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A full slate of weekend notes to come later, but very quickly, having been in the House foyer the other day and spoken with one individual of some firsthand knowledge, I feel compelled to note that this assumes a level of organization quite far beyond the actual abilities of both the press gallery and the opposition parties.

Indeed, were we reporters capable of such grand conspiracy, I suspect those powers would be applied to far greater subjects than Mr. Bernier’s sex life. (Or perhaps now it is I who am giving the press gallery too much credit.)

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BTC: Paranoid android

  1. Who talked about Mr. Bernier’s sex life?
    The discussion was about a previous girlfriend. Why are you making assumptions?

  2. After clicking eagerly through to read Steve Janke’s latest none-dare-call-it-conspiracy theorizing, I have to say that I was a bit disappointed by the lack of imagination on display. Where was Elections Canada? The CBC? The Liberal Cameraman(tm)? Also: Nothing – *nothing!* – about Stephane Dion not being a leader.

    I was, however, touched by the uncharacteristic outpouring of faith in the Canadian media – specifically, the Quebec tabloid press – who, as we all know, would never dream of pursuing rumours of ministerial dating indiscretions unless forced into doing so by the Bloc Quebecois.

  3. I’m really mad at Chantal Hébert for blowing the conspiracy. Who’s on Press Gallery execution detail this week? Naumetz? Craig Oliver? Too bad, I liked Chantal.

  4. I think Janke is doing a great service- I had no idea the vastness of the conspiracy against the Conservatives… so far there is the Liberals, Bloc, NDP, CBC, KFC, Illuminati, the reverse daylight vampires (with help from the RAND corperation), Elections Canada, … where will it end? I’ve noticed a lot of black squirrels around the hill lately… are they involved too? Quick Encyclopedia Janke! Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. Excuse me?
    It isn’t about “Mr. Bernier’s sex life.”
    It is about the unsavory people with whom he seems to be associated through his sex life and information that may “accidentally” be transmitted to them.
    There is a difference – the former is his personal life and obviously no one’s business; the latter can be a matter of national security and the reputation of Canada.

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