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Ignatieff on Ignatieff


The Liberal leader sorts food, assesses himself.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff acknowledged Friday a tough political week in Ottawa is giving him pause.

“I’ve got work to do, sure. I’ve made the case against the government. I haven’t made the case for change. That’s my job,” Ignatieff told a couple reporters after he and his Liberal riding association sorted food at the Daily Bread Food Bank on the eve of Thanksgiving weekend.

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Ignatieff on Ignatieff

  1. Interesting thing about these polls … Nanos and Decima didn't come out with their results this week. I find that interesting.

    • Doesn't Nanos have a program regularly now on Sunday mornings bringout his polls. Not sure, but that's what I heard.

  2. He thinks he's made the case against the government? Boy, this guy is in trouble.

  3. wait for it. . .Ignatieff critics will find something to complain about in this statement too.
    I can't help wondering what they're so afraid of that they have to jump all over every word he utters.

  4. At this stage, the real question is whether Ignatieff is hanging around the Daily Bread food bank for donations or pickups.