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Iggy in a chair


The Globe interviews Michael Ignatieff, with all sorts of random, jumpy cuts so you won’t get bored.


Iggy in a chair

  1. the big question: is he hot or not?

    • I suppose that if you have to ask, you don’t know what “hot” is.

  2. Those jumpy bits almost added some excitement. Almost.

  3. Poor Iggy right now .. now I know everyone will say but it’s Stevie boy that’s taking the heat – yes indeed Stevie has to wear the bad news no now no doubt about it … however … The Igster fresh off his coronation and with a honeymoon bump at the polls that levelled off prematurely is now facing his real adversary and that isn’t the CPC (ROFL) – it’s his own party – I can imagine right now (because I have been there many times when I was a liberal) that he is getting an increased amount of push from his base – go now, go now, go now like a little voice in the wind slowly getting louder and louder – the question will he ” Foresee ” a confidence motion or won’t he? This will get interesting as in a few weeks the NDP get an oppostion day then the BLOC have theirs – and then it’s time for the money shot Iggy I wonder .. if only he had enough seats and if the NDP and or BLOC say no way jose well at least this time he and his get to actually vote against the gov;’t which is something that hasn’t been done in how many confidence motions is it now (70 approx) that the LPC has been the best friend of the CPC! LMAO

    • I’ve noticed that Conservatives like Wayne are pinning all their hopes on Liberal dissension. They seem to be rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of splits within the party. The expression “fighting the last war” comes to mind, but please carry on. It’s not as if Harper and co. had a positive vision of their own to offer Canadians. Their only hope is discrediting politics so much that enough people will stay home in disgust that the Conbot base and their financial advantage will be sufficient to secure another minority

      • Yes, I think that’s probably what their game plan is right now. However, have they checked on that base? It seems to me it isn’t as solid as it was, say, last September. I’m not a part of that base so I guess I don’t really know, but I do know a number of staunch Conservatives were shocked and appalled at the bailouts, only to turn disgusted by the attack ads. I’m not sure the people staying home won’t be a large part of that base.

    • Craig Oliver was reporting that the hawkish element of the Liberal caucus is getting stronger. According to Oliver, the Libs feel like they have more muscle now, and want to use it by bringing in a non-confidence vote. So, as Wayne says, Iggy probably IS feeling a lot of heat right now.

      But here is Iggy’s big problem–if he DOES bring in a non-confidence vote, then he plays right into the attack ads, which claim that Iggy is only in it for himself, and doesn’t care about Canada. That will be a powerful narrative for the Tories to use during an election campaign. Iggy will be pressed to explain WHY he wants an election now. How is it good for the country to delay the stimulus payments for at least three months ? If the Tories, with help from the media, manage to make the election about Iggy, then the Libs are in trouble.

  4. Now the way I see it, Steven Harper will still be writing Christmas cards as Prime Minister in December.

    We Conservatives are not, repeat NOT disgusted by the attack adds. The Lieberals lobbed the first cannonball in this skirmish. Iggy just ain’t one of us Canadians anymore. A little bit ago he forced Mr. Harper to spend, spend and more spend to play the probation game now he squawks and yelps like a fox kicked out of the chicken house.

    The Liberals blame Conservatives for a deficit yet don’t those dimwits realize ‘”THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN A DEFICIT RIGHT NOW.” Dang, how can they still think we are the only ones with financial and job problems?

    Adios for now

    • “Iggy just ain’t one of us Canadians anymore”

      And just how are you qualified to judge who’s a Canadian and who’s not, genius?

      I don’t blame the Conservatives for running a deficit, but I do hold the Finance Minister responsible for coming up with numbers out of thin air every couple of months or so. If Flaherty has no idea how much the deficit will be (which he clearly does not) than he should just admit it. What I resent is treating Canadians as if they’re not intelligent. I also hold him, and the real culprit Harper, responsible for the exceedingly stupid move to cut the GST in order to score some cheap votes: http://www2.macleans.ca/2009/03/27/ian-brodie-offers-a-candid-case-study-in-politics-and-policy/

    • Well, that says it all doesn’t it? Low standards among the Cons. Very low standards.

      The whole world may be in deficits – but Harper had absolutly no intention or plan last fall the deal with and you know it.

  5. Can the media please stop calling him Iggy? You don’t call “Harper”, “Harp” so it’s not justified.