BTC: Another blow to Mr. Bernier’s legacy


Maxime Bernier’s statement on the day Louise Arbour announced her retirement from the UN human rights commission. “On behalf of the Government of Canada, I thank Louise Arbour for her four years of service to the international community as High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations. Madame Arbour’s career in Canada and abroad has been devoted to expanding the concepts of human rights and fundamental justice. As High Commissioner, she championed causes that had languished at the margins of the human rights work of the United Nations. She was steadfast in the pursuit of her vision of an independent High Commissioner who acts in new and energetic ways to increase the presence of her office around the world. Her appointment reflected the proud tradition of Canadian support for the United Nations and its work, a tradition that our government intends to strengthen in the future.”

Vic Toews, President of the Treasury Board, yelling across the aisle during Question Period today in reference to Ms. Arbour. “She’s a disgrace to Canada. She’s a disgrace.”


BTC: Another blow to Mr. Bernier’s legacy

  1. That’s rich – Vic Toews making judgments? He just such a moral person with a clean past – uh,huh.

  2. She’s a former Supreme Court justice. The Tories love none of them.

  3. You’re correct Dean P. The problem the Tories have is that Supreme Court justices are constantly interpreting laws.

  4. Toews, the disgraced philanderer and fornicator, is calling Louise Arbour a disgrace? Shameful behaviour for a soon-to-be Judge eased into a cushy job where he’ll be able to judge people all day long.

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