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Ignatieff on Ignatieff


An account of the Liberal leader’s remarks to caucus, added as a footnote to a story detailing Ruby Dhalla’s assurances to her Liberal colleagues that unsubstantiated speculation of her exit from the party is both unsubstantiated and speculative.

“I’ve made some mistakes. I will make some more,” he told his caucus according to an insider. “But I’ve stood strong on the beliefs.”

“We stand for those people for whom the promise of Canada has not been met. We are here for you. We are here for Canadians,” he said. “We’re in the business of helping people who are not in this room.”


Ignatieff on Ignatieff

  1. leaks out of caucus again or is this an official leak…and if official, do they really think that this quote helps?

    You have to wonder.

  2. I'm confused, who is he for again?

  3. “We're in the business of helping people who are not in this room.”

    Such as Stephen Harper….

  4. Gosh, he's a swell guy.

  5. Did he ust say the Liberal party is for people who think Canada sucks?

    • No. you did!

  6. As a Liberal, I really have a hard time liking Ignatieff. He talks without really saying anything. Say what you like about Dion, but he, at least, told us what he was going to do if elected, and in doing so, differentiated himself from Harper and Layton. Does anyone actually know what Iggy stands for?

  7. And now the end is near
    So I face the final curtain
    My friend, I'll say it clear
    I'll state my case of which I'm certain

    I've lived a life that's full
    I've traveled each and every highway
    And more, much more than this
    I did it my way

    Regrets, I've had a few
    But then again, too few to mention
    I did what I had to do
    And saw it through without exception

    I planned each charted course
    Each careful step along the byway
    Oh, and more, much more than this
    I did it my way

    Yes, there were times, I'm sure you know
    When I bit off more than I could chew
    But through it all when there was doubt
    I ate it up and spit it out
    I faced it all and I stood tall
    And did it my way

    • Sir, you are clearly enjoying yourself too much!

  8. Time for Chumbawamba.

    "I get knocked down, but I get up again. And you're never gonna' keep me down,
    I Get knocked down, but I get up again. And you're never gonna' keep me down,
    I get knocked down…

  9. “But I've stood strong on the beliefs.”

    Hahahahahahahaha. I wonder if caucus were thinking wtf when he said those words. He has stood as strong as jello, I think.

    "Le chef du Parti libéral, Michael Ignatieff, a offert aujourd'hui à l'ancien ministre de la Justice, Martin Cauchon, de porter la bannière libérale dans la circonscription de Jeanne-Le Ber aux prochaines élections fédérales." La Presse, Sept 24 '09

    "Coderre, at a news conference Monday in his Montreal riding, resigned his position as "Quebec lieutenant" after Ignatieff overruled Coderre on a nomination battle." CanWest Sept 28 '09

    "For now, Ignatieff said, he would not replace Coderre, and would do without a Quebec lieutenant." CBC News Sept 28 '09

    "Canada's first man in space, Marc Garneau, is now Michael Ignatieff's second Quebec lieutenant." Globe/Mail Oct 07 '09

  10. Hmm Let's decide policy by whim..

    Depends on which way the "whim" blows" I guess.

    Our leaders seem to have become our policies.

    SH… Stephen Harper… has a masterful control over our disfunctinoal system of democracy.

    He seems very much like a fellow who is about to face the courts. His lawyer advises him to say as little as possible.

    Good advice.

    We Canadians need more than the vision of a Babbit.

    The problem lies in looking towards the "ultimate leader".

    How about accepting that the congregational approach to leadership is a superior one?

    Let's return to the idea that the PM is elected, not by the convention, but by the caucus.

    The caucus represents the voters far more than the individual ridings which they hold.

    This would strip the dictatorship position which PM's hold over our elected members.

    Cheers.. Eric Dempster