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Looking back, looking forward


The CBC finds evidence of delays, going as far back as 2002, in reporting detainee transfers to the Red Cross. Opposition members of the special committee on Afghanistan say they want all relevant briefing notes and government documents related to Afghan detainees before they’ll hear from David Mulroney.

The NDP, the Liberals and the Bloc Québécois are demanding the Tories release a long list of documents linked to Mr. Colvin’s testimony before they allow Mr. Mulroney a public rejoinder…

Prime Minister’s Office spokesman Dimitri Soudas accused opposition parties of playing games on detainees by blocking Mr. Mulroney. “If the opposition were serious about finding answers, they would allow him to appear before the committee,” Mr. Soudas said.

Opposition MPs however say they can’t properly question Mr. Mulroney without access to the uncensored versions of e-mails, briefing notes and memos that make up the background story behind Mr. Colvin’s testimony.

The Liberals are particularly seizing on whatever it was the Defence Minister promised in Question Period this afternoon.


Looking back, looking forward

  1. How were they able to properly question Mr. Colvin?

    • They had his lengthy affidavit submitted to the MPCC.

      • An affidavit is written testimony, not a document trail. If they would prefer Mr. Mulroney pre-testified in Beijing, that likely could have been arranged.

  2. Keeping fingers crossed that the facts of the matter can be unearthed, and ALL responsible for this to be held accountable.
    We're supposed to be better than this….

    • Can Martin and Graham be charged, now that they are out of government?

      • I don't think we should start worrying about laying charges just yet.
        We need to figure out what went down…

        • silly me, I thought that is what you meant with
          ''…and ALL responsible for this to be held accountable…''
          as in charges being laid, isn't that the gotcha here?

          • No the gotcha is that the government that assured us everything was fine, was also suspending transfers and is now saying it never saw any reports or evidence of torture. Not all of those things can be true.

            Instead of defending this obfuscation and nonsense you should join us in calling for whoever is in government to be accountable for what they saw, said and decided.

          • Seriously wilson….
            In what world does ALL refer to ONLY former leaders of the Liberal party?
            Too many partisan trolls….

  3. As Andrew Coyne said:
    'Oh, so now we're in favour of muzzling diplomats''

    All documents, oh my
    (from CBC link above, which Mr Wherry did not cut and paste from)

    ''…Military documents obtained by CBC News detail the transfer of 35 detainees caught by Canadian troops in Afghanistan, beginning in 2002 and ending in April 2006.

    In one case in January 2002, the then-Liberal government waited nearly 3½ months before notifying the International Red Cross it had transferred a detainee. In 2006, the length of time shortened to between four and eight days…'

    Liberals handed over detainees for 4 years, without securing an agreement on their humane treatment…
    this is not gonna be pretty.

    • Why don’t you try telling the whole truth, rather than slandering AW? Those tranfers were under a different command structure. We handed over detainees to the US. It may prove to be not pretty either. And when they did sign an agreement in 2005 both the libs, and subsequently the new govt, defended it. No one is listening to you Wilson [ except for the conbots ]…it’s what happens when you sell out your credibility so cheaply.

      • You must be listening, why else would you comment?

        Back on topic,
        3 Generals are appearing before committee for their interrogations, on Wednesday,
        perhaps they will be armed with some of those documents demanded by the Opps.

  4. This CBC report must be some mistake. After all, as many have proclaimed here, the CBC is a tool that works against the right (and must be destroyed). Perhaps this is all part of some crazy leftist scheme? Careful friends – time to put on the aluminum helmets, just in case!! ;)

    Sorry – just couldn't resist taking some jabs at all the CBC haters out there.

    Who woulda thunk – the CBC actually reports the news!!!!