trump is not qualllified to be president. Trump is a proven racist and bigot as well as hate monger that will say anything without regard to our constitution or laws.
    Trump has insulted our vets lied about creating a charity to suppport vets and all he is , is a little draft dodger.
    Instead of campaigning on issues Trump is going around the country advertising his latest hotel.
    Trumps endorsements are so ugly they are embarrassing KKK, Neo Nazia and the repunlican party leadership that approves his racism.
    Trump would destroy our allied relationship with Europe in his first month in office. Trump has even blabbed what he was told in his security meeting.
    Trump has no concern for his deluded followers mainly the uneducated and poor and has alienated every part of society.
    Russia is doing all it can to get Trump elected so they will have a puppet to handle.
    Trump doesn’t hire advisors he hires damage control that lies about everything he says.
    His VP pick is anti women.

  13. Well done Macleans!!!! These are the kinds of articles that need to be done to understand Trump supporters. The only way to understand a political movement is to try to understand ALL of its followers. This will hopefully encourage some healthy debate.

    • Agreed. Although some of these persons’ views are illogical, and in places as alarming as Mr. Trump himself, we need to hear them.

      At that, it’s disconcerting to read so many comments that emphasize illegal immigration. Has this “flood” across the southern border not been significantly curtailed in recent years, through actions more practical than Donald Trump’s wall building? As for their faith in their man’s knack at creating jobs: have they compared unemployment rates in the autumn of 2008 and today?

  14. The fundamentals of this election are not that difficult to understand, thats the easy part. Two unlikeable candidates. They both have about 30 to 35 percent true followers who will willingly dive off the cliff with their candidate Then there are the remainder of the American voters who dislike both. The question is how many will make a choice and actually vote? And secondarily but just as important who will choose not to vote?
    The uncommitted and the disaffected are the wild card here. There are so many who want to say they know how the election will turn out and not a one of them actually knows. We just will not know until the votes are counted. The only way that could happen is if one candidate suddenly garnered a huge wave of approval. Given the candidates I find that unlikely. At this point Trump has the advantage, Hillary has been on defense since the day the DNC closed the convention. But there is no sure thing here,
    The closest thing to certainty I can give you is this: if either is elected president it will be bad for us, the citizens. That I can nearly guarantee you. So do what you can in the polling booth and good luck. But we are all screwed.

    • I really don’t think so. People keep saying that but it’s not true. Even if you don’t like her, Clinton won’t destroy anything. At worst she’ll continue Obama’s centre-right policies, which have, in reality, strengthened the economy, reduced crime, boosted employment, given a lot of uninsurable people health insurance and, in fact, reduced illegal immigration.

      America is stronger and safer than it was in 2008, despite all the insane obstruction and the conspiracy theories. She has sound policy ideas, works with the opposition and is sane and reasonable. She’s a bit hawkish, but she likely won’t do anything that can’t be undone.

      But Trump could truly turn America into a banana republic and royally screw up the world economy. He’s simply not qualified or suitable, in any way, to hold any public office, let alone the presidency of the United States. He’s 100% talk/bs and is in it for himself/his business.

      There’s simply no choice between the two – Hillary is the only option, regardless of whether you’re liberal, conservative or neither.

  15. Now how could that mean Hilary Clinton have thought that some of Mr. Trump’s followers have some pretty “deplorable” views?

  16. These people need to refocus on Trumplethinskins claims of business acumen….6X Chapter 11….hundreds of law suits. 35 million Americans will lose their healthcare, is it any one of them or someone else.
    What will happen to the US ability to borrow once he has negotiated the massive debt down? Who will lend them money? What will happen to them if they inadvertently become ‘enemies of the state’?
    Have they really thought this through?

  17. WTF are “the tenets of free market speech”??? Free market speech???

    Do we also have “free trade speech”? How about “free range speech”?

