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Jumped v. pushed


Gordon Landon says he was politely asked to go away.

The York regional councillor says he complied with a request from the Conservative party to step aside, adding he is not used to people telling him what to say and think … As a regional councillor from Markham, Landon, 61, is used to being independent and speaking his mind, “so it’s hard for me to bow to a lot of structure and having everything approved by Ottawa,” he said.

… Meanwhile, Landon said he stands by what he said about the lack of funding for the medical devices centre but wishes he had said it differently. “I didn’t follow Conservative policy in terms of getting permission to go on that TV show and I made a comment on that show that was an embarrassment to some members of the Conservative party.”

Elsewhere, the Parliamentary Budget Officer says he’s being politely rebuffed in his attempts to scrutinize government stimulus spending.


Jumped v. pushed

  1. Poor Kevin, he only wants to do his job.

  2. These are strange days. I'd like to see just one consevative step up and say: I salute you for being independant and standing on you hind legs and speaking your mind, even if i don't agree with what you've got to say. Strange days when a conservative has to toe the party line or shut up, go away, you can't play on our team anymore. What's that i hear you say?…liberals have no principles either…indeed!

    • Garth Turner would probably be the first to sympathize although Landon made one comment while Garth railed against his leader nearly from day one.

      • I can understand them being angry with Landon. But the degree of vindictiveness is unreal. Interesting how Denis is not touched by team Iib when he's just thrown a handgrenade into their bunker – i guess he's got too much clout, while Landon's just one of lifes pawns to used and sacrificed by tean con.

        • You saw the same kind of vindictive attacks launched against Raitt's staffer or Garth or even Bill Casey (with false accusations made to the RCMP about embezzlement and fraud). Anyone who dares question Harper is not just kicked out or punished, but attacked in the most vicious and personal ways.

          It is a real ugly side to conservative politics that comes with the mentality of "with us or against us" and viewing everything in absolutes of "black or white" or "good or evil". Progressives can be accused of being too equivocal or relative in their assertions, but conservatives have the opposite problem and when it comes to individuals it can get very very ugly.

      • No he didn't.

        He took some issues public on which he disagreed with Harper, issues on which he had personally campaigned.

    • Heaven forfend the MP of any party speaks out of line, lest their opponents denounce the party as 'undisciplined'.

  3. Any Conservative who dares tell the truth without getting permission from Harper, should know he is disposable, as are all of us in harper's vision of Canada.

    • I am reeling from the cognitive dissonance caused by reading "truth" and "Harper" in the same sentence.

  4. Did McGuinty offer up a project in Markham-Unionville that was passed over by the feds?

  5. Conservative-style Democracy:
    – buying off unwanted candidates who are elected by their riding association (Riddel) (and lie about buying him off)
    – just kick out or force out those nominees who have been elected by their riding associations or even got elected by the voters (Landon, Garth)
    – change the nomination rules over and over to protect your preferred nominee (Rob Anders)
    – bring false claims of embezzlement and fraud against a former candidate to discredit him (Casey)
    – offer "financial considerations" to MPs for their votes (Cadman)
    – rig your election financing to avoid campaign finance laws (in-and-out scandal)
    – publish the transcript of confidential private meetings of the opposition parties (secretly taping NDP meeting)

  6. [cont.]
    – launch a SLAPP lawsuit against your opponents to silence any criticism (libel suit against the Liberals)
    – tape conversations with opponents then doctor the tapes (Grunel tapes)
    – promise fixed election dates to avoid what you called the undemocratic elections on the whim of the PM, then call an election on the whim of a PM (2008 election)
    – promise free votes on everything but budgets and then make everything a confidence vote, but then cancel opposition days and promised confidence votes when you think you might lose (the fiscal update in November)
    – cancel Parliament altogether to avoid any confidence vote to keep your job (prorogation)

    The list goes on and on and on and on….

  7. His problem is he thought the do it yourself lobotomy would be good enough and he could save on the cost of the party-approved version.