Do the shuffle -

Do the shuffle


Four Liberals (Dhalla, Wrzesnewskyj, Silva and Wilfert) get advisory roles for various regions of the world, four new critic portfolios are created and various spots in the shadow cabinet are distributed as follows:

Navdeep Bains – Small Business and Tourism
Siobhan Coady – Treasury Board
Bonnie Crombie – Crown Corporations
Ujjal Dosanjh – National Defense
Kirsty Duncan – Public Health
Marlene Jennings – Government Ethics and Democratic Reform
Derek Lee – National Revenue
Joyce Murray – Amateur Sport and Vancouver Olympics
Robert Oliphant – Veterans Affairs
Justin Trudeau – Youth and Multiculturalism


Do the shuffle

  1. Any word on when a Quebec lieutenant will be appointed?

  2. Is Dhalla the critic on Southeast Asia?

  3. I think Rob Oliphant is an odd choice for critic of veterans affairs. Poor Derek Lee, MP since 1988 and only an opposition critic for national revenue.

    • Lee was one of the 12 Libs who voted to have the SSM issue re-opened.

  4. Um, in Canadian English, National Defence is written with a 'c' not an 's' (defense).

  5. The 4 that Aaron glossed over:

    Ruby Dhalla – Child Poverty
    Mario Silva – Latin America
    Bryon Wilfert – Asia Pacific
    Borys Wrzesnewskyj – Emerging Democracies

    • Good catch JG. I can't imagine what Aaron was trying to pull on us?

      • Wasn't suggesting that Aaron was trying to pull anything kcm. Found the details of their assignments somewhere else and was just posting them here to be helpful.

    • I wonder if those nannies Dhalla "hired" had any impoverished children.

  6. I wonder if Dhalla's new advisory role will smooth her ruffled feathers after her private member's bill wasn't supported by her fellow Liberals?

    • Dhalla's feathers aren't the ones that need the smoothing.

    • I'll be curious to see if her proposed solutions to child poverty involve extending more visas to overseas nannies.

      • I'm more curious to see how much overlap there is between the new appointees and those who are rumoured to be crossing the floor.

  7. Does Dhalla being back in Shadow Cabinet mean Libs think charges of nanny abuse were overblown or are Libs worried about burgeoning women problem they have and this is attempt to reach out.

  8. Damn, I was hoping Trudeau would get a big profile so we can watch him crash and burn. It looks like he is getting to ride around with training wheels. I'm sure we can expect a number of great speeches "young people should vote, and racism is bad!" (oh and never mind that multiculturalism goes directly against Trudeau Sr.'s utter hatred of nationalism).

    • Is it really possible to crash and burn as an opposition critic?

    • Hmmm…. young people should vote, and racism is bad.

    • "oh and never mind that multiculturalism goes directly against Trudeau Sr.'s utter hatred of nationalism"

      Fail. Possibly even Epic Fail.

  9. Trudeau launched the white paper on Indian affairs in 1968 and had plans to assimilate natives, but backed off because of the blowback. In his arguments with separatists (and in his days as an intellectual) Trudeau challenged Quebec nationalism as an ugly bit of irrationality (pitting him against much of the other supporters of the Quiet Revolution).

    Multiculturalism is publicly funded nationalism (and not Canadian nationalism either). It encourages immigrants to maintain old nationalisms. Yes, Trudeau was also responsible for multiculturalism, but I posit he realized he was eating his own words in the process. So yes, I think Trudeau the legacy-seeking politician (and Trudeau the younger) are in many ways working against Trudeau the thinker and Trudeau the victorious fighter of separatists.