    And the scary part is that she was the most coherent of the bunch…

  18. There is always a bigger picture. Generally people, even so called educated people can’t get far enough away from a situation to reflect on the what ifs involved. The expression “The dumbing down of society” should now be revised to the “the dumbed down society” Its here now. We have carefully avoided critical thinking for enough generations so that we are satisfied that a degree or an opinion will substitute for critical observation. Even after ww2 we focused on the genocide to the exclusion of how did Hitler get to hold sway. Now we are lambs to the slaughter if Trump gains power. Our species has not of course changed from who we were in 1940. Don’t think it can’t happen again.

    • I feel sorry for the American voters who have to chose between these two — both are birds of a feather who are adamant in their support of Israel. This will eventually be the downfall of the individual who is elected. As a Canadian I was very much in favour of the stand that Bernie took, although he too recognized where the money is under the American electoral system.
      But, insofar as those people who favour Trump’s agenda for increasing the money towards a bigger and better American military complex — you are just plain stupid! IMHO

  19. What the ???? . Was watching CNN discussion on Judge Camp story. Then we flip to Trump trying to manipulate the press into give him free airtime for the new Washington hotel he is operating and the ludicrous “surprise” release of his medical letter. And then MacLean’s comes through my mailbox with a Trump story on the front page and six pages of Trump propaganda. What, you didn’t think Judge Camp would get you the sales figures that a cover on Trump would?

  20. Dear Mr. Abel:

    Thank you for your thoughtful piece. Your clearly respect the people with whom possibly you don’t agree, and truly listen to them; that is rare in journalism in the U.S.

    However, as a Viet-Nam veteran (Mr. Trump assures us that his sex life was more dangerous than combat), a teacher, and a Reagan-ish conservative, I cannot vote for either candidate.

    Your respondents make good arguments about why they are frustrated with the inept economics and governance, and the dangerous foreign non-policies, of the U.S., but do not reveal whether they voted in 2008 and 2012. Most sources report that only about 50% of Republicans who were registered to vote bothered to do so in 2012. Mr. Romney was not a look-at-me candidate, but he was, and is, intelligent, ethical, and industrious. Yet half of those Republicans who, remember, were registered to vote, stayed home (and listened to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh?) instead of voting for a good candidate. The passivity of non-voters allowed an incompetent (at least) president to continue his disastrous mismanagement.

    I always vote, thoughtfully (I hope), but I will vote down-ballot only this time. When the dominant parties present the American people with two unhappy New York millionaires who are embedded in the same social-cultural-political milieu, there is a systemic failure. No one should vote for the lesser of two evils (a harsh word, but there it is), because the lesser evil is still an evil.

    Stay strong, Canada; you’re the only stable nation on this continent, and we need you.

    • “Stay strong, Canada; you’re the only stable nation on this continent, and we need you.”

      Uh, Mack, have you seen the dolt that we just elected as Prime Minister?

      • And have you seen the dolt we voted out?

  21. The breakdown of opinions shows that a majority of Americans trust Trump with the economy over Clinton. It makes me despondent to see so many American voters so ill informed. There are something like 6 million job vacancies in the US that can’t be filled because there are not enough workers qualified for them. Good fobs. The country is crying for machinists. Hillary’s job creation platform is about education. Trump’s is about erecting tariffs to bring jobs assembling widgets and stuff back from overseas — something which virtually every economist says won’t work and will just start a disastrous trade war.

    When Apple set up there i-phone production in China, 800 industrial engineers were hired locally within a month. I asked a friend who is the CEO of a major North American Tech Corporation what that would take here. He replied that it would take about a year, and the employer would have to pay for a lot of relocations.

    The idea that China’s advantage today is mainly about cheaper labor is a myth that is being used by Trump — and people seem to be swallowing it.

