Dean Del Mastro is disappointed in you -

Dean Del Mastro is disappointed in you


The Conservative MP for Peterborough pines for simpler times, before television and the Internet messed everything up.

Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro said he doesn’t understand the controversy surrounding his government’s decision to prorogue Parliament until March 3. “I don’t really understand the current reaction. Government has been prorogued 105 times,” Del Mastro told a group of Rotarians. “Maybe Canadians just don’t understand that that’s been part of our parliamentary system since we formed it.”

Del Mastro made the comments Monday, fielding questions after speaking to the Rotary Club of Peterborough during its weekly meeting at the Holiday Inn. Del Mastro pointed the finger at the media as part of the reason many Canadians have voiced anger about the issue. “The fact that this has been highlighted is probably an effect of 24-hour news,” he said.


Dean Del Mastro is disappointed in you

  1. Ah. The problem is I don't understand how parliament works.
    It all makes sense now. Thanks, Dean.

    • well if Dean doesn't know how parliamnet works, why should he expect you to?

      The trouble with guys like Dean, is that they just have no clue. They think everybody is as ignorant and stupid as they are. I mean why wouldn't they think that? If a hill-billy heifer like him can be elected to parliament.

      See what I mean.

    • Dean Del-M via reader's digest: "Our plan on keeping the electorate ambivalent and ignorant isn't working the way we meant it to…"

  2. I find Dean Del Mastro frustrating because you can never tell whether he's genuinely ignorant or willfully ignorant.

    • anyone who actually wants to trash their reputation by being willfully ignorant is in fact genuine ignorant in my books….

      • And yet he was elected….

    • Just dead from the neck up. That pretty much sums it up

  3. Fat and stupid is no way to go through life, Dean.

    • Really Anon I'm surprised at you, really surprised

      You forgot butt ugly too!!!

  4. The Holiday Inn in Peterborough is dive. Been there.

  5. He sounds like the bad guy at the end of every episode of Scoobie Doo: "And we would have got away with it too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids…"

  6. Small correction Wherry…Since Del Mastro is blaming the media I think Del Mastro is saying that he is disappointed in you, not us.

    • ".Since Del Mastro is blaming the media I think Del Mastro is saying that he is disappointed in you,"

      This passed tedious long ago.

    • Blame the media. Blame his constituents" Blame every body but himself.

      Blame the refreigator, blame Mcdonald's, blame KFC, blame Pizza hut, for being a big fat slob.

      Dean Del Mastro doesn't have one responsible bone in his over bloated body.

  7. But most everyone in the media said it wasn't a big deal and that Canadians wouldn't care.

    There's times when a credible case can be made for the media giving life to an issue that might otherwise pass without much notice, but this isn't one of them.

  8. One thing that the government should drop if it wants to pretend it is actually trying to balance the budget is Dean's train to Peterborough. The project was promissed untold millions two budgets ago even though every study ever conducted (except the one conducted by Dean himself) says is not cost effective and the demographics don't merit it.

    I'm hopefull they're serious, but if Flaherty keeps this kind of pork on the books people will know that deficit elimination isn't a real priority for this government.

    • Hey don't mention pork around Dean.

      Dean will do anything to stay in office. Doesn't want to go back to the car lot does he?

      He's as probably a good car salesman as he is a politician.

    • I hear he can also talk to dead people. I'll look up this train thing though. Sounds interesting.

    • To be fair, this is a town where if you want to catch a bus after 7 you need to call for it so they know lots about effective public transit.

  9. No, Dean, you don't get it. Go read that Wikipedia page that told you Parliament has been prorogued 105 times again, and try to see where it's been juxtaposed with the words "while under an order of parliament to produce documents."

    • + by a minority government

      + killing dozens of pieces of legislation, including some core to the government's policy platform

      • right

      • "killing dozens of pieces of legislation, including some core to the government's policy platform"

        Yes, exactly. Traditionally, Parliament is prorogued when the government has completed all or most of the agenda it set forth in the Speech from the Throne. Prorogation then ends the session, giving the government an opportunity to return and set forth a new legislative agenda in a new session, beginning with a new Speech from the Throne. (A point I'm shamelessly stealing from constitutional law expert Peter Hogg, who I saw speak recently and who was right about many more things than this.) One wonders how, exactly, the next throne speech is to be expected to differ from the previous one, given that Parliament didn't have time to accomplish anything during its last session.

    • The 50's what the 1850's?

