Political conventions are inherently bonkers


Twenty minutes into the NDP convention business and we’ve got a request that everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary this weekend be recognized and a rant against Barack Obama’s “regime.”

CPAC has never been more entertaining.


Political conventions are inherently bonkers

  1. I wonder when the first Dipper will say "Stephen Harper is Obama's poodle", or "Michael Ignatieff is Obama's poodle". Despite the NDP's best efforts to smother anti-US sentiment in the party, it's probably just a matter of time.

    • Stephen Harper is Obama's Bichon Frise and Michael Ignatieff is Obama's Akita.

      Poodle breeders were complaining about the disparagement of the breed, and they do have a powerful lobby.

      • We need a Golden Retriever in office.

        • Harper does his best to act like an SOB, from time to time. :)

      • Iggy is more of a Russian Wolf Hound.

  2. Shirley, you're joking.

  3. Political conventions always bring out the worst in political parties (e.g., Dion becoming party leader LOL!)