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High-speed rail over hockey


Is this the birth of a brave new Michael Ignatieff?

Leader Michael Ignatieff says he hopes for the return of the Quebec Nordiques, but his funding priority would be the often-discussed and never-built high speed rail link from Quebec City to Windsor.

The popular idea of bringing the Nords back to the provincial capital arose when the city’s incumbent mayor began campaigning on a promise to build a modern arena that could attract an NHL team.


High-speed rail over hockey

  1. "Is this the birth of a braver Michael Ignatieff?"

    Maybe, we'll find out tomorrow after reaction to Iggy favouring trains over hockey teams. But he's not visiting, honest!

    • I hate hockey, especially the NHL. Bunch of fatsos laying around on the sofa, watching a game they haven't bothered to play in years.

      Good for the kids though.

  2. Obviously a high-speed train could get the new Nordiques to games against the Habs, Sens and Leafs very quickly (and vice-versa).

    Also, the food concesion cold be turned over to TIm's.

    That would make a win-win-win and beat PM Steve at his own zeitgeist making.

    • Obviously a high-speed train could get the new Nordiques to games against the Habs, Sens and Leafs very quickly (and vice-versa).

      What are the Red Wings, chopped liver?

  3. What does one have to do with the other?

  4. I smell a desperate attempt at getting a by line in the media for? …. anything …. please anything at all Warren says.

  5. Fun fact: The Nordiques were an NHL team between 1979-1995. Ignatieff probably missed out on the original Nordiques, because he lived overseas during the entire span of the team's existence.

  6. That kind of commentary didn't work to help Hugh McFayden get elected. In fact, he was mocked for it.

  7. I support Ignatieff on this. It has many benefits. However, sadly, either one of two things will happen:

    a) Iggy will change his mind in less than 24 hours, as has happened so many times before, or

    b) he'll add the condition that "only when Canada has enough money," as he did with his national daycare proposal. This is reasonable enough, except that it translates into: When pigs fly.

  8. I swear he reads from the old Liberal Red Book circa 1993 before going to bed at night and then the next day rattles off one or two things he's read in there.

    Every "new" idea he throws out is recycled from the past Liberal platforms.

    They may seem new to you Mr. Ignatieff, but we've seen this all before.

  9. Ignatieff now overtly gunning for the Paul Wells vote.

    • Hey, if it works…

    • paul can only vote once.

  10. Wow. Look at two disastrous ideas that disrespect the taxpayers of this country, and… opt for the more expensive one.

    Psst, Michael. "None of the above" is also an option.

    • you got it, thumbs up for this post. STOP SPENDING!

  11. hockey and politics, sounds like a bad brew…