Look at all the stuff we did


The Prime Minister’s Office sends Susan Delacourt a daily rundown of all the things Conservative MPs did while the House was prorogued.


Look at all the stuff we did

  1. Stephen Harper prorogues Parliament. Coyne and some kids flip out on him. Hilarity ensues.

  2. Same stuff they do all the time, even when Parliament is in session.

    Announce, attend, tour, etc.

  3. February 24
    • Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper has his staff call each and every frickin Conservative MP to create eye-glazing, exhaustive list of every sandwich consumed and phone call made by each and every MP. "Breathing" briefly considered as an activity, but discarded.

    February 25
    • Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper responds to Susan Delacourt's impertinent question.

    February 25
    • Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper celebrates masterful public relations handling of issue (again).

    • " Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper responds to Susan Delacourt's impertinent question."

      Not in this lifetime.

      • Remember, the definition of "respond" does not equate to an actual "answer".

        "That's an excellent question" is a response, but doesn't leave you any wiser as to what you asked…

  4. So what?

    Did Canadians sign on to a government that doesn't have to respond to opposition queries and examination? I don't think so. We'll see how much Canadians embrace Dear Leader 2 weeks after the Olympic bounce.

    This entire prorogue II exercise will prove who are the bigger idiots, Canadians who buy into Harper's list or Harper who decided to sell this list of nonsense.

    • Did Canadians sign on to a government that doesn't have to respond to opposition queries and examination? I don't think so.

      actually they did by continuing to elect this yahoo into office.

  5. Reminds of the ginormous list of things that law firms do related to real estate transactions.

    Harper sure is getting some bad PR advice on this file.

    • Some turds can't be polished.

  6. I wonder how much money we spent on air travel for all those folks to attend big ceremonies where they told us exactly how they decided to spend our money?

    Honestly I don't know how these people can even llook themselves in the mirror.

  7. "On February 19, I was rushing to catch a flight at the Charlottetown Airport and spoke emotionally to some staff members. Regardless of my workload and personal circumstances, it was not appropriate and I apologize to airport and Air Canada staff."

    Did they forget to add this one to SD's list?…All we need now is for Peter mackay to confess that he really shoulda swept his office out, but there just wasn't time as he had an appointment at the brigadoon's children's camp.

  8. I didn't realize before now how much fun MPs have! Imagine getting to go to the IIHF medal ceremony as your job, or the Freestyle Grand Prix, or tour the Auto Show (for TWO days!), or literally practice porkbarrel politics in Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala (a trip planned for January, huh!)

    Oh, and sometimes you have to have some staffer write up a press release, and you have to spend five minutes reading it in front of a microphone.

  9. This list misses the point.

    No one is saying that the Conservatives have spent the last few weeks doing nothing. Though this list consists mostly of announcements in which the Conservatives tell us how wonderful they are, and round-table meetings in which a hand-picked Conservative MP listens to randomly selected Canadians and then recites Conservative talking points.

    The point is that the Conservatives suspended the Canadian democratic process, either to avoid unpleasant questions or – my favourite hypothesis – because the Tories got miffed and decided to behave like the boy who took his football and went home.

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