‘Life is too long for any one person to worry about the short term’


The Star’s Tonda MacCharles’ expands on precisely how the Prime Minister came to question Michael Ignatieff’s patriotism at the G8 this morning.

Soudas admitted Harper was “very upset” and angry at having been ill-informed and ill-advised…

Asked if he’d offered his resignation, Soudas said it was his priority to come quickly to correct the record with reporters and apologize to Ignatieff, before the news was reported — forgetting, perhaps, the comments had already been broadcast live at home. Soudas said he was ready to “assume any consequences” of his actions. “In terms of resigning, not resigning, life is too long for any one person to worry about the short term. What’s important here is that I’m accepting the consequences of my actions.”

More from CTV and Canwest, while Kady wonders precisely what’s gotten into the residents of Langevin.


‘Life is too long for any one person to worry about the short term’

  1. These are the type of people who Harper attracts to work with him. I doubt the PMO is even capable of distinquishing between truth and falsehood anymore unless someone else does it for them.

  2. Were any chairs harmed in the making of this news item?

  3. The life of a communications advisor in this government certainly doesn't seem to be long.

    • I think the opposite is true and that is a big part of the problem.

  4. They desperately need some fact checkers.

    • That assumes they're actually interested in "facts"….and given everything this bunch has done over the past couple of years, that's making a pretty generous assumption.

  5. Anyone can make a mistake, but for public statements there should be at least two people in the advisory loop.

  6. "Just as the Niagara river flows south …."

  7. In the Canwest quote, Harper says: "First of all, as a Christian, I have never refused communion when offered to me." But according to several Roman Catholic officials, that is exactly what someone who is not a baptized Roman Catholic should do at a Roman Catholic mass. Furthermore, if he did consume the wafer, why did he not do it immediately upon receiving it as everyone else did? He does seem to be rather clueless – inexcusable for a prime minister.