    • That may be, however, tonight Market Place, a Canadian consumer show had a story about cheap jewellery purchased at two outlets, Ardenes and Aldo. That jewellery had up to 99 percent cadmium in it. Cadnium is poisonous. It was made in China on the cheap. Health Canada is only concerned if the jewellery is made for kids under 15. this jewellery was. In China, it is illegal to sell any jewellery made of Cadnium. A child could suck on or swallow any of this jewellery and the results would be catastrophic. What is going on in this country that we want to pursue a free trade deal with a country that has had lead paint on toys we have imported in the past and now Cadnium jewellery? Things that will poison our children and Health Canada doesn’t have the balls to outlaw this crap? Do we care about safety or not?

  22. This is a fascinating, if depressing read. One theme that comes out over and over is Trump’s “honesty”. Really? REALLY??

    People are conflating the fact that he speaks his mind (impulsively!) and is not at all politically correct with the idea of him being honest. Yes he speaks his mind but on a scale of 1 to 10 on HONESTY, we all know where he ranks. How are all these people so self-deluded that they think he is honest just because his mouth has no filter?

  23. Still don’t get exactly why these people are voting for Trump. Their statements are so general. What exactly about Trump’s “plain talk” resonates with them? Do they agree that Mexicans are murderers and rapists? If yes, then why not come out and say so? Is it because it’s a rude, shocking statement, or because deep down they know its a gross mis-generalization? If the former, then aren’t they being as politically correct as the Washington “elite” they claim to despise? If the latter, then Trump is a liar, so why vote for him?

    • So now the shoe is on the other foot. Do you know how many of us can’t figure out why so many Canadians were willing to vote for a lazy, do-nothing simpleton and his party that is still chock-a-block full of actors from the AdScam days?
      You complain Harper was secretive. You offer the shirtless Trudeau as some concomitant contrast. Really? Worse, There is little objection when the one of the PM’s handlers thugs up a reporter over a pretty innocuous question. Even worse than that is the reporter’s, and the rest of the media’s collective shrug over it.
      You derided Harper as an elitist and a hypocrite, yet offer no objection over the PM- a publicly noted adherent to the notion that the burning of fossil fuels represents the greatest known threat to mankind- when he jets off midwinter for a tropical vacation, while expunging the expense (and fuel load) of the two nannies that tagged along. You, and literally no single person in all the Canadian media commented on the sheer hypocrisy of a PM taking the very kind of vacation that his government has expressed a desire to tax into oblivion. Excepting, of course, the apparatchiks who will continue to gorge and enrich themselves at the public trough.
      Similarly, no objections have been raised by the PM jetting off to the West Coast for a surfing vay-cay, in spite of his public stance on the burning of fossil fuels. On the other hand, there was a greater media-driven outcry over a $16 glass of orange juice than there was over thousands of dollars worth of fine dining at a climate conference (none of you fu—rs grasp that fine Parisian dining ain’t exactly as climate change friendly as my considerably lower class fare?).
      Sorry, bud, but if you don’t have any inkling as to why Trump is potentially on his way to the White House, you have failed to even take the time to try and understand why Clinton’s lies, vindictiveness, outright corruption, and deep-seated tendencies towards outright criminality are making her unpalatable. AND you’ve failed to try and understand how our elites champion public policies that have very real downsides from which they increasingly distance and separate themselves. To them, all public policy occurs within a vacuum that they are hermetically sealed off from.
      Those two things combined are why Trump has a very real shot at the Presidency.

      • This article is about why certain people are voting for Trump, not about Harper, not about Trudeau. By and large most of the people quoted in this article offer up generalities. Simple question, that you failed to answer in your rude diatribe, is why they (with one exception), only make broad sweeping generalities. It’s unfortunate that you’re too angry to focus on the article and engage in providing some intelligent insight.

        • You might not recognize the similarities but people are getting pi**ed off at elite politicians who spout one thing and do something else. They expect constiutients to live frugal lives and they themselves, jet off everywhere while proclaiming to be concerned about climate change. Constiutients don’t trust their word. They are tired of the establishment that has screw$d them over again and again. Bloomberg was better because he has his own money. Maybe they think Trump will be the same.

