As it happened in the past?


The CBC posts the field notes that apparently led to Walter Natynczyk’s statement this morning. The Globe posts a transcript of the General’s press conference, including his reading of the section commander’s report, which includes this sentence.

We then photographed the individual prior to handing him over to ensure that if the Afghan national police did assault him as it happened in the past, that we would have a visual record of his condition.


As it happened in the past?

  1. See, you're doing this whole support the troops thing incorrectly, Wherry. This quote is nothing more than Taliban duping to the less-than-credible soldier on the ground. You seem to think that supporting the troops includes supporting individual soldiers, and you're only supposed to do that when they are generals.

    Okay, that was nasty of me and I don't really believe it. I'm just so angry at today's performance by our government!

    Slightly off-topic, but can parliamentarians ask a question of the Supreme Court the way the government can? As in, does the constitution which gives rise to the powers of committees get trumped by the Canada Evidence Act? Because, along with Mr. Colvin, apparently the government doesn't wish to hear from Mr. Walsh.

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