Prime Rib only $14.99 -

Prime Rib only $14.99


Gavin Crawford’s Michael Ignatieff remains a thing of true wonder.


Prime Rib only $14.99

  1. The only thing lacking was for the diners to all run up to him at the end for a group hug.

  2. I'm tall and intellectual, my eyebrows are quite sinister, I am the very model of a Liberal Prime Minister.


  3. Wow, a funny skit from 22 Minutes. That's a nice change…

  4. Anyone got a rational reason why Harper looks like data at that concert? Is it the lighting…or is he data…ouch…shouldn’t go there.

    • He's a poorly made hologram. Yeah, he looks positively ghastly when the others' complexions look quite human.

      Prolly was made up…

  5. Didn't I see this on SCTV 20 years ago? With Indira Ghandi instead of Michael Ignatieff?