Guns for everyone


During QP yesterday, Liberal MP Judy Foote announced that Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz had recently regaled some area high school students with his views on firearms possession. Mr. Breitkreuz disputed Ms. Foote’s characterization.

The Citizen has spoken to the mother whose concerns are the basis for Ms. Foote’s question.

Breitkreuz also supposedly illustrated his arguments with “what if” stories. For instance, he presented the students with a scenario in which a group of eight people confronts a robber with a gun. He suggested it would be better if one of the eight possessed a gun and shot the robber before he had a chance to harm anyone.

The MP also told the students about a study in a community in the United States where there was a high incidence of rape. In an effort to deal with the situation, local authorities offered guns and training to local women. The program was widely publicized — at least 200 women had been trained and armed — and incidents of rape then dropped sharply.


Guns for everyone

  1. Did anyone think they’d stop after eliminating the registry?

    The rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ wild west show, coming to a town near you.

    •  Chanes are if you believe in gun control generally you supported the registry.  There were very few cogent ideological arguments that supported eliminating the registry but keeping the other aspects of the program. 

      Canadians just have to hope the damage can be kept to a minimum on this front.

      • Here’s a cogent argument for you: it cost billions of dollars and served no purpose.

        •  Look up cogent.

          • It’s clear and logical… maybe those aren’t things you find convincing… Maybe next time I’ll pander to your emotions and whatever stereotypes you hold… but that wouldn’t be a cogent argument, would it?

        • and look up argument while you are there…

    • I read that thing this morning… complete dreck. I was unsurprised that Anders writes like a barely literate teenager but I was a little surprised that the Prince Arthur Herald apparently employs no Editor. 

      In any case, it proves the old saying; “Better to sleep through important meetings and be suspected of idiocy , rather than speak and remove all doubt.”

  2. Look at the studies of John Lott. He shows that crime goes down when law abiding citizens(police background check) are allowed to carry concealed weapons. Also, another study showed that criminals are far less likely to break into a home in the U.S. when someone is there(11%) compared to Europe(over 50%). The main reason for the difference is the strong chance that they will encounter an armed American homeowner. If I was a criminal, I would be less likely to attack a lady on the street if there was a chance she could be armed.The amount of guns is going up in the U.S. Yet the American crime rate continues to fall. The U.S. murder rate is expected to hit its lowest rate since 1957. Other areas of crime have fallen to their lowest levels since the 1960’s. Personally, I hope the Conservatives push this agenda. I support a stand your ground self defense law for Canadians defending their homes and businesses. I feel that if you pass a background check and a training class then you have every right  to carry a concealed weapon. Finally, I believe that the Conservatives should  pass tougher anti-crime legislation like reinstating the death penalty and a 3 strike law for violent offenders.
    In recent years, such countries as Italy , Ireland, and Hungary have passed stand your ground self defense laws. Also, I think some Australian states have too.

    •  Hey look everyone! Some guy is touting the American gun experience as a reason we should have LESS gun control!

      •  Yeah, they’re full of stories about how everyone in the 21st century
        should go around as though it’s the 1800s in the American Wild
        West….even though in reality it was nothing like their movies claimed
        it was.

      • Good to see a well thought out response for a change, rather than a cliche wisecrack. 

        Gun control advocates state that the U.S. firearm homicide rate is higher than that of Canada. This is true, but so is their overall homicide rate, so it stands to reason that a larger percentage will be carried out with a firearm.

        In addition, when comparing Canada to Chile, a nation with similar gun laws to most U.S. states, you will find that Canada’s firearms homicide rate is triple that of Chile.

        While I am in favour of some element of gun control, I do believe that some of the legislation that has come out in Canada in the past is misguided, (long gun registry) if indeed we are trying to keep guns out of the hands of those that use them for criminal intentions. Finding a balance seems to be a bit difficult.

        •  Your post is mildly interesting but I’m very suspicious every time someone pulls a random country from their behind and says look we need less gun control laws!

    • “Stand your Ground” ??  Like the guy who gunned down Trayvon Martin?


      • “Gunned down” shows you have no idea what you’re talking about. Thanks for coming out.

        • How else would you descrbe it?

          • Um, shot in self defence? Do you even read about any of the things that you comment on? Or do you really think that he was lying in wait, hoping some black kid would come along so he could shoot him? Do you really think that all Hispanics are racist? What does that say about your own racism? Get a clue.