          • Laurentian- You complain about generalities, then get a basic generality dead wrong. Trump never called Mexicans rapists. He specifically stated that some of the illegal Mexican immigrants who are receiving preferential treatment from the Obama admin are rapists, and that the USA should not be welcoming them. He also suggested that the Mexican govt should be held to account for being somewhat of an enabler when it comes to the illegal emigration of criminals.
            Further, my points were raised in order to illustrate the fact that regular people are increasingly fed up, as many of the Trump supporters said quite clearly, with being governed by elites who are quite openly not acting in their best interests.
            People are tired of living under governance that is intrusive, burdensome, and confiscatory, yet increasingly enriches the governors. They are fed up with social and economic policies that are nothing more than virtue signalling (climate change policy being a perfect example) on behalf of the governors, who will never once feel the very real “boots on the ground” downsides of those policies.
            I pointed out the PM’s travel as a glaring example of that. I can improve on that if you wish.
            No federal Democrat lawmaker will have to worry about the problems faced by having their children attend a public school in a district over-run by the children of illegal immigrants who expect a fully funded public education while paying no taxes themselves.
            The director of the EPA will not have to worry about whether or not the systematic destruction of the coal industry will destroy not only his livelihood, but erase the value of his property while he jets comfortably back and forth from DC to Ohio every Monday and Thursday.
            The head of the IRS will never have to worry about the impact of any one of the hundreds of new regulations that have been imposed upon American business every single week of the Obama administration upon his or her ability to meet payroll and payables. The only concern of the head of the IRS is apparently ensuring that emails are properly erased, and that the 5th Amendment remains securely in place.
            Those are the kinds of things that are motivating the Trump supporters.

  24. All I can say is god help us all.

  25. Apparently any idiot can get admitted to the University of Virginia. Must be an “open enrollment” policy.

    • Many believe that once made leader, a person’s stupidity improves. They stop saying foolish things about leaders being pissed off over losing hockey games; comparing fighter jets to men’s genitalia. Canadian’s certainly believed that about Justin Trudeau and for the most part, they have not been wrong. However, he has broken quite a few of the 200 promises in made and in isn’t even 1 year in to his 4 year term. He has kept Harper’s emission levels and he didn’t increase education spending for First Nations in his first budget. He gave the go ahead for a hydro dam in BC. He went into debt 30 billion instead of 10 billion and he hasn’t decriminalized cannabis let alone legalized it. Not to mention that a significant number of the Syrian refugees he brought to Canada have not received the services he promised including language classes so this is little chance they will be employable one their year of sponsorship ends. He gave a very disappointing and inadequate physician suicide bill and ignored the senate’s very wise advice to re-work to include people with irretractable pain and Alzheimer’s. These are just are a very few off the top of my head. Oh yes, then there are the wars and the fighter jets. He never debated any of it in the HOC. He promises transparency but when Hunter Tootoo left his caucas he wasn’t honest that it was due to a sexual relationship with a junior staff member but pretended it was because he had addictions issues. Of course when Mr. Tootoo didn’t return as a Liberal but an independent, the story had to come out. His treatment of ministers who have used taxpayer money unwisely has been much more generous than it was when Bev Oda did the same thing. Perhaps he blame Bev Oda for leading them astray. He does often apologize for acting the previous government when he pulls a boner as though Stephen Harper somehow infiltrated his mind and made him do it. I rather like the picture the invokes….in angel on one shoulder and Stephen Harper on the other, each whispering into our PM’s ears…..

  26. Simply, I hate the way Trump talks, his body language, and fake half smiles.

    • Replace the name ‘Trump’ with that of any other politician and you will realize a definition of all politicians.

  27. ill informed ?? so just like a liberal. I am sorry the reason america will vote in trump is they are tired of the old school politics important issue’s like crime, unemployment,immigration,poverty you know the same issues we have in Canada but with our government they have no clue on how to fix any of the important issues.I cant wait for trump to take control and tell canada to get your act together or the borders will tighten very fast and the CDN dollar will be valued at less than a peso.

