Plus ca change


Adam Radwanski likely strikes the appropriate tone on today’s news from the Prime Minister’s Office.

There’s a certain symmetry to Kory Teneycke leaving the Prime Minister’s Office just as Sandra Buckler returns to Ottawa. But it’s not as though this will change the government’s culture, any more so than the government’s culture was changed when Tenecyke replaced Buckler in the PMO a year ago.


Plus ca change

  1. I don`t really understanding the staffing in the PMO… any chance this is fall out from having to apologize to Ignatieff over the info Dimitri Soudas fed Harper. The timing seems about right.

  2. Teneycke was more visible than Buckler, but not in a good way.
    PMO became unravelled (think Keystone Kops) when Giorno replaced Brodie.

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