          • You should get up to date on the case, you’re obviously back on day 2. 

          • @JanBC:disqus 

            So you’re seriously saying that you think this was a premeditated murder? What information has come out indicating that?

            You’re on another planet… a planet where facts are fiction, up is down, and black is white. You’re nothing but a race-baiting concern troll. Thanks for coming out.

        • Right, it was the feather duster that did him in.  That, and the fact he was wearing a hoodie.

    • So by your logic, then, our crime rate should be … rising?

      If our crime rate and the US crime rate are both falling, despite our vast differences in gun control, then perhaps the decline is due to something different; something we both have in common; like, I dont know – maybe an aging population?

      Or is it that our unreported crime rate is skyrocketing, whereas in the US they tell all (giving a deceptive similarity of crime rate trends)?

    • You don’t actually believe that crap – you just want to ‘pack heat’ – right?

      • Excellent rebuttal. Deny the facts and statistics, and accuse the poster of being a violent deranged lunatic. Brilliant. It’s no wonder you Liberals are unelectable.

  3. Oh God, not you too Aaron. I guess I should have known you wouldn’t be able to avoid this turd of a story…

    You know who the Citizen hasn’t spoken to? Anyone at the school who can confirm this story is true. No complaints from the principal, teacher, other students…nobody. The woman is an extreme left wing activist, claiming to be non partisan,
    and claims to be paraphrasing her teenage daughter. She wasn’t in the
    room for the speech. She won’t let anyone talk to her daughter, or give the name of anyone else who can corroborate her story.

    Attempts to find out exactly what Breitkreuz said were to no avail.
    The MP did not return repeated phone calls, nor was the Citizen able to
    reach Canterbury’s principal or vice-principal.Sakisheway,
    however, reiterated the version of events that she had set out in her
    letter to Toews, paraphrasing what her daughter recalled of Breitkreuz’s
    speech. She asked that her daughter’s name not be made public out of
    concern that she’d be subjected to unwanted attention. She also declined
    to provide the names of classmates or a teacher who could corroborate
    her daughter’s version of the event.

    I mean really…paraphrasing what her daughter recalled of the speech? WTF? Does this not raise a red flag for anybody that still considers themselves a journalist?

    When even Kady O’Malley is not comfortable with the amount of fact checking that has been done for this story…what does that tell you?

    • It does take careful reading and skipping back and forth between the Citizen story and the excerpt from QP, but it seems quite clear from even the paraphrased account Breitkreutz didn’t say what Foote said he did.  Undoubtedly some will disagree, but there is a difference between “thinking all Canadians should carry firearms” and “everyone should have a right to own a gun” and it is not a subtle one.

      As for the “what ifs”, I’m not sure how citing a study into the effect of increased gun ownership on sexual assault rates is a “what if”.  And does the fact the study appears not to have tempered the mother’s outrage at the promotion of “gun violence” mean she considers sexual assault a lesser evil?

    • John g, you’re certainly correct that a mere cursory search on the internet shows that the girl’s mother,  Dianna Sakisheway, is clearly a hard-core NDP partisan activist.  That ought to have raised suspicions in any responsible journalist, e.g., Kady O’Malley, to her credit.

      But Aaron Wherry?  Hell no.

      • Actually, Wherry isn’t even the worst journalistic perpetrator in this case, he’s just piling on like he usually does. That honor goes to Jeff Davis at Postmedia for this almost completely unsubstantiated hit piece.

    • “Oh God, not you too Aaron … Does this not raise a red flag for anybody that still considers themselves a journalist?”

      Conservatives In The Mist ~ National Review:

      …. whenever I read liberals reporting about the goings-on of conservatives I always get the nature-documentary vibe. A liberal reporter puts on his or her Dian Fossey hat in order to attempt to write another installment of Conservatives in the Mist. I’ve followed this particular brand of reporting for years, it’s almost a fetish of mine. 

      Most attempts fail. Of these lesser varieties, there’s fear (“Troglodytes!”), mockery (“Irrelevant troglodytes!”), condescension (“I had to explain to them they’re troglodytes.”), bewilderment (“Why don’t they understand they’re troglodytes?”), astonishment (Dear God, they’re not all troglodytes!”), and a few combinations of all the above.

  4. Armed school girls – now that’s a proper policy discussion! 

    I think catholic school girls carrying guns would be wicked awesome, so I am definitely in favour of more protection for our young females.

