He is… the least uninteresting man in government


Jim Prentice canoes the Nahanni, drinking scotch and reading R.M. Patterson’s tale of murder, gold and frontier adventure.

This July, I canoed Canada’s “Dangerous River”—the majestic Nahanni of the Northwest Territories. I brought with me my dog-eared copy of R.M. Patterson’s Canadian classic of the same name. The Nahanni is described by many as the world’s best canoe trip. It was inspiring each night to pour over Patterson’s writings, comparing his observations to our own as we explored the geography and mythology of the great river that he chronicled more than 80 years ago … Dangerous River has now been restored to its shelf in my house—the most dog-eared, rumpled, scotch- and water-stained book in my library. It is also now the most loved.”


He is… the least uninteresting man in government

  1. I dunno. I'm envious of a trip like that, and it's a damn sight more interesting a vacation than most of us have.

  2. I watched this on CPAC and it was brilliant – in point of fact i am sending out some feelers right now as I simply have to be one of those that ' hang a carved paddle ' at the pit stop cabin! Absolutley frigging magic place – way to go Hharper on the massive expansion to the park – first I heard of it hate to say.

    • yeah this is a great trip. we tried to pull it off this summer, but moving cross country and some other stuff fouled it up and i am already lamenting that i know it can't happen next year. I, for one, am jealous.

  3. Prentice is trying to up his manly points while secretly organizing his leadership campaign.

  4. Or maybe, just maybe, he goes on canoe trips because he likes canoeing.

    • Rigamarole.

    • Unfortunately, the Liberals own copyright for any images of, or references to, canoeing leaders.

      • And he takes Don Martin with him because , you know, he really,really
        likes Don Martin.

  5. I've already decide that he will be getting my vote in any upcoming leadership race.

    Good ole red tory who like a spot of scotch, and canoe trip. Much more soothing to my PC roots then Harper.

    I also heard he knows how to speak russian, in french.

  6. I love travelogues, and scotch, and, of course, my friend Baxter here…

  7. Good to see the Environment Minister is actually going out into a naturally pristine area of our country that needs government protection. Every politician who denigrates environmentalism should do likewise.

  8. He's canoeing while drinking and reading – scotch, heavy reading – what an elitiste.

  9. I watched the show on CPAC and would love to see that part of the country. It looked like Jim P actually canoed the difficult parts of the river and enjoyed himself.