BTC: Who will speak for the unelected?


So Mr. Fortier’s off to International Trade, but as he’s remains steadfastly unelected, he won’t be able to speak to the portfolio in the House. The job of rising on his behalf will, one assumes, go to the secretary of state for international trade. And who’s that? You guessed it—Helena Guergis.


BTC: Who will speak for the unelected?

  1. Can they do that?

  2. Dear God almighty….

  3. Can Fortier remain (unelected senator) and unelected Minister at the same time?

    Helena Guergis? God help us.

  4. Unelected and unaccountable. Gives him time to build that slush fund, apparently.

  5. Nothing against it, Sandi. John Abbot’s entire term of Prime-Minister was while he was a senator. (Of course, unlike Fortier, he actually had been elected to the House of Commons previously — Fortier’s best attempt so far has been fourth place)

  6. A little clarification: Fortier already was an unelected minister (he was in charge of public works). He has promised at various points to run in the next federal election, likely in Vaudreuil-Soulanges (against the Bloc’s Meili Faille).

    Abbott and Mackenzie Bowell were both, essentially, unelected prime ministers. Though they became so only when the incumbents (Macdonald and Thompson respectively) dropped dead.

  7. Gerald Keddy may end up fielding questions for Fortier – he’s the parliamentary secretary, at least for the moment. I suspect a ps shuffle may be on the to-do list as well; that’s standard operating procedure as far as summer traditions.

  8. Gawd… this Tory bunch is truly pathetic if this is the best Harper could come up with.

  9. I saw a quote worth framing:

    There are no ministers in Harper’s cabinet, only lieutenants.

    I wish I knew who said it for proper attribution and I believe it deserves a “quote of the day award”.

  10. There’s nothing wrong with Helena Guergis! She is a woman younger woman can look up to. Her job isn’t easy. She is essentially in a man’s world, trying to make a difference!!

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