  5. Where the hell does Wherry get the headline “Guns for Everyone”. Nobody even hinted at that suggestion, much less that more people should have guns. I guess if Wherry’s just the guy to provide filler content and attract the Lib-trolls, this will suffice. It doesn’t make it worth the price paid though.

    • If teenage girls should carry guns, who shouldn’t?  And the headline attracted you, dear…

      • No, the headline didn’t attract me. I read everything that pops up in the Macleans RSS feed.

        Not even the lying psychopathic mother who made this story up is suggesting that Breitkreuz wanted teenage girls to have guns.

        The lies you Liberals perpetrate are why nobody takes you seriously anymore.

        • The pretend bank manager accusing someone of lying – that is rich, ‘Rich’.

          • I’m not a pretend bank manager. I don’t work at a fake bank, and I don’t work at a real bank. I have been to banks though. Why do you continue to lie?

          • You’re denying that now?

  6. Stand Your Ground Self Defense Law does not really apply in the Martin case. The law allows you to defend yourself. It doesn’t say anything about you following a suspicious person around a neighborhood. Also, it doesn’t allow you to ignore a 911 operator’s instructions. Stand Your Ground Laws do work! Just ask the 21 year old widowed mother(her husband had recently died of cancer) of an infant son in Oklahoma. The woman was home alone and two men attempted to break into her trailer despite repeated warnings. The woman called 911 and yelled at the men to leave. They proceeded to enter. She fired and killed the one man. The other man took off. She was backed by the 911 operator who told her  “That police were on the way but they that she should do what was necessary to protect herself and her child.”I realize that this may be a troublesome outcome with some of the NDP fans out there whose hearts always bleed for the criminals. Worse, some of the NDPers might be upset that being a white woman from Oklahoma(an “evil Republican”) she survived the encounter. My God, the Republican lives how awful!
    These laws have now been on the books for several years and have proven their effectiveness. This is why they  also have proven very popular in the U.S. where the population supports them by a 68%-23% margin(according to Angus Reid). Whites and hispanics strongly support the law. Even blacks support the law by 52%-38%. Under 35’s support it 69%-19%. Over 55year olds, have the most opposition but still support it 66%-27%.Just because its an American policy doesn’t make it a bad idea!
    The NDP violent crime policy is outdated. Their answer to every crime policy is a social program. The NDP doesn’t really believe in your right to self-defense. They follow Sarkozy of France’s  belief that the public has no right to self defense because they have the police to protect them. Cute but not everyone lives in downtown Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver.The NDP golden rule in the event of a break in is don’t resist. Instead, they hope that you hide under the bed and hope for the best(P.S. Don’t pray for help. Its way too Christian and anti-PC).

  7. Good, I hope that they do go further in giving back our right to own guns for hunting, self defense, and target shooting. I also hope that they bring back the death penalty too. Finally, we have in Canada a Conservative government that actually acts conservative. From 1963-2006, Canada had largely left-wing governments that strongly pushed their ideology. Meanwhile, we had a 9 month Joe Clark PC government that was really left-of center and Mulroney’s 9 years where he ran as mr. centrist. As Margaret Thatcher said, “Brian Mulroney is a Progressive Conservative who emphasizes more the progressive than the conservative.” Now, after 40 years, we finally have a majority Conservative government that actually governs to the right. They have a simple plan to decrease the government’s role in the economy. They also believe in taking a tough line with criminals.Finally, they are beginning to unshackle the right of law abiding citizens to protect themselves. Personally, I hope that they go further like a.) reexamining whether the human rights commissions are undermining free speech, b.) Removing public funding of abortion except in extreme circumstances, or c.)Introducing more market forces into the healthcare sector. However, for once, I see a Conservative government that is actually representing the views of  center-right Canadians. I know this upsets my fellow citizens who vote Liberal and NDP. My response is tough. For the first 40 years of my life, I saw your kind take Canada down the toilet and had to accept it. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. I figure 40 years of Conservative rule is what is needed to fix your mess(as long as they stick to their Reform Party principles).Whine and complain about Harper all you want(if he was a Liberal you guys would be excusing his behavior). It just proves that he is effective. 

    • “as long as they stick to their Reform Party principles”

      Sorry to break it to you dude but that horse left the barn a looooong time ago.

    •  May your ugly, misinformed dreams never come to pass.

