‘Nobody quite knew what to do’


Canadian Press reports evidence of a December 2006 meeting in Ottawa to discuss Asadullah Khalid, a notorious Afghan governor known to have participated in torture.

The meeting in December of that year – months before torture claims became public – was the culmination of months of pressure from foreign affairs officials on the ground who wanted to see Asadullah Khalid shifted elsewhere, defence and foreign affairs sources said. One source said the meeting was at the Privy Council Office and involved Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s then-national security adviser, Margaret Bloodworth…

Both foreign affairs and defence sources said no notes were kept of the Khalid meeting. “There was no policy for dealing with something like this, something so sensitive,” said one source. “Nobody quite knew what to do.”


‘Nobody quite knew what to do’

  1. I would like to know why the presence of a known torturer in a position of authority was never discussed by Privy.

  2. I would like to know why the presence of a known torturer in a position of authority was never discussed by Privy.

    So much for due diligence.

  3. This is rare in Ottawa. Defence and Foreign Affairs bureaucrats blowing the whistle in perfect harmony. Wonder what else is out there?

  4. Are you trying to change the channel wilson? I can see why these type of allegations would be damaging to Harper and MacKay.

    MacKays attempt to smear Richard Colvin is a classic Harper Conservative tactic. It's happened before many times.


    • The govt/military is being accused of not acting immediately upon 'allegations' of abuse in Afghan prisons.
      Colvin snaps his fingers, and the Govt and Military are supposed to kiss his boots and jump!

      Yet, those same parties accusing our country, our government and our military of being complicite in war crimes,
      would be, and have been, the first to jump to the defence of 'alleged' terrorists even in the face of actual evidence.

      We've seen this movie before.
      So many times since Harper won the election in 2006.

      Funny how Liberals concern for detainees just wasn't there between January 2002 and Dec 2005,
      and then when Martin finally addressed handovers of detainees,
      the agreement tossed detainees into Afghan hands, with no allowance for follow up.

  5. As much as this story tries, it will get no traction because the Libs are as complicit in this mess, if not moreso, than the Conservatives. Unless somebody is willing to suggest that we should have started our own Guantanamo Bay North, there was simply nothing else that could have been done on our part.

    • Exactly, Canadian soldiers were sent into the most dangerous area, and the most lawless province in Afghanistan.
      Our brave men and women were sent there with inadequate equiptment, inadequate political support and inadequate rules to follow,
      and that all happened BEFORE the Harper government was elected.

      Our country, government and military are doing the very best they can,
      and the accusations are falling on deaf ears.

  6. Dream on. If it doesn't catch fire among the public it will still be the smoke to reveal Harper and his band as incompetent, immoral and ridiculous chickens**ts.
    Trying to tie the fact that Harper's govt ducked responsibility and possibly hid evidence of complicity in international torture (of innocents — as noted none of the afghans turned over had been tried and many had been picked up 'under suspicion' and with no due diligence) also reveals you as having the morals of a leech.

  7. "Nobody quite knew what to do".

    Well, pretty much sounds like most issues "handled" by the Conservatives over the last few years.

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