Don't look away (II) -

Don’t look away (II)


Global National reports that Rick Hillier was aware of Richard Colvin’s reports on the treatment of detainees in Afghan prisons.

According to insiders, it turns out Ottawa was indeed aware of reports from a senior Canadian diplomat, which repeatedly warned that Afghan detainees turned over to local authorities risked being tortured. Global National has learned from senior sources within the federal government and the Canadian military, that diplomat Richard Colvin’s warnings reached Retired Gen. Rick Hillier, chief of defence staff at the time…

Canada’s current top soldier says he’s working to get to the bottom of what happened to Colvin’s reports. Gen. Walter Natynczyk, chief of defence staff, said Friday he did not yet know where the diplomat’s reports landed back in Ottawa, who read them, and what was done with the information.


Don’t look away (II)

  1. So who are these senior sources military and govt sources? Are the walls starting to crumble for the Harper Tories? Isn't this how it started for Mulroney- or is it still a little early for that yet? You can't operate in the way Harper has without eventually amassing enemies.
    If you want loyalty and trust you gotta recipricate.

  2. This allegation is really serious. Sickening, if true.

  3. Ah…reciprocate.

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      • Ta!

  4. Methinks Peter McKay's going to be taking another walk with his neighbour's dog, and soon.

    • Nooo! Not the potatoe patch again PLEASE not the potatoe patch again…

  5. I believe Hillier. Why would he lie?

    I also don't understand why McKay and O'Connor think Canadians prefer an ignorant defense minister who doesn't read essential reports over one that is fully aware and onside with what's going on.

  6. Could there be any criminal prosecutions coming out of this if someone knew something but didn't pass it upstairs, or if it was passed upstairs, nobody did anything about it?

  7. Is it just me or has anyone (hello, you journalists) out there asked the three amigos whether they "knew" or "had heard" about Colvin's report?

    Seems to me that they are claiming they had not "seen" the report. Kind of like the "if they had asked me whether I had a business relationship … you know the rest".

    • We've gone from Plausible Deniability to Implausible Deniability to "Are You Fu%king Kidding Me?"

      The single most serious controversy in your department for the past THREE YEARS!!! and it "never made it to your desk?" The neighbour's dog will refuse to be seen with him.

      • Over at the Ottawa Citizen today, they are saying that Hillier was aware of the Colvin reports. Given Hillier's strained relations with PMO, no one bothered to warn the three amigos of the potential problems for the government with the Colvin reports being in the hands of an unmuzzledable (is this a word?) Hillier? The dog would probably be smart not to be seen with him. LOL

        Seriously though, does anyone out there have an answer to my original question?

  8. So I’m gonna ask the obvious question here:

    If Hillier knew about the potential torture of prisoners under his watch, what exactly did he do about it?

    • Gave a speech to the Kenora Chamber of Commerce ??

      • I think Hillier is a complete media whore.