  8. Note that in typical Conservative fashion, Breitkreuz said that Judy Foote’s comments were unsubstatiated…. saying you have no proof is not denying quilt… in fact, most reasonable people would be drawn to conclude it is an admission of quilt and a taunt to do something about it…

    Reasonable journalists might be inclined to dig a little deeper and find more than one source confirming Judy Foote’s. AND, it is not as if Breitkreuz has not stated his arm for self defence crap in the past. The only question would be, is Breitkreuz so desparate for an audience  that he still needs to boombast in high school?

  9. We don’t need more guns. What we need is love! Extend love to one another. Tomorrow just walk outside and hug a stranger. Tell them that they are a piece of you. The problems of Canada come down to a lack of community. Only by opening our hearts to everyone can we take the first step. We know what are problems are. Only by recognizing our symbiotic relationships can we peacefully resolve them.

  10. Mr Wherry;
    Why don’t you tell ALL the facts about this story? The so-called ‘Mother’ who complained is a well documented left wing socialist activist. Her name appears on the Gaza Flotilla Endorsement list and her ‘twitterings’ are full of socialist slogans and logic. It also appears that other mothers have a different take on what Mr Breikeutz said. Your article fails the sniff test of being a neutral report because of this.

  11. This is all one person’s word against another. It means nothing. Lefties hate Harper because he is a conservative. His behavior is irrelevant. Trudeau and Chretrien played a lot of games too and the lefties didn’t complain. If Trudeau acted like Harper then thats okay because Trudeau was a “progressive” who cared. If Harper behaves in the same way it is wrong because he is conservative. Oh my! Harper is pro-business and actually says things like God Bless Canada in his speeches. Horrid Christian! How dare he mention God in a speech? He sides with Israel the only real democracy in the middle east. How anti-third world of him? He believes in capitalism(which has lifted more people out of poverty than socialism ever did) and free trade. How crude? He is not reflexively anti-American. Funny, I thought that America was okay to like since our lord and savior Obama is running it? Please no matter what the left is going to trash him. Harper is the worst kind of conservative to them, a successful one. He has done far more to strengthen the movement and move the country to the right than Brian Mulroney ever did. The vitriol of the left proves his effectiveness. Make no bones about it. If Harper was diagnosed with an illiness, most of the Canadian left would hope it was terminal. They’d be cheering and talked about peeing on his grave.Its not about right or wrong with the left. Its all about their “progressive” ideology. They want Canada to be a North American Sweden. The only problem for them is that the socialist Sweden of old no longer exists. Over the last 20 years, the country has been gradually moving towards capitalism and downsizing the size of government. In early 1980’s, 83% of Swedish GDP was government spending. Government spending is now down to 55% and falling.This shift has included such things as introducing market forces into the health care system and vouchers into the education system. The left is fixated  on this idea that Canada is a “progressive” western european style country. The reality is that Canada is a middle of the road capitalist nation. We are not european social democrats.. Nor are we christian conservatives like in the U.S. We want less government in our lives. We want a government that sticks to the basics like defense and justice while not undermining the right to protect ourselves or our family members.

  12. I’d like to weigh in, I recently talked with people from various criminal backgrounds on both sides of the border. They were surprised to find that most of the customs officers are still not armed and admitted that they would have and knew people that would have done more things. Thinking they were armed stopped and does still stops a lot of stuff from happening. Even though you will never get the experts to say that. I feel the need to arm myself not from just criminals anymore but from my own law enforcement because I complained about them and are now feeling the repercussions. I did a privacy act for my CPIC records because of this and found files there that I had no idea about. Files that should not be there, have no business there and I should have been contacted about, Did you know anyone can phone into the police here and tell them anything they want about you, it goes into CPIC even if it is unfounded you are not contacted nor is it removed. This is not right .But the police will maintain it is up to you to do your own privacy act check. But for what try to get these files removed. We as Canadians need this to change, we need to challenge this, I’m not a criminal nor have I ever been charged with an offense, I worked in law enforcement and I too was a part of creating files on unsuspecting Canadians that went into a data bank that they had no idea about. I didn’t feel good about it. I’m retired now. And we need to change. The RCMP are to arrogant, they have no respect I’ve seen it I worked with it and now I’m feeling the repercussions of it because I complained about a couple of their officers. Well at least I wasn’t shot not yet anyhow. I requested that they never come to my house again but I was told that won’t happen because if something is happening here they need to respond. I would rather take my chances of defending myself with me and my dogs and my security system / camera’s than them.