Mr. Harper's best-seller -

Mr. Harper’s best-seller


NBC reported today that the Prime Minister is working on a book about hockey. This June, coincidentally, will mark the fifth anniversary of Stephen Harper’s book about hockey. For the record, here’s how the Globe reported the tome into existence on the morning of June 18, 2005.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is known for his intellect and policy-wonk ways. However, he is also an armchair sports fan (the Toronto Maple Leafs come to mind) and is planning to publish a book that has nothing to do with politics or policy. Rather, Mr. Harper is penning a tome on the history of professional hockey in Alberta. Harper insiders say that he began researching and writing the book as a hobby but it has become a more serious venture as he acquired more and more information. He is researching it from primary sources, and firsthand accounts dating back to the turn of the last century, says a friend, who is familiar with the progress of the book.


Mr. Harper’s best-seller

  1. How you uh, how you comin' on that novel, you're workin' on huh? Got a big uh big stack of papers there? Got a got a got a nice little nice little story you're workin' on there, the big big uh novel you've been working on for three years, huh? Got a, got a compelling protagonist huh? Got a uh got a obstacle for him to overcome? Huh? Little story brewin' there? Workin' on, workin on that for quite some time huh? Yeah talkin' about that three years ago eh? Been workin' on that the whole time? Nice little uh narrative uh beginning middle and end? Some friends become enemies, some enemies become friends yeah? At the end you're uh main character is uh richer for the experience yeah? Yeah? Yeah you got uh .. No, no you you deserve some time off.

    • Aren't you sorry you gave us free will, now?

    • When I try to quote that to people, I always run out of higher-pitch room about a third of the way through.

      Smoking's bad for you, kids.

    • LOL. I can hear little Stuart (of Family Guy) saying just that.

  2. Of course, if he had actually finished it at any point in the last five years, its publishing would be deemed proof by Liberals et al. of his fundamental unseriousness, negligent leadership, what have you.

    So…what was your point, Wherry? Other than to passive-aggressively snicker about a non-event?

    • But why is any other point necessary?

      PM appears on American TV to showcase his hockey prowess…latent hockey prowess, apparently. Aaron's not allowed to write about that?

      You're not God — and he sniggered along.

    • isn't the obvious point that Harper could stop describing himself as working on a book?

      He could try describing himself as running a country for a change and leave the working on the book stuff to people who are actually working on a book.

      Hey, don't encourage anyone to stop poking fun at Harper, *especially* during his self-imposed prorogation.

    • "its publishing would be deemed proof by Liberals et al. of his fundamental unseriousness, negligent leadership, what have you. "

      It would be a hockey book, not an economics book.

    • Though it's not to say that I don't enjoy the occasional passive-aggressive snicker, I'm not sure that the Prime Minister needs to produce the book he's not actually producing to prove that he's fundamentally unserious or a negligent leader.

    • "Of course, if he had actually finished it at any point in the last five years, its publishing would be deemed proof by Liberals et al. of his fundamental unseriousness, negligent leadership, what have you."

      Why not? The Conservatives have been blaming all of our country's problem on the non-governing parties. It would only be fair for the non governing parties to project those problems on a non governing unrelated book.

  3. "However, he is also an armchair sports fan (the Toronto Maple Leafs come to mind) and is planning to publish a book that has nothing to do with politics or policy."

    I'm glad they could insert some humor in there. This 'book' has everything to do with politics. It like the governments 'crime' bills are only there to look good to the voter. However they never amount to much.

  4. What passive-aggressive b.s. Books can, in fact, take well over five years to write, especially when you have, you know, another job to do. Maybe not the kind of book Wheery would write. But then Wheery is much less intelligent than Harper, so that's a comment on Wheery, not book-writing.

    • so….you actually believe Harper is working on his book??? Just a few weeks ago he said he didn't even have time to work in Parliament. Maybe he should cut back on the hockey writing and do the job we are paying him for, hey?

      • Let's give Harper some credit, i don't doubt he's been working on a book about hockey. It's just that writing novellas on how to make committees disfunctional, giving marching orders to marionettes, following the advice of a psychic dresser, creating CON talking points for every possible scenario, overseeing the conclusion-drawing of a thousand 10-percenters… he's a proliferic writer.

    • Yes, books can take a long time to write. But someone claiming to be writing a book is, generally speaking, actually writing one. Does anyone left in Canada still believe that this is something the PM is actually doing? If not, why do Conservatives, why does the PM, keep bringing it up? It is no shame to say that, since he got elected, he's decided to "stop" writing so he focus his attention on slaughtering all who dare to oppose him the nation's business. It would be a lie, but it wouldn't be shameful and he clearly has no problem with the lying part.

    • Eugororp. Eugororp! EUGORORP!

      • hee hee

  5. Perhaps he should switch gears to the Great Canadian Housing Coallapse

    Toronto — Globe and Mail Update
    Published on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010 7:22AM EST

    .More Canadians – especially young, first-time home buyers – are assuming mortgage debt they might not be able to afford once interest rates start to rise, an annual study cautioned Tuesday.

    National house prices hit $340,000 in late fall, equal to five times the average after-tax incomes of Canadian households – a far greater portion than the long-term average of 3.7 times, the Vanier Institute of the Family said in its report on the current state of family finances.

    Canadian interest rates are set to rise, as early as this summer, and the report warned that many families – especially first-time buyers who took advantage of record low rates to enter the market – “may not fully realize” what an increase in mortgage rates by several per cent will mean for their monthly payments.

    The report comes as Ottawa tightened lending standards for mortgages Tuesday amid concern homeowners could get pinched as rates rise.

  6. Occasionaly Aaron articulates the mind set of the deluded left well, so I read him. But this is just gutter sniping. Is it a concievable notion that maybe a guy with a young family who already works 60-80 hours a week chooses to spend what little free time he has with his wife and kids? Good grief, don't you have an editor to keep this kind of toxic journalistic waste off of a news blog? I'd expect this sort of tripe at rabble, not at Macleans.

    • Speaking of deluded, see above.

      • looks like you're unlikely to have a family if the mustache and headband are accurate indicators

    • When you're hunting snipe, the gutter is where you'll find them.

    • Or, and I'm just ad libbing here, maybe he should just stop pretending that he is actually writing it.

      • They're still trying to find a Australian that knows enough about hockey

  7. Obviously you are not a fan of the good doctor Tobias Fünke. You should try reading his book, it may be illuminating for you.

    • Had to google it, don't watch network tv…but the original shoe seems to fit. My one and only was waking up drunk in my hotel room with my managing editor trying to rape me….his defence was "all the private school grads do it"…moral of the story, always get a private room on company business.

  8. So now they're recycling his lines from the 2005 campaign? No fresh ideas, guys?

    Come on. How about "Harper is writing a book on dieting", or "Seven things to do before eating a donut," or "Learning how to play the piano with Uncle Steve?"

    More than two dozen communications strategists in the PMO, all on the taxpayer's dime, and all they can do is recycle the junk from the 2005 campaign.

    • Why are you against recycling?

  9. So John Howard's finally produced that first draft? About time, the lazy diggerydoo…

  10. If we were going to have a hockey book, it would have happened by now.

    • The only way we'll have a hockey book is if Dion is elected prime minister.

  11. The only thing more entertaining than Harper talking about the book he's supposedly writing is listening to people questioning whether in fact he is writing said book.

  12. Oh how exciting. Yet another hockey book. But this one is written by a partisan policy wonk. Wahoo.

  13. I hope it has a good analogy in it, like how the Hockey Sweater effectively captures the ungratefulness of Quebec.