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A beacon unto the world


The Constitution Unit at London’s Global University has released its report on minority parliaments (previously cited here). The chapter entitled “Canada’s Dysfunctional Minority Parliament” begins at page 26.


A beacon unto the world

  1. Understatement of the week:

    "Recent events also illustrate that many Canadians do not understand the basic rules of
    parliamentary democracy."

    This is a great report, mirroring a lot of what Peter Russel says in his new(ish) book, Two Cheers for Minority Government.

    A quick look shows that in the last 50 years, a full 50% of our elections have resulted in a minority parliament. We should probably stop treating them as temporary inconveniences. New Zealand and some Scandinavian countries offer useful examples of how (as opposed to the less-relevant but more often cited examples of Italy and Israel).