  10. "”I don't really understand the current reaction. Government has been prorogued 105 times,”

    Dean, finish licking the fondant off your fingers and then read what Kady O'Malley wrote about that at the CBC (floating around unlinked on the Internet, but apparently time-stamped 2010/01/25 at 10:17 AM):

    "Extremely short version: …Until 1940, prorogation was *the only way to end a session* for longer than a weekend, even to rise for statutory holidays. In 1940, the Standing Orders were amended to allow for designated breaks – Christmas, Easter, that sort of thing – but extended adjournment still required consent. In 1982, the Commons adopted a fixed calendar, which included the winter and summer adjournments. Since then, prorogation has been used far more sparingly. I've posted about this in the past, and I'm sorry for the repetition, but of all the idiotic talking points that should be consigned to a fiery pit of oblivion, that may be the one that drives me the craziest."

    • Wow. Even in the absence of this information it was an insulting talking point. Now it's clearly beyond the pale.

    • Please have a little sympathy for Dean. He was probably starving when he made that comment.

      After all he's on a diet. Down to six buckets a chicken a day from eight. This is a very trying time for him

  11. It's all been downhill since that damn wireless telegraph came along, I tell ya.

    • Yer durn tootin'.

    • Yes Dave it's all the fault of technology. Poor man.

      Dean would probably think pot roast with chocolate chips, to be the greates invention in the history of mankind.

  12. Perhaps we should thank him for being so honest. He is stating he is out of touch with his constituents and Canadians isn't he?

    • Coned Dean's always been out of touch. Not just with his constituent's but everything.

      A mean a man with a mug like that probably spent most of his life indoors and away from people.
      He never developed the proper skills needed to cope in the world. A little pity for the poor man please.

  13. Try and say Wherry's tags three times fast.

    • Shoulda been an alliteration — Dean Del Mastro is disappointed . . . doh!

  14. Ph, Dean, Dean, Dean, how grown up of you. Blame Liberals, blame public servants and blame the media.

    Wouldn't want you to take responsibility like an adult.

    • That would be too taxing on good o'l Dean.

      Why take responsibility for things when you can blame others.

      After all it's not his fault he's a big fat slob he just has big bones

      • I don't think you have to go into his weight problems here – a little rough don't you think?

  15. God hears that the North Korean government is looking for talent. Del Mastro should look them up. They have a fantastic news media there.

    • And what exactly did Norht Korea ever do to you?

      Really haven't they suffered enough.

      Next to dean though kim looks like an Einstein

  16. Shorter Del Maestro: Stop paying attention!

    • Yes that's what Dean wants.

      stop paying attention to all his failures and inadequacies.

      I mean you can fool some of the people you know what i mean

  17. Aaron,

    You give Del Mastro far too much credit. I saw nothing in the linked article about him blaming the Internet. No mention of the 222,000-strong Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament group on Facebook. No, it is "24-hour news," that dastardly newcomer, that apparently has the public all confused.

    • Dean doesn't even know what the internet is.

      He missed the tech boom. He was too busy with his face in the refrigerator.

  18. Fed up the likes of Del Mastro and the rest of the undemocratic Conservatives, then go to facebook and join Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament. The are currently over 222,200 members. The members come from all parties with the goal of effective change. Take a look.

    • John im fed up with them too!

      Dean Del Mastro is to democracy, what fried chicken is to a vegan conference.

  19. Dean gave his mother credit at a rousing pro-life rally, for making the right decision when she discovered she was pregnant with him. Us, not so much.

    • Completely agree. Dean Del Mastro is the poster child for abortion.

      • That's going a bit too far, Anon. In fact, moe then just a bit. Just plain "too far".

    • Not classy.

  20. Dean would be an excellent fit to Duffy's Senate seat when he steps aside.

    • I think Wherry's gunning for it.

      • That is silly, it would take two Wherry's and half a Coyne to match Duff's substance!

    • Oh great one big fat slob being replaced with another big fat slob.

      Probably the only chair in the place strong enough for Dean's big fat ass though.

  21. I don't know what bothers me the most. The fact that Del Mastro is an elected member of Parliament and has no idea how it is supposed to function, or the fact that he simply cut and paste his speech from the Conservative Party website.

    Look at it this way Dean my boy. Imagine you are on the job and the boss is giving you a rough time. So you decide you're not going to take her crap anymore, and lock her in the closet, leaving you to run the company the way you want. (or simply go home as you did)

    Well, WE are your boss, and eventually WE are going to get our voices back, and WE are going to get out of that closet, and do you know what the first thing is that WE are going to do?

