Pretty please -

Pretty please


The opposition requested a meeting of the special committee on Afghanistan for next Tuesday and that meeting is apparently now scheduled. The Liberals humbly ask that Rick Casson, the Conservative chair of the committee, deign to preside over said meeting.


Pretty please

  1. So, what makes anyone believe that they would show up?

  2. Maybe 2010 will be the year we wake up and realize that an open and accountable government are essential to a functional democracy.


    • When's the last time Canada had an open and accountable government? Serious question.

      • I'm not old enough to answer from personal experience :(

      • Let's call a Public Inquiry to find out.

      • 1866

  3. Is it a teleconference?
    Or a costly 'everyone pays Christmas rates' to fly into Ottawa for 2 hours of Con bashing so Wherry and kady have something to blog about ?

    • It's so entertaining that Wilson constantly accuses other people of engaging in partisan b*tching.

      Look in a mirror, putz.

      • Hit a nerve did I………you can refute the comment so you name call.

  4. This could be interesting.
    When someone asks politely and following protocol for something from these dorks – you just know a trap is being set…

  5. Three days before Christmas — yeah, right!

    • Yeah. Why should we expect our elected officials to actually WORK, three days before Christmas, just because it is an actual WORKING day.

  6. Why would any taxpayer want to fund a meeting to discuss something that happened in 2006? Let's wait until January. There is no reason to pay for this junket. It won't even get media attention since most sane people are off on Xmas break.

    • Special New Year's Eve performance of Broadway's Mamma Mia!

      Event Dates: 2009-12-29

      The Mamma Mia! ticket includes a ticket to the performance along with a huge post show reception featuring the Johnny Vegas All Star Band, dancing, sparkling wine and a countdown to 2010!!

      (Just a rumour)

    • It's beyond silly to describe a late December trip to Ottawa as a "junket".

      I'm wondering if they have the CPC HQ C-Team writing this week's talking points.