‘Hung out to dry’


Monte Solberg sort of comes to Diane Ablonczy’s defence.

My ideal is to let everyone raise their own money to hold their parades and the police can be there to make sure that most of the people, keep on most of their clothes most of the time. That’s never been a problem at the Rodeo Day parade in my town but then again it’s usually cold in Alberta at the beginning of June.

Whatever. The bottomline is that after all the years Diane has contributed to building the conservative movement in Canada she deserves better then to be ratted out by a colleague on an issue that is a complete loser for the party. 


‘Hung out to dry’

  1. That second paragraph brings to mind what Radwanski wrote earlier about Trost. How come there is no backlash against him for ratting her out to the media? This whole thing gets stranger and stranger…..

  2. He mounts a slight defense of her, but really his comments say more about his opinion of Trost — and he does call the issue a "complete loser for the party," which may imply it would have been preferable for Ablonczy to have left it alone too.

    I wonder if Trost will wear the outing of the news that his home town Saskatoon also received federal funding for their gay parade.

    Doubt it; there's no conservative like a SK conservative. They're die hards out here.

  3. Hey, it's Stampede. Weirder things have happened.

  4. Because Trost is a nobody, who just solidified his place in the furthest backbenches for all times. Diane helped build the party. Trost rode in on her coattails, and now because he couldn't communicate his way out of a wet paper bag, he's taken the coward's way out and is trying to hide behind her skirt.

  5. I would say that it was a full on defense a shouldn't be construed as 'sort of.' He accuses Trost of ratting her out and doing a disservice to the Party.

  6. Trost is a nobody, a diehard Conservative with half a brain and probably no university education to speak of.

    • "Prior to his election, Brad worked as an exploration Geophysicist, having graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with Bachelor degrees in Geophysics and Economics."

    • Whoa! Hold up there. You only have the right to speak on behalf of constituents if you went to University? Or is it that you only have the right to speak at all if you went to University?

      Not all of us did, you know, and yet some of us lesser mortals can string words into sentences.

  7. Solberg, ironically like Stephen Harper at one time, had his opinions on the SoCon side, but was much more committed to the Reform economic and direct democracy principles than to get tied down in issues on the social end of the spectrum, so these comments are unsurprising. However, notwithstanding the last few days, it has always surprised me that Diane Ablonczy hasn't had a more prominent role in government (fwiw, I don't think the last few preclude her at all).