BTC: Roll call


Not that anyone’s currently around to hold a vote. Nor that there could be a vote—or at least one that could matter. But for those of you keeping score at home, here’s a breakdown of those MPs who’ve spoken publicly about the appointment of Dr. Morgentaler.

Links to other reported expressions of opinion are appreciated. This post will be updated. Bracketed letters denote party affiliation.

Pro – 33
Stephane Dion (L)
Marlene Jennings (L)
Olivia Chow (N)
Joe Comartin (N)
Irene Mathyssen (N)
Jack Layton (N)
Nicole Demers (B)
Charlie Angus (N)
Alex Atamanenko (N)
Catherine Bell (N)
Dennis Bevington (N)
Dawn Black (N)
Bill Blaikie (N)
Chris Charlton (N)
David Christopherson (N)
Jean Crowder (N)
Nathan Cullen (N)
Libby Davies (N)
Paul Dewar (N)
Yvon Godin (N)
Peter Julian (N) 
Wayne Marston (N) 
Pat Martin (N) 
Tony Martin (N) 
Brian Masse (N) 
Alexa McDonough (N) 
Thomas Mulcair (N) 
Peggy Nash (N) 
Penny Priddy (N) 
Denise Savoie (N) 
Bill Siksay (N) 
Judy Wasylycia-Leis (N)
Mark Eyking (L) 

Con – 26
Stephen Harper (C)
Bev Shipley (C)
Norm Doyle (C)
Brad Trost (C)
Ken Epp (C)
Art Hanger (C)
Andrew Scheer (C)
Maurice Vellacott (C)
Rod Bruinooge (C)
Paul Steckle (L)
Jeff Watson (C)
Jason Kenney (C)
Dave Van Kesteren (C)
Dan McTeague (L)
Rona Ambrose (C)
Carol Skelton (C)
Gerry Ritz (C)
Brian Pallister (C)
Mike Allen (C)
Robert Thibault (L)
Peter MacKay (C)
Bill Casey (I)
James Lunney (C)
Rob Moore (C)
Myron Thompson (C)
Leon Benoit (C)
Pierre Lemieux (C) 

Abstentions – 8
Peter Stoffer (N)
Scott Brison (L)
Rodger Cuzner (L)
Ralph Goodale (L)
Mark Holland (L)
Garth Turner (L)
Anthony Rota (L)
Glen Pearson (L) 

Update I. Added Van Kesteren, McTeague, Ambrose, Skelton, Ritz, Mathyssen and Layton. Am also reasonably informed that Mr. Kenney, appearing on Canada AM, denounced the appointment.

Update II. Added Nicole Demers.

Update III. Added Brian Pallister.

Update IV. As noted below, Jack Layton’s issued a formal statement, and on behalf of the NDP at that. So we’ll go ahead and add the entire New Democrat to this tally, as if this roll call were indeed wipped (and adjust if anyone breaks ranks). Meanwhile, Jason Kenney’s now given an interview to and that link’s been added to his name above.

Update V. Added Mike Allen.

Update VI. Added Thibault, MacKay, Casey and comment from McDonough (see below). We’ll move Stoffer to the abstentions, alongside Scott Brison and Rodger Cuzner. And the Commons decision desk is going to consider Mark Eyking’s comments a qualified endorsement.

Meanwhile, James Lunney joins the no side.

Update VI. Rob Moore goes no.

Update VII. Added Myron Thompson, Leon Benoit and Pierre Lemieux to the no side. Sent a few e-mails around to MPs on the Liberal side and received abstentions from Mark Holland, Garth Turner, Glen Pearson, Ralph Goodale and Anthony Rota. Meanwhile, Maurice Vellacott is miffed that his nomination of Paul Henderson has been over-looked now three times.


BTC: Roll call

  1. Dan McTeague (L)

  2. Realistically speaking, the Bloc and the NDP would most likely force their caucuses to vote in favour of the nomination, whereas the Liberals and Conservatives would probably allow for a free vote.

    I would predict something similar to the last gay marriage vote that took place in Parliament, with a few handfuls of liberals voting against the nomination, and a handful of conservatives voting in favour of it.

    Then again, when it comes to voicing an actual opinion, this is where Wherry’s Roll Call comes in handy.

    Good initiative.

  3. While there will not be a vote on Morgentaler’s OC, there will soon be a vote on bill C-484. What I want to know is if Dion will whip his caucus. We already know that Steckle and McTeague would support C-484, whipped or not.

  4. Sorry, forgot to mention, he did it on behalf of the NDP

  5. He might not say anything publically, but you can toss so-con Liberal MP Paul Szabo on your own personal tally, he is a huge pro-lifer.

  6. J’s link also has for the cons;

    Peter MacKay (C)
    Bill Casey (Ind.)

    And a list of fence sitters, who don’t want to weigh in, 3 Libs and a NDP. 3 MPs with no comment to the Chronicle Herald