Love and hate, but mostly hate -

Love and hate, but mostly hate


Frank McKenna considers Michael Ignatieff’s situation.

Frank McKenna, a former Canadian ambassador to the United States, says recent criticism against Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff fits with how the Canadian public views political leaders.

Playing down the abilities of politicians is just part of our culture, he said. That’s been the case at least since the time of former prime minister Brian Mulroney. “I think this just follows a trend that we love to hate our leaders,” McKenna said on CTV’s Canada AM. “We love to try to tear down the tall poppies in our country.”


Love and hate, but mostly hate

  1. “McKenna said on CTV’s Canada AM. “We love to try to tear down the tall poppies in our country.”

    It can’t help when our PM is out there like Bill the cat running amuck with the weed wacker…ack ack ack.:)

  2. Frank is not only he does not go back far enough : let's face it if you have lived long enough to remember working for Trudeau and who the Chief was you start to develop an appreciation for exactly how much we love the leaders that we hate. In point of fact there is a direct relationship of just how much we hate the leader and how many times we re-elect him.. in canadian polticas the leaders we don't hate don't last long after all think of names like Campbell, Turner, Clark, Martin and what happens = NOTHING then think of names like Turdeau, Chretien, Mulroney, Harper = what happens = strong emotions it is what defines truly great canadian leaders either a bonehead or bast*rd!

    • I personally believe that psiclone has it right. Strong leaders result in strong emotions.

      It's interesting that Harper is lumped in with those leaders with longevity. That matches my theory that Harper will remain in power for a minimum of 9 years.

      • MIght be but the real question is, will this so-called great leader ever achieve a majority or will he go down in history as the longest serving minority PM who tried and tried…?

        • better to be a ever ready political bunny and keep on trying and trying and trying – than a wannabee leader who gives it a shot then puts tail between legs and runs away from the field of battle.

          • a political bunny that keeps trying and trying and trying… that you would define Harper as such is rather interesting.

          • It'll say more about the spineless nature of the party he so-called leads if he is maintained in this post while achieving only minority victories (can't thrash dion?)… although let's give credit where credit due, Harper's a lot closer to a majority now than ever and he's got a pretty comfy cushion at the least to work with.

  3. Says the man who's never had the gumption to test his reputation nationally.

    You know there's a reason why Frank alighted to TO after his time as premier. There weren't that many places left in NB where his reputation was worth a damn.

  4. I only hate our leaders when they feed us tiresome bromides, like "Canadians love to hate their leaders" or that "tall poppy" poop. That's actually how the Canadian elite behaves.

  5. In other words, it's not Iggy's fault that his party is at historic lows in the polls. It's our fault.

    Iggy is far too good for us. He's a "tall poppy", and a "world leading intellectual", as McKenna says.

    Obviously, we're just just too small-minded and parochial to appreciate Iggy's genius. We tear him down, when we should really be kissing his throne.

    /end sarcasm

    • Cr
      I believe you’re turning red. Too much conservaid juice, better suck back a little intellectual/eliteaid. That’ll restore your equalibrium. :)

    • Bow down before the all-powerful Iggy!

  6. I have never bought this "Canadian tall poppy syndrome". Just because Canada does not have an over-the-top celebrity culture, it does not mean that Canadians do not admire and honour the accomplishments of their compatriots.

  7. In fairness, it applies just as easily to the rest of our leaders — look at the abuse that Harper and Layton have taken, over the course of their careers.

    That's politics in a liberal democracy.

  8. Playing down the abilities of politicians is just part of our culture.

    What abilities is he talking about? Iggnatieff has not been diminshed by "our culture" he's been diminshed by his own lack of abilities. Whatever nice things you can say about the man, he has sucked, hard, as a political leader. Full stop.

    Maybe we're just being impolite by noticing that he sucks?

  9. I sometimes wonder if there is an awkward silence whenever Dion and Ignatieff cross paths these days. I can just picture the scene with a bubble over Dion's head saying:

    "Now you know…"

    • I'd like to see them in the octagon.