Kid Coderre


Denis Coderre embraces his parody.

The “mini-consecration,” as Mr. Coderre called his coming appearances on the Quebec equivalent of Spitting Image , is remarkable given that most characters on the show are current or former party leaders. “I think that it’s an honour to be a part of a show like that,” said Mr. Coderre, who is the first backbencher to get his computerized double on Et Dieu créa … Laflaque…

Getting a spot on Laflaque is only natural for Mr. Coderre, according to the program’s creator, who describes him as a prototypical “old-style politician.” “He is a human caricature,” award-winning cartoonist Serge Chapleau said while introducing the animated version of the glad-handling Mr. Coderre recently.

At last check, Mr. Coderre was using the cartoon as his Facebook photo.


Kid Coderre

  1. There is certainly something cartoonish about Mr. Coderre. His partisan hyperbole, for example. His assertion in the House that Canadians will die this summer of starvation was so absurd, it transcended the bounds of ordinary political speech.

    • He's like a liberal Jason Kenney

  2. Wasn't Baird the first one to use a cartoon caricature in place of a real photo?

    • Coderre is the first backbencher.

  3. Speaking of parodies: Are Carney and Page going to give us a High Noon scenario on Sparks or Wellington any time soon?