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Irony of the day


John Baird doesn’t seem to particularly enjoy being yelled at in public.

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Irony of the day

  1. John Baird is full of suprises

    • He's full of something . . .

  2. What a gong show. When the one journalist wasn't asking Baird about whether he was willing to work with "separatists and socialists" some other journalist was busy telling John Baird about what the government should have done in terms of economic policy. May as well have been QP.

    • Much like QP indeed: reasonable on point questions that Baird refused to answer.

      If asking the people to vote in a democracy is a bad thing, why did the Conservatives broke their promise and forced an election on us last year?

      If asking Canadians for a mandate as a country shows signs of recovering from a recession threatens instability, did the Conservatives actually cause instability when they forced an election on us last year?

      Pompous a**.

      • Actually, when journalists start throwing around rhetoric like "separatists and socialists" it isn't reasonable. But you probably know that. It's also not reasonable for journalists to start lecturing the government about what they should have done. But again, you probably know that. The tragedy of the whole thing is that you are right that there are legitimate questions to be asked and Baird would have looked like he was ducking them but all most people probably heard was a bunch of shouting and gotcha questions and tuned out.

  3. Kudos to the gallery for pushing back on the talking points. Politicians and their handlers are becoming more professional at getting their sound bites in and barrages of professionally prepared ads talk over real discussion and debate. We are much better served by a press that risks being consider partisan, than by one that just accepts a BS answer.
    … the little line at the very end was great

  4. Geez, you'd think the designated Conservative Attack Dog would be able to handle something as benign as a little scrum wouldn't you? My personal favourite moment was when he responded in French about how the last minority government survived for more than 2 years and then in the very next sentence returned to his talking point about 4 elections in 5 years (of course neglecting to mention that it was his party that triggered every single one of those earlier elections)

    (by the way, did anybody get a count of how many times he said "Michael Ignatieff"? 16 by my count)

    • (of course neglecting to mention that it was his party that triggered every single one of those earlier elections)

      Nope. Paul Martin triggered the 2004 election. The Bloc , the NDP and the Conservatives worked together to trigger the 2006 election.

      • Fair enough, I forgot the details of the 2004 election in my haste, but the 2006 and 2008 elections totally triggered by Harper – any attempt to say otherwise is nothing but spin.

        • I made the same mistake you did, then sbt reminded me that it was Martin who called the 2004 election.

          • He called the election based on a promise made to stave off an earlier no-confidence vote (the Stronach/Cadman vote)
            So while Martin technically called the election, the opposition definitely triggered it.

          • You're thinking of the 2006 election. Martin called the 2004 election largely on the basis that he didn't feel the people gave him a mandate to govern since he inherited Chretien's majority.

        • Did all 3 opposition lead decline to support the CPC legislative Agenda in front of Cameras exiting the PM residence in the Fall 2008?


          Upon the advice of the PM, the GG reviewed the Public statements of the opposition and agreed to the dissolution.

          Are you upset to the fact they did not have a vote no-confidence in the HOC?

  5. Thin gruel from the Minister of Do Nothing, quel surpise.

  6. That's what happens when your rhetoric doesn't match your record.

  7. Politician resents questions that force him to eat his words, news at 11.

  8. Excellent work by Mr. Akin.

  9. Great stuff. Good to see some harder questioning of the Conservative talking points.

  10. Seriously, y'all should start yelling at them more, journos. We might even start paying for that.

  11. So both the prime minister and baird spent the entire summer without hearing from one canadian that they want an election.

    And I'll bet every MP in the conservative caucus would publicly say the same thing.

    Talking points are disconcerting when so obviously deployed. In SK this week, BOTH candidates in provincial byelections said the exact same quotation. Imagine that! I wish the journos would call them on it, each and every time.

  12. Mark this date on the calendar. We have not seen its' like in a while.

    Oh, and Baird's whip-and-chair media trainers are probably proud of themselves too.

  13. Baird looked pretty shaken by how the members of the gallery challenged his talking points. Is it fair to say that reporters often just swallow what they're told?

  14. Not a great performance by Baird. You'd think he'd be slicker by now.

  15. I enjoyed that. Thank you Mr. Atkins.

  16. When a Canwest journo challenges a Conservative, you know the jig's up.

  17. It took nearly five years, but he Press Gallery appears today to have finally decided to stop helping the Conservatives. Mind you, CBC's first interview this afternoon was to give 15 minutes free time to the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation. Maybe one day, Liberal-friendly third party groups will be allowed as much time as their opponents receive. One can only hope.

  18. Okay. I'm not a big Ignatieff fan; I don't think that pledging to bring down the government in the fall is the smartest move UNLESS the Liberals have something planned that at least resembles a platform. I'm always open to hearing opposition to Ignatieff calling an election, but every-time Baird opens his big hypocritical mouth and answers "Ignatieff is looking out for himself" question after question and not answering the question asked I just want to reach into my computer screen and punch him in the face.

  19. Good on David Akin!
    (Isn't he the journalist who was 'reassigned' by CTV about a year ago when he broke the story about Ian Brodie's 'indiscretion' about Naftagate during a budget press lockup that helped Clinton win over Obama in the Ohio primary?)