College days (II) -

College days (II)


Michael Ignatieff’s tour stop at the University of British Columbia apparently got a bit shouty on Friday. You can read the accounts of Canwest and the Ubyssey or, if you prefer, you can see and hear for yourself.


College days (II)

  1. Spoken like a guy who's had to deal with a rowdy classroom before. Seems like the other students didn't much care for the Greenpeace protest/intrusion, either.

    I also appreciated the pointed "you don't get to choose which facts you like."

  2. Considering that exploitation of the oilsands is largely provincial jurisdiction, que sera, sera.

    • Or for Jack: "Come what May"

  3. Remember how hard it looked like it would be to unite the right? That was nothing compared to Iggy's task.

    • The Liberals were successful when they were a party of the centre. If they try to unite under a left banner they will be in the wilderness for a long, long time.

  4. Any time someone puts Greenpeace in their place, it's a good thing…

    A surprisingly well handled situation by Ignatieff. A few more appearances like this and the prorogation may actually result in a gain for his party, rather than just a loss for the Conservatives.

  5. I've been asking around, but with no success so far, so I'll post my question here: has Stephen Harper, since becoming leader (or ever for that matter), held a town hall or any kind of open forum, with unscripted Q&A from the public?

    • Good question! If your question gets answered elsewhere be sure to let us know as well

      • I think we all know the answer.

  6. Based on this clip, Ignatieff handled those obnoxious protesters very well.

  7. We're not worthy enough for the King to come down from the mountain to speak with us.

    • "come down from … [his] Mountain"? Surely you meant to say rise up out of his pit?

    • His Tremendousness, to you.

  8. Until now, I've usually just ignored the Greenpeace missionaries who lurk on street corners, glorified-panhandling for money.

    I think from now on, I'm gonna tell them, in so many words, to phuq off.

  9. ^phoque

    • No need to swear.