Congratulations from the Prime Minister


A note from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Readout of the phone call between the Prime Minister and Mr Mulcair.

“The Prime Minister congratulated Mr. Mulcair on his victory in the leadership contest and said he looked forward to their dealings together. The two shared their experiences in leadership contests.”

See previously: Congratulations from the Conservatives


Congratulations from the Prime Minister

  1. Now THAT’S classy !!

    •  To be fair, slightly more class than yesterday.  He might have waited with the dumbassery a bit and sent this first, though.

      •  Maybe Stevies mom gave him a call to remind him she raised him better than that.

        • Is she still talking to him?

          • Probably not, he’s soooo Evil.

          • I don’t think he’s evil.  Sociopathy is a treatable medical condition.

          • I’m going to start referring to you as Dr. Evil.

    • Since a hyperlink was conspicuously absent from Wherry’s previous “talking points” post, it’s very helpful to now have confirmation Harper was behind those talking points, in the form of a NDPer no one’s ever heard of stating he “believes” it’s just the sort of thing Steve does.

      Good enough for me, although I’m still mildly curious as to why Wherry’s source for the previous post, (and, of course, it HAD to be the source, given Andrew’s impeccable reputation for unbiased reporting on all things conservative), thought a (presumptively) internal CPC “talking points” memo was actually the traditional congratulations to Mulcair on behalf of the CPC?

      •  The talking points were publically released when Mulcair won…..and were read out again in Parliament yesterday before his official welcome.

        Bad manners….twice.

        • And repeated again by one of his backbench goons in Members Statements. 

          • Yes, Conservative backbenchers are goons.

          • When they act like goons, yes they are.  Do you watch them in action?

        • If they were publicly released, why no hyperlink in Wherry’s post?  Here’s a clue – doing so would not have allowed Wherry to describe them as “congratulations” and thereby deny the likes of you another Harper hateapalooza.  That they were read out in parliament – that chamber so renowned for the absence of heated rhetoric – is relevant how, exactly?

          •  You can’t find the Con site?

            I know you’re trying hard, but nobody’s buying it.

            Meantime, Cons are up to their asses in alligators,  so don’t sweat the small stuff.

          • “You can’t find the Con site? ”

            Better than you, apparently – the so-called “talking points” never appeared on that site.  Don’t you think that if they had, Wherry would have hyperlinked to them?

            Here’s what happened – the “talking points” were set out in some kind of internal CPC communication that got leaked to Wherry.  Since he couldn’t hyperlink to them, Wherry thought he’d take advantage and present them under the false premise they were some kind of official CPC “congratulations”.  Some of us, however, weren’t duped.

          •  LOL Cons are very easily duped. Con-spiracy theory crowd, the lot of them.

          • It hit the twitterverse as soon as Mulcair was named. 

    • And if an NDP MP says something, it absolutely *must* be true!

      •  Harper’s the one with the reputation.

  2. Stephen didn’t happen to share who financed his, did he?

    • Evil Overlords who seek to destroy our planet and enslave us all, of course.