    • But how will Trump solve any of that, other than just saying that he will? His policies are contradictory, thin and simply won’t work? The man is wearing no clothes.

      Liberal or conservative, Trump is all talk and all pot-stirring.

  28. What is the point of this article? To normalize people poised to maybe elect North America’s first fascist leader? Shame on you.

    • If there is a definition of ‘normal’ as used in your comment, it could be ‘free from physical or mental disorders’. The average American easily fits that definition and, therefore, will be annoyed to be referred to as “fascist”. There would be little shame on a magazine that allows varied views to be expressed … intelligent or not.
      Thank you for your comment.

    • This is the Democrats and Hiliary’s election to lose. They need to get to work and turn things around. They need to use their assets (Obama, Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton) to get young people out to vote for her. Don’t shame the writers and the magazine. They are only showing you a simple truth. Not everyone who is for Trump is an angry out white man. Hiliary and Dems aren’t sending the right message to certain people. They are doing something wrong. Some say she hasn’t presented her platform clearly. She has spent too much talking down Trump and calling his voters deplorable. She needs to get her platform message out there instead.

  29. The only thing Donald Trump is interested in is being popular, and when he is popular, he can progress his businesses. He will only feel good if he makes headlines around the world everyday, and he can only do that by being ultra controversial. He has no policies, no ideas, no political experience and his business experience doesn’t qualify him to be the leader of the largest economy in the world. Above all, he is the greatest liar in the free world and a racist with white supremacist and dictatorship undertones. As president he is going to use and abuse his “executive order” position to become the greatest dictator of the free world.

  30. The Korean-American kid is, well, young. How will Trump’s policies actually prevent illegal immigration? How will they actually be carried out?

    It’s not like Clinton and Obama are pro-illegal immigration. Obama has enforced the law. The numbers of illegals have been decreasing. But they also realize that deportation is nearly impossible and would cause more problems than it solves.

    And don’t get me started on how illegal immigration (and terrorism) has no real impact on most American’s lives. But it sounds good – we’ll give you all the jobs the illegals (and workers in other countries) are taking. Even though it won’t actually happen.

    And right now it’s Muslims and illegal immigrants, which immigrants will be scapegoats next?

  31. Most of these people are frustrated, overwhelmed and afraid. They have lost jobs, lively hoods and standing in their communities and around the world. They are looking for a way to return to “the good times” and Trump is offering that, but he cannot deliver. If there is a bogey man here, it is corporate America. Free trade deals are made for corporations and are a benefit to almost no one else. Regan’s “trickle down” theory has been exposed as nonsense long ago. Big companies will continue to export jobs as long as they are making money doing it. If Trump can bring these companies back (he has already stated that the US minimum wage is too high) he will do it on the back of working people. I have heard that Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats were made in China. Trump has holdings in foreign countries for the same reasons other companies do: he can make more money there. What needs to happen to straighten this out is to allow everyone to make a decent living in the US. Failure to achieve this creates unrest, crime and violence. These people have been let down by their governments, both Republican and Democratic. Electing Trump is NOT the answer. That will only bring more of the same at an accelerated pace.

  32. I’m disappointed to see Macleans give such an extensive platform to the misinformation and spin shared by these particular Trump supporters… without editorial comments showing what is true and what is not. This simply perpetuates the lies on which so many Trump supporters I’ve met (as a Canadian expat in the US) base their support for this candidate. Where’s the balance? Can we please also have coverage from Clinton supporters? I’ve never been more disappointed and frustrated by Macleans.

  33. As a Canadian, what boggles my mind is that when you consider just how ridiculously long it takes to elect an American President, the best they could come up with are those two candidates? Trump has a good chance of winning. He should not ever be considered for that job. Clinton has a good chance of winning, and she’s just as “deplorable” as those she insults. A nation of over 300 million people, and that’s the best they could come up with?

    In our election, I was firmly in the “anyone but Harper” camp. But, if the only other choices were what the US has managed to come up with in their election… I’d have voted for Harper.