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As Susan Delacourt notes, today marks the 15th anniversary of Kim Campbell taking power. And as Elizabeth May lamented shortly after today’s shuffle, “Prime Minister Stephen Harper missed the opportunity to promote some of the very few strong women in his caucus.”

A few weeks ago, after announcing her impending retirement from politics, Alexa McDonough rose in Question Period and opened with this. “Mr. Speaker, I came to Parliament 11 years ago with some urgent priorities, the inferior status of women and fixing unemployment insurance among them. Perhaps it is because of the pathetic under-representation of women in the Conservative caucus, an unbelievable 11%, that the government refuses to fix employment insurance for women.”

The government members, notably those of the female persuasion, were noticeably less than pleased.

Thing is, that 11% figure actually flatters the female presence in this government.

McDonough made her comments on June 3. Including all of the QPs this month—14 over three weeks, with one skipped on account of the residential schools apology—a total of 540 questions were asked. A mere 27 of those were handled by female members of this government. That’s good for just 5% involvement.

Josee Verner accounted for 16 of those answers. Diane Finley, five. Sylvie Boucher, two. Lynne Yelich, two. Bev Oda and Diane Ablonczy, one each. 

If the House search engine is correct, Rona Ambrose last took a question on Nov. 27, 2007.


BTC: Cooties

  1. However, if they’d appoint another unelected member, Ms Couillard, to say, minister of briefs, i’m sure the questions would begin to balance out.

  2. “Rona Ambrose last took a question on Nov. 27”

    Yes, but she is there in camera shot of Harper everyday. THAT is her key role in HarperWorld.

  3. I have noticed, though, that the Conservatives seem to be trying to nominate more women candidates lately. Their numbers are moving up on that score lately, and given how many seats they already had, and how many nominations they had already completed, that new emphasis just struck me as I’ve been doing the recent updates (e.g., Mississauga-Brampton South, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Mississauga East-Cooksville, Parkdale-High Park, Pallister, Guelph, etc.).

    In the category of ridings with retiring incumbents (see here), they have candidates in 22 of the 27, and 5 of them (23%) are women. That’s a better number than either the NDP or Green Party, who admittedly are nowhere near as fully nominated in those seats.

  4. D’oh … I meant Portage-Lisgar of course, not Pallister (Pallister is who’s retiring).!