    Yep, you guessed it.


  22. There is no question that the controversy surrounding this 5 week prorogation during the Olympic period is a media-driven story. The media would not have done this has the Liberals been in power. In fact, when the Liberals did prorogue Parliament while in power, it was business as usual.

    That being said, the Conservatives know that they have to deal with a hostile left/lib media, it goes with the territory in this country. They'll just have regain the agenda.

    There is no question that the media have shaped this prorogation as something completely extraordinary when it's not.

    By misreporting this story they are doing the LIberal and the NDP's bidding. Like prorogation, there's nothing precedential about that either.

    • "There is no question that the media have shaped this prorogation as something completely extraordinary when it's not."

      Wrong. Prorogation in general is nothing extraordinary. THIS prorogation, on the other hand, killed half of Harper's own legislative agenda, came in the face of a Parliamentary Order, and has been justified using the "But the Liberals Did It First" and "The Economy Can't Handle A Sitting Parliament" excuses. Give me a break, jarrid.

      It's not all about you. It's not a media conspiracy, it's not an "elite" conspiracy, it's not a "leftist" conspiracy. This continued uproar is about our democracy, and its institutions, and how we want them to work better than they do today. Clearly, however, you just don't get it. Like your pal Dean, you think Canadians are stupid, and aren't paying attention.

    • Congratulations, jarrid, you managed to get one statement correct out of seven.. that's a better average than you usually do.

      For those trying to figure out which one it was: "In fact, when the Liberals did prorogue Parliament while in power, it was business as usual." You are entirely correct in that statement.

      Unfortunately, when Harper's party prorogued, with committees actively working, a Parliamentary order awaiting fulfillment, and most of their signature bills still waiting to get through the house, that was anything other than business as usual.

    • Fact Jarrid – no other leader of any country in the world ever, ever closed down parliament for an Olympic event. Harper is the only one that has historically.

      Can't blame the Libs on this one – they never, ever, ever shut down parliament for the Olympics, nor did Mulroney and those before him.

    • Interestingly, many people feel that most media outside of Toronto…is Conservatively biased. That being said, to think this issue is media driven is highly erroneous. For weeks the media ignored this issue. It wasn't until the voice of outraged Canadians got louder (through online discussions and protests) that the media began reporting on this again. The media has a very short attention span….if the Canadian public wasn't still 'chattering' about this……..the media would be on to other things.

      • what Jodi says is true. In fact the typical political reporter/commentator is right of centre with the number of rabid right-wingers outnumbering the loony socialists by a sizeable margin. However, the readership of the left-leaners is higher than the right.

        So Canadians have lots of access to the "right stuff", but they tend not to take advantage of it.

      • Jodi, you're right that the media followed up on the Liberal/NDP partisan exploitation of the issue, or to use your euphemism, "the voice of outraged Canadians. But that only buttresses,

        my point.

  23. why is this dummy still pretending there is a rail link coming to his riding?

  24. You give Dean too much credit. I just think he's too ignorant to think that his prime minister has done anything wrong.

    Ol Dean has spent a lifetime with his hand in a cookie jar, stealing cookies when mommy wasn't watching.

    Probably raided the fridge every night too when mommy was asleep. He is very practiced in getting away with things.

  25. Dean Dean Dean…….it's not the tool of prorogation bud, it's how you used it……funny with all that media he is so disappointed in, you think he might have picked that very basic point up by now.

    • Poor Dean has had a life of disappointment.

      Can you imagine how hard it was in high school to get a date with that mug?

      Mommy probably had to tie a pork chop around his neck so that the dogs would play with him.

      • Not a fan of Del Mastro, but seriously, please knock off the attacks on the guy's girth and appearance.. Stick to his dim-witted-ness. It's far more corpulent.

  26. See, Del Mastro's mistake is thinking we are as stupid as he is.

  27. OK dim witted, not fat, foolish, and butt ugly.


  28. Does he think we're all stupid?

    • YES! But this affliction is not specific to the Del Maestro. This is a party that brought you other top 40 gems like:

      * if there was gonna be a recession we would have had it by now.
      * only Stephane Dion will cause a recession
      * I won't appoint senators..until i will.
      * a photo album instead of a policy platform in the last election
      * cutting the GST is a good idea
      * a coalition = a coup
      * the economic stimulus caused the deficit
      * a sitting parliament is too unstable for financial markets

      and that all time favourite, among others, we are gonna do things differently!

    • No, not us. Just the voters in his riding.

