BTC: The liberal MSM strikes again


So while our Kady is working hard to apply some level of truth to this business of the Conservative gas pump ads, CTV.ca is currently leading with a story entitled “Liberals show divisions on timing of carbon tax plan.” The evidence of such a rift? A blog post by Garth Turner. One that concludes, “fear cannot be allowed to reign. Nobody ever profited taking advice from the cheap and the tawdry. This morning, they surround us.”

Declares CTV’s Ottawa bureau chief: “We know that the (Liberal) caucus is really divided about it (the carbon tax) but nobody has really publicly come out and talked about it but now we’re starting to see that these Tory attack ads are having their effect.”

Of course, those attack ads don’t appear to have actually run anywhere yet (aside, of course, from some kids here in Ottawa handing out flyers.)

Helpfully, CTV.ca provides a link within their lead story to the new Conservative website.


BTC: The liberal MSM strikes again

  1. It’s all starting to look like the setup you described earlier where the idea is to make the Ottawa media think there is an ad campaign which may or may not actually exist on the ground.

  2. Oops. I meant to post (above) to Wells’ blog, where it would have made at least some sense.

  3. I like how the CTV newshound sez “We know that the (Liberal) caucus is really divided about it (the carbon tax) but nobody has really publicly come out and talked about it…”
    I’d like to see them follow up on the story where the CONservative caucus “thinks Stephen Harper is a control freak robot with anger issues but just won’t come out and talk about it”…

  4. Is there a well-known-but-never-talked-about pro-CPC bias at CTV news (as opposed to the frequently-commented-on pro-Liberal bias at the Toronto Star)? Because as a casual observer, I’m starting to wonder…
    Can any of the media insiders comment?

  5. It is well know
    It is talked about (or at least blogged about)
    IMHO… CBC=CNN and CTV=Fox

  6. dan in van

    And who shall bell the cat?

  7. Well, when Old Duff does his whole show on the ads, shows the ads, shows the T-shirt…..not hard to guess.

    Duffy said yellow isn’t his colour – duh….Tory Blue is his colour, of course.

    Other things going on and Mike Duffy dedicates his whole show to this crap?

    When CTV runs their “constant” ads/commercials and show the won about My Favourite Thing about Toronto – I am so tempted to write my favourite thing about Toronto is that we have “choices” of TV stations to watch other than CTV.

  8. Whoops – meant to say “show the ONE about My Toronto…..”


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