Peter Goldring Maverick Watch -

Peter Goldring Maverick Watch


The Conservative MP seems vaguely uncomfortable with the tone of recent ten-percenters.

… he believes rules governing the flyers should be amended to moderate the overtly political tone and content that has creeped in over the past few years, including recent NDP flyers he said he believes are targeting him for electoral purposes.

“I get an awful lot of Ten Percenters from the other parties, and particularly from the NDP in Edmonton East, they’re kind of targeting,” said Mr. Goldring. “I do believe that we could have it in a little more moderation, but the rules allow it that way. I would not have a problem with rules tightening up a bit.”


Peter Goldring Maverick Watch

  1. Mr. Goldring, Gandhi put it best:
    "Be the change you want to see in the world"

    Start with your own party.. then worry about the others.

  2. There's a fair distance to be found between "I would not have a problem with rules tightening up a bit," and "I think the rules should change." And a fair bit more still between either of those and, "Regardless of what the rules say, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than the one we do."

  3. Living in Linda Duncan's riding, I receive frequent 10 percenters from a wide variety of Conservative MPs, including, if I recall correctly, Mr. Goldring. The expression "raving hypocrite" comes to mind.

    • Whatever do you mean? As we have seen on these boards with the criticism of China example, it is what others do that matters. What they do is completely irrelevant to the issue at hand. The Conservative Party has been extremely consistent with this message, and its just like a Liberal to still not get that. Shameful!

    • I did recall correctly. Tidying up my home office, I came across a sheet from Mr. Goldring telling me "the Conservative government is taking action to protect seniors from the global economic slump." I was offered a postage-not-required chance to tell him who is on the right track to help Canada's economy, with a helpful little arrow labelled "check one" pointing at the circle next to Stephen Harper.

  4. Perhaps he could spearhead a bipartisan Effluvium Action Plan.

    Lord knows, my recycle box would be easier to carry without the bogwad Gary Goodyear keeps sending me

  5. Amount spent on printing by Mr. Goldring in 2008-2009: $85,234.00 (5th highest)
    Percentage increase over amount spent in 2007-2008: 103.7%
    Amount spent on printing by Mr. Goldring since 2000-2001: $343,806.00

  6. By the way, why aren't these things bilingual? The HoC has to comply to the Official Languages Act, does it not?

    • As far as i am concerned, Quebec is the only bilingual part of Canada. I visited the province three decades ago and because of the rude reception I received from some Quebecoise, the only way I will ever go near Quebec is by flying over it so I can flush the toilet.