BTC: Like Ric Flair, only less saggy


Barack Obama is a remarkable performer on various counts, but tonight he managed something I’d only ever seen professional wrestlers pull off previously.

Pausing at one point to gaze out hopefully upon the St. Paul crowd, he appeared to notice a certain contingent chanting the now-familiar “Yes We Can” refrain. Rather than continue with his speech, he lingered there, letting the chant build and eventually fill the arena. 

His talents are well-established and exhaustively documented. But it’s not just that he has a particular gift for reading from a tele-prompter. It’s also that he understands how to incorporate his audience into the performance (note too how he talks fast and almost dances in place when he’s working a crescendo—on this night he appeared even to exhaust the faithful with a succession of these). And that’s not something I recall seeing in anyone beyond the likes of Ric Flair and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I’m not sure if that makes him more or less qualified to lead the free world.

Update. Which me reminds of this bit of a theatre from a couple months ago. Granted, it’s bit more Jay-Z than Randy Savage, but then maybe the difference between those two points isn’t entirely insurmountable.


BTC: Like Ric Flair, only less saggy

  1. If at any point Barack Obama draws a “woooooo!” call Ric Flair-style from a crowd, I swear right now that I will do whatever it takes to get American citizenship just so I can vote for the guy.

  2. Man, can you really get a parliamentary journalism gig by making analogies to former WWF wrestlers? I gotta give that a try.

  3. Aaron, you obviously didn’t see Twisted Sister at the Ottawa Civic Centre in 1984.

  4. The day Obama crowds start chanting “What?!” after he finishes each line in one of those crescendos will either be the saddest or the most amazing day ever.

  5. Obama is the type of leader Canada so greatly needs.

    We have a leadership vacuum particularly with the Conservatives who also have a charisma shortage and an economy with truth.

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