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A Prime Minister without a Parliament to call his own (II)


Canwest says Mr. Harper is considering an invitation to speak to the B.C. legislature.

The Victoria Times-Colonist seems rather excited about the possibility.


A Prime Minister without a Parliament to call his own (II)

  1. The Victoria Times Colonist is clearly ecstatic. The crack team at the TC did a masterful job of condensing Akin's CanWest article into four sentences.

    • The Times Colonist IS Canwest.

  2. "The prime minister will salute Vancouver, Whistler and British Columbia for its magnificent work in organizing and hosting the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games," Soudas said.

    Seems valid enough.
    Think he'll stick to the script?

  3. ''Prime Minister Stephen Harper has accepted an invitation from British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell to speak at the B.C. ..''

    I could have sworn that just a few hours ago all the regulars here were criticizing the Prime Minister for inviting himself to speak at the BC leg…..and Mr Wherry's post drew over 140 antiHarper comments.

    Just another wafer story, was it.

    • Apparently, the visit was not by invitation from the provincial government. Rather it was Ottawa's idea.

      From Canwest/Vancouver Sun Vaughn Palmer – earlier today

      You just can't trust Canwest to give the straight goods, can you?

      • Isn't that kinda like blaming the car instead of the driver, for a traffic accident?
        Mr Wherry writes this stuff, not Macleans.

        Perhaps a journalist should check out the sources before jumping on the wafer bandwagon…eh?

        • Judge for yourself


    • Um, no. I think regulars here were mocking the Prime Minister for speaking at a legislature that managed to stay open and actually run the Olympics while a legislature that was only funding it had to be prorogued for 63 days.

    • Wow, I don't know why bringing up Harper's mistreatment of a wafer helps your cause, but whatever. Guess it runs along the lines of 'Hey, global warming's a hoax because my fake emails prove it to be!'

      • Wow. Someone still thinks the CRU hacked emails were fake?

  4. Maybe the PM can say a few words about the "Harper Sales Tax" which is starting to gain some momentum. Bill Vander Zalm is heading the campaign to put the imposition of this tax to a referendum.


  5. Maybe the unelected leader of the Official Opposition would like to chime in on why the federal Liberals too support the HST.

    But for sure, seeing the word referendum in the media, with no laughing and pointing at the 'knuckledragging red necks', on the HST and Senate reform, makes this old Reformers heart sing.
    Preston Manning was way way ahead of his time.

    Senate reform, referendums….yes

    • The federal Liberals have been talking a unified sales tax for a decade, not like your turncoat, pretzeled principles so-called leader. They've been consistent, even if i don't like it.
      But let's see your party take responsibility for its part of this HST act. First they publicly attack one jurisdiction and tell other nations/corporations that investing in that province is a mug's game because they don't do it… They Harper offers a huge bribe when the provincial coffers are hitting the porcelain bowl. It doesn't take a genius to see that there's no province that could resist that.
      So show some spine and start talking up your government's 'courage'. Give me an essay on the wisdom on taxing income trusts first, while your at it.

  6. As the PM tries out his new trick, 'Most Canadians' sat with their collective arms folded. Yawns were heard. The occasional applause, ringing through the otherwise silent space, lent a poignant dinginess to the whole, sad occasion.

    Magic hour's over. The light's lost. Strike the set.

  7. Except for the awkward fact it hasn't been sitting since November, will reconvene for three days and then close – for the Olympics.

  8. The Victoria Times Colonist is clearly ecstatic. The crack team at the TC did a masterful job of condensing Akin's CanWest article into four sentences.

  9. I must be looking up the wrong word.

    How do you really spell recalibrating?

    • c-o-v-e-r-u-p

      • That and d-o-g-a-n-d-p-o-n-y are registering about the same on the That's More Like It meter.

  10. If we're giving credit where credit is due, my colleague Sean Holman at Public Eye online was the first with the story, a couple days ahead of David Akin's piece :


  11. Harper, speaking in the BC legislature, was his way to say to BC and Canada, he totally supports Campbell. After all, Harper giving Campbell a huge chunk of dollars, to force the HST, on the very citizens, who have no way to pay, this unfair tax. It was also said, Harper and Campbell, had a secret meeting, after Harper's speech. The only way to save BC, from, total destruction, is to separate, from the east. Alberta, has made great strides, and is getting a lot of support from their citizens. The west will include: Manitoba, Sask, Alberta, BC, NWT and the Yukon. I don't think the Maritimes are too happy about, Ottawa and Quebec, either. Ottawa, tried to shaft them over their off shore oil. Too bad they are so far away from the west. That would leave Ontario and Quebec, to be their own country, which they always have been. With any luck, Harper could invite Campbell, to go east, where he belongs.