    • I guess he must.

      I mean where can a man of zero character like him get elected?

      Is Peterborough ready to give the boot to that fat joke?

    • He's just not very perceptive

  29. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

    The Harper government's inability to admit mistakes is going to haunt them

    Talking points like those spouted by Dean Del Mastro just make things worse and worse.

    Keep 'em coming

    • I like the form danby, content's a little pedestrian.

    • Don't tell Dean that he just might decide to grow a brain.

      Highly unlikely

      But hey where's there's life there's hope right?

  30. Oh c'mon, you're acting like a 12 year old here. Are the personal attacks really necessary?

  31. “Maybe Canadians just don't understand that that's been part of our parliamentary system since we formed it.”

    Cons should be ashamed that they are blaming voter ignorance rather than themselves. Voters are always correct, political parties and their tactics are always wrong.

    Canadians understand alright, the problem is that our MPs fcuk the dog all too often and make us wonder why do we have MPs in first place if this is best they can do.

    • Harper effectively shaped the "backlash" vote against the Liberals. Isn't it funny that he can't see the same thing happening to himself?

      • I was wondering about this last week when the polls were released and showed Con support was down, Other was up, and Libs/NDP were about the same. I didn't delve into poll numbers to check but it seems to me that Cons/cons are not happy with their party but have yet to decide what to do next.

    • Yes all true.

      Time to buy Dean a membership to Jenny Craig as a farewell present.

      Don't let the door hit your fat ass on the way out.

      • Geez, enough already. You don't know his personal health issues, etc. do you.

        Grow up.

        I don't care about his weight, that's his issue to deal with. I care about his politics and how it affects our country

      • Anon = strawman sockpuppet?

  32. Mr. Del Maestro fits in well with the ‘under cloak of darkness' mentality of Mr.Harper. Just imagine what they could do, if people quit paying attention all together.

    While most of the media is biased, they are our voices and it is their responsibility to shine the light in dark corners…….and ASK the tough questions.

    • With a mug like Deans's under a cloak is where he belongs.

  33. Sadly, he probably doesn't. It seems inconceivable to the Harper gang that anyone would ever question their motives. It's like they're hard-wired to willfully ignore logic, reason, or the truth.

  34. If Dean blames the outrage over prorogation on the media why does he use the media so much to promote his own agendas? Is the media only "good" if his face is plastered on the front page and reporting his news, but as soon as it presents something he disagrees with it's "bad" ?

    No Dean, the fury was not caused by the media. Furthermore, close to four hundred people took to the streets to express their disappointment with Parliment being shut down once again. Many of those protesters were conservatives who voted for Dean in the last election.

    Why is Dean still hiding from CAPP members who have been trying to contact him to discuss the issues? I remember Dean stating that prorogation would give him an opportunity to interact and discuss issues with the people in his riding. Now he's hiding from those very same people.

    Dean is being paid a lot of money to do his job. The problem is….he's not doing it and can't seem to comprehend that by ignoring the public he is digging his own grave.

  35. But most (100+) of those prorogations are because there was no recess procedure in place. They used to have to prorog in order to have a christmas break. There are are maybe 3 examples to pull out, and none of them involve killing commitees as they are about to to subpoena witnesses to show the current government has lied.

    And Del Masto is a big Fat Lying Used Car Salesman.

  36. Back to that are we? I was quoted on radio out here in Simcoe County explaining this with a very succinct analogy, and I know that a certain Bruce Stanton heard it, and replied as ignorantly.

    I said, taking your clothes off every day is also a regular usual thing that everyone does every day. We take off our clothes before bed, and before our showers. However, we don't take off our clothes in the middle of the office during the afternoon. 105 times Parliament was prorogued because it was time to prorogue. This is not the time to prorogue.

    When Stanton came back saying, "we *are* working" I thought to myself, I didn't say they weren't working. I said they were doing it naked. The Emperor is certainly wearing his new clothes, isn't he? We are the children screaming it out.

    How nice of Hans Christian Andersen to write a nice story about Stephen Harper.

  37. This portrait of Del Masto is a photocopy of many conservative MP.
    Blainey in Quebec is one of them: saying absurd things thinking we are idiot.
    He argued lateley that all bills will come back as before the prorogation.
    Of course, he was recall to order by opposition MPs so he said:
    "Maybe I'm wrong, I wll check on that."..
    So like Del Masto: either they are really ingorant or they spin, and more so if nobody is there to stop them liyng…

    • oups… he was recalled…. really ignorant…