Ms. Bennett goes to Washington -

Ms. Bennett goes to Washington


Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett testifies before the U.S. Senate’s special committee on aging, has minor squabble with Tennessee Senator Bob Corker.

The day’s hearings can be watched in their entirety here.


Ms. Bennett goes to Washington

  1. Good for her….Nice to see Canada taking on the misconceptions in the US. At the end of the day they will do what they want, but it's nice to see someone standing up for us and it's nice that (hopefully) the decisions won't be made based on the mythology of our system they are spinning down there…….too bad it is not our PM or the Health Minister, but I doubt they would have been able to articulate the issue very well any way based on our Health Minister's track record so far.

  2. Its Dr. Bennett.

    Normally she's not picky about it, but in the context of the committee on aging, it's important