A Prime Minister without a Parliament to call his own (III)


Mr. Harper decides he will address the B.C. legislature. Vaughn Palmer maintains the word invited should be put in quotation marks.


A Prime Minister without a Parliament to call his own (III)

  1. Prime Minister should be in commas.

    • Note to self: make sure that when the next senate seat is open in BC and Harper is still king, to make sly 'guess' of Bill Barisoff… Collect winnings.

  2. quotations marks ….

    Aaargh! Reactionary fool wrote that first comment

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, the only way somebody can address the B.C. legislature who isn't a sitting member is by invitation from the Speaker? The fact stands that the PMO announced this prior to the invitation being issued and on its face it appears that King Harper now runs provincial politics as well.

  4. … and if Vaughan Palmer says it, I am sure it is accurate. I remember when a friend of mine worked for a BC Cabinet Minister, he complained that usually Palmer would know of Cabinet announcements before most of the MInisters.

  5. oh, that kind of "invitation". More rotten tomatoes.

  6. Oh just admt it Mr Wherry,
    you got 'wafered'…..the first story you jumped all over was wrong.

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